2023 Asian Games: Day 6 Finals Live Recap



  • Women’s 50 Butterfly – Final
  • Men’s 50 Breaststroke – Final
  • Women’s 800 Freestyle – Fast Heat
  • Men’s 200 Backstroke – Final
  • Men’s 400 Freestyle – Final
  • Men’s 200 Butterfly – Final
  • Women’s 4×100 Medley Relay – Final

The final day of the 2023 Asian Games is finally here. This final session of the meet will feature seven more events, including the women’s 800 free, which is a timed final event.

China’s Qin Haiyang popped a 26.25 in the men’s 50 breast prelims this morning, breaking the Asian Games Record in the event. That was a great morning swim for Qin, coming in just 0.05 seconds off his Asian Record of 26.20, which he swam at the World Championships about two months ago.

We’ll also get to see distance star Li Bingjie (China) in the women’s 800 free tonight. Li is the Asian Record holder in the event, having swim an 8:13.31 for the silver medal at the World Championships about two months ago.


  • World Record: 24.43 – Sarah Sjostrom, Sweden (2014)
  • Asian Record: 25.05 – Zhang Yufei, China (2023)
  • Asian Games Record: 25.55 – Rikako Ikee, Japan (2018)


Zhang Yufei kicked off the final session of the meet with a phenomenal performance in the women’s 50 fly. Zhang clocked a 25.10, smashing the Asian Games Record of 25.55, which Rikako Ikee had set back at the 2018 Games. Zhang nearly broke her own Asian Record of 25.05 as well.

It was a 1-2 punch for China, as Yu Yiting clocked a 25.71 for silver tonight. That performance marks a new career best for Yu, clipping her previous mark of 25.86.

Japan’s Ikee, the now-former Asian Games Record holder in the event, earned the bronze medal tonight with a 26.02.


  • World Record: 25.95 – Adam Peaty, Great Britain (2017)
  • Asian Record: 26.20 – Qin Haiyang, China (2023)
  • Asian Games Record: 26.25 – Qin Haiyang, China (2023)


China’s Qin Haiyang rocketed to gold tonight in the men’s 50 breast, swimming a 26.35. It was a touch off the 26.25 Qin swam in prelims to set the Asian Games Record in the event, however, he still won the race tonight by over half a second. Qin has been on fire in this event all summer, having set the Asian Record at 26.20, a time which he posted at the World Championships in Fukuoka.

It was another huge event for China, as Sun Jiajun grabbed the silver medal with a speedy 26.92. Jiajun has also been on a roll in the event this year, as he clocked his career best of 26.61 at the Chinese National Championships back in May.

South Korea picked up their first medal of the night in Choi Dongyeol finishing 3rd with a 26.93.


  • World Record: 8:04.79 – Katie Ledecky, United States (2016)
  • Asian Record: 8:13.31 – Li Bingjie, China (2023)
  • Asian Games Record: 8:18.55 – Wang Jianjiahe, China (2018)


Li Bingjie was firmly in control of the women’s 800 free tonight, speeding to an 8:20.01 to win the race by nearly 9 seconds. It was a decent swim for Li, who has been as fast as 8:13.31, which she swam at the World Championships this summer to set the Asian Record.

Li swam a consistent race tonight, swimming a 4:08.90 on the first 400m, then came home in 4:11.11 on the back half of the race.

Japan’s Waka Kobori earned the silver medal tonight, swimming an 8:28.78.

China once again earned two medals for the third event in a row tonight, seeing Yang Peiqi take 3rd in 8:35.47.


  • World Record: 1:51.92 – Aaron Peirsol, United States (2009)
  • Asian Record: 1:52.51 – Ryosuke Irie, Japan (2009)
  • Asian Games Record: 1:53.26 – Ryosuke Irie (2014)


  • GOLD: Xu Jiayu (China) – 1:55.37
  • SILVER: Lee Juho (South Korea) – 1:56.54
  • BRONZE: Hidekazu Takehara (Japan) – 1:57.63

China’s Xu Jiayu continues to have a terrific meet. After winning the men’s 50 back and 100 back, as well as dipping under 52 seconds in the 100 back on a relay, Xu clocked a 1:55.37 to win gold in the 200 back tonight. He was out in 55.02 but faded from that pace a bit, coming home in 1:00.35.

South Korea’s Lee Juho clocked a 1:56.54 for the silver medal. Not only did he earn another medal for his country, but Lee cracked the South Korean Record of 1:56.77 as well, which he set himself back at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

Ryosuke Irie (Japan) earned the bronze medal with a 1:57.63.


  • World Record: 3:40.07 – Paul Biedermann, Germany (2009)
  • Asian Record: 3:40.14 – Sun Yang, China (2012)
  • Asian Games Record: 3:41.53 – Park Tae-Hwan, South Korea (2010)


  • GOLD: Kim Woomin (South Korea) – 3:44.36
  • SILVER: Pan Zhanle (China) – 3:48.81
  • BRONZE: Nguyen Huy Hoang (Vietnam) – 3:49.16

Kim Woomin was in control of the men’s 400 free final tonight, speeding to a 3:44.36. While he was off the records in the event, it was still a strong performance for Kim. He was out fast, splitting 1:49.60 on the first 200m. It may have proven to be a little too fast, as he came home in 1:54.76 on the 2nd 200m.

China’s Pan Zhanle clocked a 3:48.81 for the silver medal tonight. Zhanle has been exceling most in the sprint events at this meet, so that performance is a very strong one for the now-sub-47 100 freestyler.

Vietnam also picked up a medal here, seeing Nguyen Huy Hoang take 3rd in 3:49.16.


