2021 ISL Season 3 Semifinals Match 1: Day 2 Live Recap


Day two of the ISL Match 1 playoffs kick off at 1 PM EST, with the defending champion Cali Condors holding a slight edge over the Season 1 champion Energy Standard. Breaststrokers Lilly King and Ilya Shymanovich were two of the stars yesterday, winning both the 50 and 200 breast while also taking jackpot totals in the 50, and return today for the 100. Russian star Kliment Kolesnikov returns for the 100 free today for Energy Standard, while Justin Ress, who won the 50 free yesterday, will challenge him in the 100 free. Cali Condors‘ World Record holder Coleman Stewart will compete in his signature 100 back against Energy Standard‘s Evgeny Rylov.

Women’s 100 free

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Siobhan Haughey (ENS): 51.46
  2. Sarah Sjostrom (ENS): 51.52
  3. Ranomi Kromowidjojo (IRO): 51.86
  4. Erika Brown (CAC): 52.24
  5. Natalie Hinds (CAC): 52.64
  6. Barbora Seemanova (IRO): 52.65
  7. Anna Hopkin (DCT): 52.90
  8. Annika Bruhn (DCT): 53.59

Energy Standard starts the meet with a big 1-2 finish in the women’s 100 free, with Siobhan Haughey just barely touching ahead of teammate Sarah Sjostrom 51.46 to 51.52. Haughey also jackpotted Annika Bruhn’s 1 point from 8th place.

Dutch swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo finished in third for Iron in 51.86, while the Condors got a 4th place finish from Erika Brown in 52.24 and a fifth place finish from Natalie Hinds’ 52.64. Both swimmers competed for the United States this past summer in Tokyo.

Men’s 100 free

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Kliment Kolesnikov (ENS): 46.11
  2. Justin Ress (CAC): 46.58
  3. Aleksandr Shchegolev (DCT): 46.81
  4. Kacper Majchrzak (CAC): 47.25
  5. Sergey Shevtsov (DCT): 47.56
  6. Matt Richards (IRO): 47.78
  7. Thom de Boer (IRO): 47.82
  8. Clement Mignon (ENS): 47.89

In a battle of individual winners yesterday, Energy Standards’ Kliment Kolesnikov came out on top with his first 100 free win of the season in 46.11. That winning time is off of Kolesnikov’s 45.58 that won him the SC Euro’s title last week. Cali’s Justin Russ touched in second in 46.58 after winning the 50 free yesterday and posting a pair of 45-second splits on the Condors’ relays.

DC Trident‘s Aleksandr Shchegolev touched in third in 46.81 to wrap up 6 points for the Trident. Despite Kolesnikov’s win, Cali outscores ENS 12-10 in the event courtwsy of Kacper Majchrzak’s 4th place finish and Energy Standard‘s Clement Mignon finishing in 8th.

Women’s 200 fly

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Kelsi Dahlia (CAC): 2:05.44
  2. Alys Thomas (IRO): 2:06.75
  3. Helena Rosendahl Bach (ENS): 2:06.77
  4. Katherine Savard (CAC): 2:06.98
  5. Maria Ugolkova (IRO): 2:07.90
  6. Klaudia Nazieblo (DCT): 2:08.68
  7. Viktoriya Gunes (ENS): 2:09.90
  8. Ting Wen Quah (DCT): 2:16.17

After upsetting Srah Sjostrom in the 100 fly yesterday, Cali’s Kelsi Dahlia returned today to win the 200 fly going away in 2:05.44. Dahlia is a perfect 4 for 4 on the season in the 200 fly, having won the race in every match with the exception of Match 2, where she didn’t race the event. Dahlia also jackpotted Ting Wen Quah’s 1 point from 8th place.

Touching in second was Iron‘s Alys Thomas in 2:06.75, touching just ahead of ENS’ Helena Rosendahl Bach’s 2:06.77. Cali’s Katherine Savard finished in fourth, adding more padding to the Condors’ lead over Energy Standard.

