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The Race Club Swim Camps – Sign Up Today

Visit THE RACE CLUB’s new website and sign up now for their swim camps in Islamorada, Florida or in San Diego, California. THE RACE CLUB offers a morning and afternoon session on each day focusing on technique of all 4 strokes, starts and turns. 

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FINIS Set of the Week: Arms and Abs

This pull set is a strength building and core workout. We start with a standard pulling position, then work down to improving your aquatic signature in the water by engaging and stabilizing your core.

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Merry Christmas Oasis Aquatics from Laguna Fin, Kaitlin Sandeno

Every Christmas, Laguna Fin Co.—a one-of-a-kind swimming fin company based out of Laguna Beach, CA—picks an underprivileged swimming club to donate swim fins for every swimmer in the program.

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New In Commit: Manage Your Plan

At the beginning of Commit Swimming, coaches selected a subscription plan to our software individually. They could choose monthly or…

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New College Swimming Transfer Rules in Plain English

New NCAA rules went into effect in October that dramatically change the transfer process in college swimming.


The 5 Benefits of Swim-Specific Strength Based Training

In this post touch on 5 (of the many) benefits of swim-specific strength training.

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Smack Swim Strap: Designed For Goggle Straps Comfort

Doctors are not always clear as to why certain swimmers suffer external compression headache commonly called “swim goggle headache” but making sure goggles fit well and are not too tight is an important way to try and minimize the risk.

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Dolfin Swimwear Signs World Championship Medalist Zane Grothe

Dolfin Swimwear is proud to announce the signing of U.S. National Team member, World Championship medalist, and 2020 Olympic prospect Zane Grothe as an endorser.

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FINIS Set of the Week: IM Sprint Set

This set is for all the stroke sprinters and IMers out there! Focusing on killer breakouts, fast legs, powerful finishes, and fine tuning a controlled speed.

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Three Things You Need to Know to Survive, Thrive During The Holidays

Whether the holidays have you taking stock, planning ahead, or submerged in social events and family time, there’s one thing swimmers tend to have in common; our holidays are punctuated with intense training.

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The Proof of Coupling Motions

I have come to believe that coupling motions are extremely important in swimming all four strokes and on the start to enhance power. I have never been able to prove that belief is correct…..until now.


David Schlicht to Make Aussie Dolphins Debut at World Championships

David Schlicht, who is signed with Australian swimwear brand Funky Trunks, has been selected for his first senior Australian Dolphins team after his second place finish to Thomas Fraser-Holmes in the 400m Individual Medley at the 2018 Australian National Short Course Championships.

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FINIS Set of the Week: Underwaters All Day

This set is all about mastering your underwaters (aka: the 5th stroke)! Primarily used with the Evo quick-tempo monofin, we’re going to focus on speed and power to maximize the time underwater.


Meg Bailey Set to Return Down Under After Finishing at Ohio State

Meg Bailey is heading home after Winter Nationals with her new Funkita swimwear contract.

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Upping the InZanity: Grothe is Getting Faster!

This is Zane Grothe’s favorite set and he dropped a total of 23 seconds off of it from one year ago!


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