  • World Record: 1:50.34 – Kristof Milak, Hungary (2022)
  • Asian Record: 1:52.53 – Daiya Seto, Japan (2020)
  • Asian Games Record: 1:54.02 – Takeshi Matsuda, Japan (2010)


  • GOLD: Tomoru Honda (Japan) – 1:53.15 (ASIAN GAMES RECORD)
  • SILVER: Wang Kuan-Hung (Taipei) – 1:54.53
  • BRONZE: Chen Juner (China) – 1:56.04

Japan’s Tomoru Honda pulled through tonight, winning the men’s 200 fly in a new Asian Games Record of 1:53.15. Honda took nearly a second off the previous record of 1:54.02, which had stood since 2010. The performance was a very strong one for Honda, putting him well within a second of the Asian Record of 1:52.53, which is held by his Japanese teammate, Daiya Seto.

Honda went out fast tonight, splitting 53.56 on the opening 100m. He backed it up, splitting 29.04 on the 3rd 50 of the race before coming home in 30.55.

Taipei picked up their first medal of the night, with Wang Kuan-Hung taking 2nd in 1:54.53. Wang was just off his own TAI Record of 1:54.44, which he swam at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

China’s Chen Juner clocked a 1:56.04 to claim the bronze medal tonight.


  • World Record: 3:50.40 – United States (2019)
  • Asian Record: 3:52.19 – China (2009)
  • Asian Games Record: 3:54.73 – Japan (2018)


  • GOLD: Japan – 3:57.67
  • SILVER: South Korea – 4:00.13
  • BRONZE: Hong Kong – 4:01.72

Japan won the women’s 4×100 medley relay handily tonight, swimming a 3:57.67. They were the only squad to finish under 4:00, sending Japan off with a gold medal.

Miki Takahashi (1:00.80), Reona Aoki (1:06.21), Ai Soma (57.28), and Nagisa Ikemoto (53.38) teamed up to make it happen.

South Korea earned the silver medal tonight, fueled in large part by a strong back half with Kim Seoyeong on fly (57.41) and Hur Yeonkyung on free (53.62). Lee Eunji was 1:00.68 on backstroke and Ko Haru clocked a 1:08.42 on breaststroke.

Hong Kong earned the bronze medal with a 4:01.72. Unexpectedly, Siobhan Haughey, primarily a freestyler, posted a very quick 1:06.03 breaststroke split to help her relay to a medal.


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2 months ago

Ting posted a long one ;-:

Reply to  random
2 months ago

i feel absolutely crushed for TIng.

Reply to  random
2 months ago

Absolutely hard to read. She knew it too. As the veteran of the team and the one that’s done like what? 5000 relays for us, it must be so hard for her.

I think what made this difficult for me was also knowing that we couldnt have the 4:01 in our record books. Because frankly, I dont know when we’d ever get to assemble such a cast again to get so close to 4:01

Last edited 2 months ago by ice
2 months ago

The PanAms would look exactly like this U.S vs Canada in almost all of the events

Fukuoka Gold
Reply to  Titobiloluwa
2 months ago

Except that US and Canada don’t send their top and best swimmers to Pan Am.

While all Asian Countries including China, Japan, and Korea send their top and best swimmers to Asian Games.

Samuel Huntington
2 months ago

What a great meet. China has some absolute studs right now and Korea has developed great men’s freestyle depth. Onwards to Paris!

2 months ago

Off topic, but I swear they were playing the Dragon Ball Z opening song after the medley relay.

Reply to  CookedLays
2 months ago

Did it have lyrics?

Lex Soft
2 months ago

I wonder why Indonesia didn’t bring Felix Iberle in men’s 50m breaststroke. With his PB of 26.98, the world junior champion might have got medal, although only bronze if he took part.

2 months ago

Letitia Sim just said in an interview that Levenia Sim actually did see and sense the DQ but Letitia just refused to believe it.

Now let’s pls all go to Doha and do it again. We can do it

Reply to  ice
2 months ago

Tv interview? Wondering if these interviews end up online. How’s Letitia feeling though… Four close misses to a medal…

Reply to  CY~
2 months ago

Yeah, during the daily roundup. She was surprisingly sanguine though, and said the team really had it in them and the usual there’s always other meets. She even rounded up the whole Asiad performance for the swim team saying they had really done very well even if the results didnt go the way we wanted. At one point she used the word “comical” to describe their run of bad luck.

Reply to  ice
2 months ago

Really mature of her

Reply to  CY~
2 months ago

Letitia was so calm and also hilarious (I also laughed at her comments for post interview of SEA Games medley post interview)

Fukuoka Gold
Reply to  ice
2 months ago

SG swimmers did really well, just not much luck this time.

I hope they all go to Doha to secure place in Paris.

Philip Johnson
2 months ago

5th place by Sajan Prakash in the 200 fly. The best place finish by an Indian at these games?

2 months ago

Top 10 Swims of the Asian Games imo

1) Pan Zhanle 46.97
2) Wang Shun 1:54.62
3) China Men’s Medley 3:27.01
4) China Mixed Medley 3:37.73
5) Xu Jiayu 51.91
6) South Korea 4×200 Free 7:01.73
7) Siobhan Haughey 52.17
8) China Men’s 4×100 Free 3:10.88
9) Tang Qianting 29.92
10) Qin Haiyang 57.76

Last edited 2 months ago by Tencor
Fukuoka Gold
Reply to  Tencor
2 months ago


Lex Soft
Reply to  Tencor
2 months ago

Yeah… South Korea men’s 4×200 free are underrated… they are awesome.
Pan Zhanle cannot touch 200 and 400; they belong to the Korean which reminds me of Park Tae Hwan.

Victor Chin
Reply to  Tencor
2 months ago

Qin Haiyang 57.76 in 10th place……Could you imagine that just 3 months ago?

I probably would put Siobhan Haughey 52.17 before South Korea’s 4 X 200 free