Men’s 200 fly

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Eddie Wang (CAC): 1:52.00
  2. Camden Murphy (DCT): 1:52.71
  3. Zach Harting (DCT): 1:53.06
  4. Kregor Zirk (ENS): 1:53.90
  5. Luiz Altamir Melo (IRO): 1:53.91
  6. Jose Angel Martinez (CAC): 1:54.49
  7. James Guy (ENS): 1:54.58
  8. Leonardo Santos (IRO): 1:55.84

Cali’s 200 fly specialist Eddie Wang got the job done in the men’s 200 fly, touching first in 1:52.00. Wang twice won the 200 fly in Season 2 and is making his Season 3 debut this week for the Condors. Wang’s lifetime best stands at 1:49.89 and his 1:52.00 is the slowest winning time of the season in this event.

DC Trident had a very strong showing, with Camden Murphy and Zach Harting touching in 1:52.71 and 1:53.06, respectively to take 2nd and 3rd.

Energy Standard who is without Chad Le Clos at this match due to a knee injury, has a major butterfly hole in their lineup without him. Estonian Kregor Zirk finished in 4th with a 1:53.90 as ENS’ top finisher.

Team Scores through men’s 200 fly

  1. CAC: 335
  2. ENS: 312
  3. DCT: 206
  4. IRO: 194

Women’s 100 back

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Ali Deloof (DCT): 56.81
  2. Olivia Smoliga (CAC): 57.04
  3. Maaike de Waard (CAC): 57.46
  4. Simona Kubova (ENS): 57.55
  5. Georgia Davies (ENS): 57.58
  6. Linnea Mack (DCT): 58.02
  7. Silvia Scalia (IRO): 58.21
  8. Danielle Hill (IRO): 58.52

DC Trident’s Ali Deloof won her second 100 back on the season, posting a 56.81 to touch first. That swim is almost a full second slower from her lifetime best of 55.89, which came in Match 5 earlier in the season.

The Cali Condors secured a 2-3 finish with Olivia Smoliga touching in 57.04 and Maaike de Waard finishing in 57.46, allowing the Condors to extend their lead over ENS.

Energy Standard settled for a 4-5 finish, with Simona Kubova finishing 4th in 57.55 and Georgia Davies touching 5th in 57.58.

Men’s 100 back

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Mark Nikolaev (DCT): 49.25
  2. Coleman Stewart (CAC): 49.97
  3. Evgeny Rylov (ENS): 50.06
  4. Guilherme Basseto (IRO): 50.21
  5. Lorenzo Mora (IRO): 50.41
  6. Mohamed Samy (DCT): 51.97
  7. Travis Mahoney (ENS): 52.29
  8. Brodie Williams (CAC): 52.70

DC Trident’s Mark Nikolaev makes it a 100 backstroke sweep for the Trident after touching the wall first in 49.25 in an upset win over current World Record holder Coleman Stewart. This marks Nikolaev’s second 100 back win of the season after winning in the play-in match to qualify DCT for the playoffs. He also jackpotted the 6th-8th points

Cali’s Coleman Stewart touched in second in 49.97, over a second and a half off of his lifetime best and WR of 48.33. He just outtouched Energy Standard‘s Evgeny Rylov, who finished 4th in 50.06

Women’s 100 IM

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Beata Nelson (CAC): 58.25
  2. Mary-Sophie Harvey (ENS): 58.26
  3. Anastasiya Shkurdai (ENS): 58.53
  4. Costanza Cocconcelli (IRO): 59.43
  5. Isabella Hindley (DCT): 1:00.08
  6. Bailey Andison (DCT): 1:00.34
  7. Africa Zamorano (IRO): 1:01.06
  8. Marie Pietruschka (CAC): 1:01.92

Cali’s Beata Nelson makes it a perfect 5 for 5 on the season in the 100 IM by the slimmest of margins, posting a 58.25 for the win. Nelson’s lifetime best and American Record stands at 57.90 from Match 7. Nelson also jackpotted the 7th and 8th place points.

Touching just .01 behind was Energy Standard‘s Mary-Sophie Harvey in 58.26. She was closely followed by teammate Anastasiya Shkurdai, who touched third to help neutralize Cali’s jackpot win.

