Katharine Berkoff: The Best Is Yet to Come

Courtesy of P2Life, a SwimSwam partner since 2013.

For the past 18 months, with almost every race, Katharine Berkoff has established new personal best (PB) times. Last summer Katharine stunned everyone with a 58.01 in the 100m backstroke, yet another PB and a podium finish at the World Championships.

This year she continues her course of new PBs. Consider her improvements from the 2023 to the 2024 NCAAs. She lowered her 50-yard free from 21.54 to 21.09, her 100-yard free from 46.87 to 46.23, and in her specialty, the 100-yard back, she dropped her time from 49.13 to 48.5, recording some of the fastest times in history. Based on these outstanding performances one thing appears clear for her future…THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

A Secret Ingredient to Success

The transformative factor in Katharine’s incredible improvement was a newfound focus on nutrition. Katharine came to recognize the critical importance of nutrition and GOT HEALTHY! Just 18 months ago, Katharine confessed to suffering from constant fatigue, experiencing one illness after another, including Mono. With frequent interruptions to her training, her swimming success was in jeopardy. Fortunately, Geoff Mykleby, a staunch Wolfpack supporter, introduced Katharine to his good friend Tim Shead, founder of P2Life Nutrition.

Berkoff began using three key P2Life products to kickstart her health recovery: NutriBoost, EnduroBoost, and the Women’s Multivitamin. As her health improved, PowerBoost was added to her regimen to enhance training for power and stamina. The results were transformative, allowing her to consistently train hard and set new personal bests.

On Instagram, Berkoff shared, “Thanks to @P2Life Nutrition, I have all my nutritional needs covered. These adaptogens have kept my energy levels high, even on my toughest days.”

Proven Success with P2Life Nutrition

P2Life’s success is not just anecdotal. P2Life has contributed to over 800 world records and countless age-group records, World, and Olympic medals by swimmers of all ages. Here’s why P2Life products stand out:

  1. Health First: P2Life starts by helping ensure athletes achieve and maintain optimum health. This foundational health allows for sustained intense training and is critical to achieving peak performance thanks to a unique balance of superior proteins and all other essential nutrients, including many not found in normal foods.
  2. Optimal Power-to-Weight Ratio: Success in swimming demands a powerful yet lean physique to help minimize water resistance. P2Life’s formulations are specifically designed to foster a strong, lean body without adding harmful weight and bulk.

P2Life Honored with Swimswam Endorsement; Product Safety

P2Life is proud of being the ONLY Nutritional Supplement endorsed by SwimSwam, the World Leader in All Things Swimming.

P2Life’s commitment to safety is unmatched. Every batch of P2Life Performance Products are rigorously tested by BSCG to ensure they are free from substances that could lead to disqualification, making it a trusted choice for athletes targeting international competitions.

A Tribute to Katharine Berkoff

Berkoff’s story is one of resilience and triumph. From overcoming health challenges to dominating in the NCAA at her beloved NC State, and setting sights on future championships, her journey is a testament to the power of dedication, hard training, a winning mentality and checking all the boxes, including the right nutrition. We at P2Life Nutrition are proud she selected us to assist her winning journey and has become a P2Life Ambassador. As she continues to improve, one thing is clear: the best is indeed yet to come for Katharine Berkoff.

Tim Shead: The Visionary Behind P2Life

Tim celebrating his multiple Victories in March at the 2024 World Masters Swimming Championships in Doha; 7 golds and 2 silvers, setting 2 World Records, 7 Championship Records in the process.

Tim Shead, the Founder of P2Life, has been a force in swimming for over 55 years. He helped found USA Swimming, was the youngest ever to become a US Head International Swim Coach, has set over 60 world records and was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Shead, who realized his personal swimming disappointments due to poor nutrition led him into a passion for nutrition. This dedication has not only reshaped his life but countless others whose lives have been enriched and rewarded through increased health taking P2Life.

Shead continues to rely on P2Life’s products daily, dominating in Masters Swimming., Proving that proper nutrition is not just for current competitors but for anyone dedicated to maintaining their health, vitality, quality of life and performance goals.



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