arena and Healthy Seas Partner to Protect Our Waters: A Global Clean-Up Initiative

Courtesy of arena, a SwimSwam partner.

Portland, Ore., June 7, 2024 – arena, the global Italian-based swimwear company synonymous with manufacturing premium competitive and fitness swimwear, goggles, swim caps and equipment, announces its continued partnership with Healthy Seas for a second consecutive year. Together they are committed to the health and protection of our waters.

Healthy Seas is a foundation dedicated to safeguarding the world’s oceans and seas through three key pillars: clean-up, education, and marine waste prevention. Their primary mission focuses on tackling marine debris, particularly fishing nets, to promote healthier aquatic ecosystems. They achieve this by collaborating with volunteer divers, educators, fishermen, port authorities, waste management companies on a global scale, and partner with companies like arena SpA, which champions the protection and safeguarding of water.

Building on last year’s success, this season’s initiative will be even more robust and structured. In the latter part of the year, arena will support clean-up missions in three countries, led by three arena ambassadors with a special affinity for water.

United States:

American freestyler Drew Kibler, world champion with the 4x200m freestyle relay in Budapest 2022, has shown a strong commitment to the clean-up of California’s coast. His unwavering commitment from the project’s inception brings energy and visibility to marine protection.


Gregorio Paltrinieri, the Olympic 1500m freestyle champion in Rio de Janeiro 2016 and Olympic bronze medalist in the 10km open water event in Tokyo 2020, will serve as the Italian ambassador. Beyond his athletic achievements, Paltrinieri is the visionary behind the Italian open water racing circuit, Dominate the Water. This movement combines long-distance swimming passion with a commitment to protecting our seas. The Italian coast clean-up mission is scheduled for the second half of the year.


In Germany, Florian Wellbrock, the reigning Olympic 10km champion from Tokyo 2020, joins the project as an exceptional ambassador. His sensitivity to ocean conservation places him at the forefront of clean-up efforts in the North European seas, leveraging his experience and awareness for sustainability.

A Shared Commitment to Protecting Our Waters:

“We are honoured to collaborate with arena and its extraordinary athletes for our global clean-up missions. The love of water unites us, and sport has the incredible power to inspire and unite people. Through this collaboration, we aim to harness this power to protect our precious marine environments. arena’s unwavering dedication to protecting water in all its forms is a powerful example and together we strive to trigger a wave of environmental management within the sporting community and beyond. By joining forces, we can create lasting change and ensure that our seas remain vibrant and healthy for generations to come,” said the President of Healthy Seas.

To which arena’s CEO Peter Graschi reiterated: “We are proud to be able to collaborate with the Healthy Seas foundation for these global sea clean-up missions. The care and protection of water are cornerstones of our sustainability plan. This year we are also happy to have involved three champions of the arena elite team. We hope that their support for this project and their attention to the safeguarding and protection of the seas can further reinforce public awareness on this issue.”

About arena 

Since 1973, arena has revolutionized the world of water sports through intense collaboration with world-class athletes and the development of cutting-edge competition swimsuits. Today, this spirit of collaboration and innovation lives on through the continuous development of advanced materials and Italian design that improves the performance, style and expression of all those who choose arena. From racing in the swimming lanes to living in style, arena is dedicated to providing all swimmers with the tools they need to express themselves, feel confident, win and achieve more.

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