Men’s 100 IM

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Andrey Zhilkin (ENS): 52.33
  2. Andreas Vazaios (DCT): 52.36
  3. Leonardo Santos (IRO): 52.47
  4. Marcin Cieslak (CAC): 52.79
  5. Robert Glinta (IRO): 53.35
  6. Charlie Swanson (ENS): 53.66
  7. Mark Szaranek (CAC): 54.54
  8. Sergey Shevtsov (DCT): 55.40

Energy Standard’s Andrey Zhilkin pulled off the narrow upset win over DC Trident‘s Andreas Vazaios in the 100 IM, touching the wall first in 53.33. Zhilkin also jackpotted the 7th and 8th place points and walks away with 12 points for ENS. Vazaios settled for the silver in 52.36

Vazaios was well off of his time from last week at the SC Euro’s where he posted a 51.54. Energy Standard uses the win and a weak showing from the Condors to gain ground in the team race.

Team Scores through Men’s 100 IM

  1. CAC: 371
  2. ENS: 355
  3. DCT: 246
  4. IRO: 221

Women’s 100 breast

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Lilly King (CAC): 1:03.62
  2. Molly Hannis (CAC): 1:04.67
  3. Tatiana Belonogoff (DCT): 1:05.15
  4. ida Hulkko (IRO): 1:05.19
  5. Jessica Vall (ENS): 1:06.71
  6. Maria Temnikova (DCT): 1:07.17
  7. Jenn Strauch (IRO): 1:07.28
  8. Viktoriya Gunes (ENS): 1:07.68

Cali has had the best women’s breaststroke group in the ISL since the league started, and it showed here again with Lilly King and Molly Hannis posting a 1-2 finish for the Condors. King touched first in 1:03.62 and remains undefeated in her ISL career in the event, going a perfect 15 for 15. Hannis touched second in 1:04.67.

King’s swim also jackpots 5th-8th place points, including all of ENS’ points, meaning the Condors outscore ENS 26-0 in the event.

Men’s 100 breast

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Ilya Shymanovich (ENS): 55.77
  2. Nic Fink (CAC): 56.76
  3. Felipe Lima (ENS): 57.43
  4. Bernhard Reitshammer (IRO): 57.81
  5. Erik Persson (IRO): 58.04
  6. Tommy Cope (DCT): 58.08
  7. Kevin Cordes (CAC): 58.40
  8. Cody Miller (DCT): 58.41

Energy Standard responded in a big way in the men’s 100 breast, with World Record holder Ilya Shymanovich blasting a 55.77 to sweep all three breaststroke races in the match. He also had a huge jackpot of 5th-8th place points to help offset the Cali women’s 100 breast surge.

Finishing in 2nd was Cali’s Nic Fink in 56.76, which helps stem the impact of Shymanovich’s jackpot. Energy Standard also picked up a third place finish courtesy of Felipe Lima’s 57.43.

Women’s 50 fly

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Sarah Sjostrom (ENS): 24.64
  2. Ranomi Kromowidjojo (IRO): 25.06
  3. Kelsi Dahlia (CAC): 25.22
  4. Melanie Henique (IRO): 25.38
  5. Beata Nelson (CAC): 25.40
  6. Madelin Banic (ENS): 25.48
  7. Ting Wen Quah (DCT): 26.31
  8. Anna Hopkin (DCT): 26.57

Sarah Sjostrom dominated the women’s 50 fly in 24.64, just .05 off of Ranomi Kromowidjojo‘s League Record of 24.59 from Season 2. In her post-race interview, Sjostrom talked about how she was embracing the shorter races right now, and the work shows with a dominant victory here. Sjostrom also jackpotted the 7th and 8th place points.

Kromowidjojo, the aforementioned League Record holder, touched 2nd for Iron in 25.06. Cali CondorsKelsi Dahlia finished third after winning the 100 and 200 fly earlier in the meet.

