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A3 Performance has been a SwimSwam partner since 2012.

As the summer heats up, it’s time for swimmers and coaches to prepare for an unstoppable season. A3 Performance is here to ensure you have the gear you need to take your training to the next level. Check out these essential products designed to help you unleash your full potential this summer.

Power Chute: Amplify your swim training with the A3 Performance Power Chute. This resistance training tool is perfect for building strength and endurance. The Power Chute attaches easily to your swim belt and creates drag, challenging you to push past your limits with every stroke. It’s an excellent way to enhance power and improve overall swim speed, making it an essential tool for serious swimmers.

Bodimax Arm Sleeves: Maximize your recovery and performance with Bodimax Arm Sleeves. These innovative sleeves are designed to improve blood flow and reduce muscle fatigue. Whether you’re training in the pool or hitting the weights, the Bodimax Arm Sleeves support your muscles and joints, allowing you to train harder and recover faster. They are a game-changer for swimmers looking to maintain peak performance throughout the summer.

Competitor Backpack: Keep your gear organized and accessible with the Competitor Backpack. This durable, athlete-designed bag features multiple compartments to store everything you need for practice and competition. With its spacious main compartment, dedicated shoe pocket, and secure side pockets, the Competitor Backpack ensures you’re always prepared and your gear is protected. It’s the perfect companion for swimmers who are always on the go.

Fuse X Goggle: Experience unparalleled vision and comfort with the A3 Performance Fuse X Goggle. Its sleek design and anti-fog lenses provide a clear and comfortable fit, allowing you to stay focused on your swim without distractions. The Fuse X Goggle offers a secure, leak-free fit and superior optics, making it ideal for both training and competition. Say goodbye to foggy lenses and hello to clear, unobstructed vision.

At A3 Performance, we are committed to empowering athletes to excel. Equip yourself with the best gear and make this summer your best yet. Our products are designed with the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology to help you achieve your goals and perform at your peak.

Visit our website to explore these products and more, and get ready to make waves this summer. Make this summer unstoppable with A3 Performance.

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About A3 Performance

A3 Performance is a leading provider of high-performance swimwear and training gear, committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the sport. With a focus on excellence, A3 Performance empowers athletes to achieve their highest potential. 

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