Men’s 50 fly

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Nicholas Santos (IRO): 22.23
  2. Camden Murphy (DCT): 22.50
  3. Ben Proud (ENS): 22.64
  4. Jesse Puts (CAC): 23.06
  5. Zach Harting (DCT): 23.08
  6. Andrey Zhilkin (ENS): 23.20
  7. Marcin Cieslak (CAC): 23.40
  8. Guilherme Basseto (IRO): 24.65

Iron‘s Nicholas Santos, the co-World Record holder, cleared the field after touching first in 22.23, almost a half second off his lifetime best and World Record. Santos also jackpots the 6th-8th place points.

DC Trident‘s Camden Murphy followed up his strong showing in the 200 fly with another runner-up finish in the 50 fly, stopping the clock in 22.50. Energy Standard‘s Ben Proud rounds out the top three with 22.64.

Team scores after men’s 50 fly

  1. CAC: 419
  2. ENS: 401
  3. DCT: 262
  4. IRO: 257

Women’s 200 free

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Siobhan Haughey (ENS): 1:51.17
  2. Barbora Seemanova (IRO): 1:55.03
  3. Janja Segel (ENS): 1:55.15
  4. (Tie) Erika Brown (CAC)/Katherine Savard (CAC): 1:55.42
  5. Joanna Evans (DCT): 1:55.43
  6. Leah Neale (DCT): 1:57.28
  7. Costanza Cocconcelli (IRO): 1:57.60

Energy Standard’s Siobhan Haughey cruised to victory in the 200 free, finishing nearly four seconds clear of the field in 1:51.17. That swim sits just off her own League Record of 1:51.11 from Season 2. Haughey is now a perfect 14 for 14 in her ISL career in the 200 free, and also jackpotted the 7th and 8th place points.

Iron’s Barbora Semmanova touched in second in 1:55.03 just ahead of Energy Standard‘s Janja Segel, who was third in 1:55.15. Cali Condors teammates Erika Brown and Katherine Savard tied for fourth in 1:55.42.

Men’s 200 free

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Aleksander Shchegolev (DCT): 1:42.29
  2. Velimir Stjepanovic (DCT): 1:43.64
  3. Kregor Zirk (ENS): 1:44.41
  4. Townley Haas (CAC): 1:44.65
  5. James Guy (ENS): 1:44.87
  6. Kacper Majchrzak (CAC): 1:44.91
  7. Luiz Altamir Melo (IRO): 1:45.00
  8. Matt Richards (IRO): 1:46.69

Aleksander Shchegolev and Velimir Stjepanovic led the way in the men’s 200 free to post a 1-2 finish. Schegolev touched first in 1:42.29 and jackpotted the 8th place Matt Richards, while Stejpanovic finished as the runner up in 1:43.64

Neither Energy Standard nor Cali Condors make a huge move in the race for the team victory, with ENS finishing 3-5 with Kregor Zirk and James Guy and CAC finishing 4-6 with Townley Haas and Kacper Majchrzak.

Mixed 4×100 medley relay

Top 8 finishers:

  1. ENS A: 3:32.62
  2. CAC A: 3:35.04
  3. IRO A: 3:36.98
  4. ENS B: 3:37.80
  5. DCT A: 3:38.98
  6. CAC B: 3:39.45
  7. DCT B: 3:39.88
  8. IRO B: 3:42.81
Energy Standard got out to the early lead and never looked back, soaring to victory in the mixed 400 medley relay with a time of 3:32.62, the second-fastest winning clocking of the season.
The team of Evgeny Rylov (50.05), Ilya Shymanovich (55.63), Anastasiya Shkurdai (56.07) and Sarah Sjostrom (50.87) combined to win the event by well over two seconds and jackpotted the bottom three teams, scoring 30 points and vaulting the club into the overall team lead.
The Cali Condors took second in 3:35.04, and Iron was third in 3:36.98.
Energy Standard‘s ‘B’ team took fourth, and the club scored a combined 40 points in the race compared to Cali’s 14. Cali’s B team was jackpotted despite Lily King’s 1:03.47 breast split.
Team scores after relay
  1. ENS: 469
  2. CAC: 450
  3. DCT: 290
  4. IRO: 278

Women’s 400 IM

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Bailey Andison (DCT): 4:29.60
  2. Viktoriya Gunes (ENS): 4:32.64
  3. Africa Zamorano (IRO): 4:35.27
  4. Kathrin Demler (CAC): 4:35.60
  5. Helena Rosendahl Bach (ENS): 4:38.20
  6. Maria Ulgokova (IRO): 4:38.43
  7. Klaudia Nazieblo (DCT): 4:39.33
  8. Leonie Kullman (CAC): 4:44.56

Bailey Andison cruised her way to her fourth 400 IM win this season for DC Trident, touching in first in 4:29.60. Her fastest swim of the seasoncame in Match 4 where she won in 4:26.31. She also jackpotted Cali’s Leonie Kullman’s 8th place points.

Nergy Standard’s Viktoriya Gunes finished comfortably in 2nd in 4:32.6. Despite a 7th place finish, DCT’s Klaudia Nazieblo picked up 8 points after touching first at the halfway point.

Men’s 400 IM

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Andreas Vazaios (DCT): 4:05.06
  2. Brodie Williams (CAC): 4:07.19
  3. Charlie Swanson (ENS): 4:07.73
  4. Erik Persson (IRO): 4:09.09
  5. Mark Szaranek (CAC): 4:11.60
  6. Travis Mahoney (ENS): 4:13.47
  7. Zane Grothe (DCT): 4:19.42
  8. —- DQ—- Leonardo Santos (IRO)

DC Trident makes it a clean sweep in the 400 IM, with Andreas Vazaios taking the win by over two seconds in 4:05.06. This is his first 400 IM win of the season, though is aa little slower than the 4:03.37 that he posted in the Play-In match. In his post-race interview, Vazaios touched on how the 400 IM isn’t his favorite event, but he swims for the team points.

Brodie Williams finished in second for CAC in 4:07.19, closing the gap between the the Condors and Energy Standard heading into the skins. Iron’s Leonardo Santos was DQ’d in the race on his back to breast turn.

Team scores after Men’s 400 IM:

  1. ENS: 497
  2. CAC: 472
  3. DCT: 330
  4. IRO: 291

Women’s 50 back skins

Round 1:

  1. Mary-Sophie Harvey (ENS): 26.24
  2. Ali Deloof (DCT): 26.26
  3. Maaike de Waard (CAC): 26.26
  4. Silvia Scalia (IRO): 26.34
  5. Beata Nelson (CAC): 26.34
  6. Linnea Mack (DCT): 26.43
  7. Simona Kubova (ENS): 26.75
  8. —–DQ—–Melanie Henique (IRO)

A huge blow for the Condors, as backstroke ace Beata Nelson is eliminated in the first round of the skins. Nelson was the backstroke skins champion in Match 2 earlier this season. Each team each has one similar alive heading into the second round.

Round 2: 

  1. Maaike de Waard (CAC): 26.83
  2. Ali Deloof (DCT): 26.96
  3. Mary-Sophie Harvey (ENS): 27.04
  4. —–DQ—–Silvia Scalia (IRO)

After winning the first round of the skins, Mary-Sophie Harvey is eliminated in Round 2. The Condors’ Maiike de Waard took the round 2 win in 26.83. Iron‘s Silvia Scalia was disqualified.


  1. Maikke de Waard (CAC): 27.87
  2. Ali Deloof (DCT): 28.01

The Condors chose the women’s skins and the pick paid off, with Maikke de Waard taking the final in 27.87. Ali Deloof finishes in 2nd in 28.01. The Condors pick up 20.5 points on Energy Standard and sits just 4.5 points behind heading into the men’s skins.

Team scores after women’s skins

  1. ENS: 515
  2. CAC: 510.5
  3. DCT: 353.5
  4. Iron: 292

Men’s 50 free skins

Round 1: 

  1. (Tie) Thom de Boer (IRO)/ Justin Ress (CAC): 21.10
  2. Maxim Labanovszkil (IRO): 21.12
  3. Ryan Hoffer (DCT): 21.13
  4. Kliment Kolesnikov (ENS): 21.18
  5. Ben Proud (ENS): 21.41
  6. Jesse Puts (CAC): 21.45
  7. Aleksandr Schegolev (DCT): 21.66

The big story here is both of Energy Standard‘s entrants, Kliment Kolesnikov and Ben Proud failed to advance to the second round of the skins. Instead, Iron will have two swimmers in Round 2 in Thom de Boer and Maxim Lobanovszkij, along with CAC’s Justin Ress and DCT’s Ryan Hoffer.

Round 2: 

  1. Thom de Boer (IRO): 22.28
  2. Justin Ress (CAC): 22.30
  3. Maxim Labanovszkil (IRO): 22.64
  4. Ryan Hoffer (DCT): 23.27

The men’s skins will come down to Iron‘s Thom de Boer and yesterday’s 50 free champ Justin Ress of the Cali Condors. Ress advancing to the final secures the meet win for the Condors.

Final round:

  1. Thom de Boer (IRO): 22.76
  2. Justin Ress (CAC): 23.30

Iron‘s Thom de Boer secures the win after winning all three rounds of the skins. Justin Ress settles for the silver in 23.30, but his swim is enough to put Cali over the top for the meet win.


  1. CAC: 534.5
  2. ENS: 522
  3. DCT: 359.5
  4. IRO: 340

The Condors wre dominant in the skins, gaining 37.5 points over Energy Standard to secure the match win. The Iron men, who put two swimmers in the skins top 4 to score 40 skins points, made it close with DC Trident, though came up just short.


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2 years ago

“DCT’s Klaudia Nazieblo picked up 8 points after touching first at both the 100 and 200 walls”

Incorrect. Klaudia picked up 8 points for being first at the 200(6) and 7th overall(2) before being jackpotted by Andison.

2 years ago

So Dressel as sexiest Olympian gets double the comments as ISL live updates today means to me there isn’t a huge interest in ISL like ncaa or olympics, etc. and why tv can’t find advertisers or spectators for the ISL product.

2 years ago

Braden – if you all do a recap of this first match, can you spell out the team points, earned and how the top 4 advance (is it cumalitive over the semifinals, etc)? Or link the article that explains this? Thanks!

Reply to  BKP
2 years ago

I believe that points within matches don’t matter. Winning team gets 4 points, second gets 3, third gets 2 and last gets 1.

After the 6 playoff matches, the four teams with the most points go to the final. I’m not sure what happens if two teams are tied for fourth.

2 years ago

On paper, Energy really should have won that match, but they fell apart in a few key races. I think they would have won if not for the relay disqualification yesterday. Flo almost certainly does much better in skins

I think the final could literally come down to who gets to pick skins. I honestly hate skins so much. The fact that it’s worth more than triple a regular event is ridiculous.

Assuming the final is Cali, Energy, Roar and Toronto (which it almost certainly will be because LA got screwed over by the matchups), the skins will be very different though.

For women, breast is Cali’s best but it’s almost impossible that another team doesn’t veto breast. Cali… Read more »

Reply to  Sub13
2 years ago

Couldn’t agree more. Skins points are ridiculous. Jack potting in skins is ridiculous.

2 years ago

This match pretty much demonstrates the impact of Flo’s absence for ENS in the play offs

Last edited 2 years ago by CasualSwimmer
Dors on top
Reply to  CasualSwimmer
2 years ago

All teams are missing swimmers.

Flickinger and both Dressel are also absent for Cali 😉

Reply to  Dors on top
2 years ago

Fair point !

Reply to  CasualSwimmer
2 years ago

missing breastroker chikunova & pilato, rylov and james guy seem not in good shape

Last edited 2 years ago by nelson
Reply to  nelson
2 years ago

Is James guy ever in good shape?

Reply to  Thorpedo
2 years ago

You must have missed him on Tokyo.

Stewart 100 back gold in Fukuoka
Reply to  nelson
2 years ago

Chad is also absent.

2 years ago

Yes, you love to see Energy losing. 🤣🤣

Their winning streak is finished and all this without the presence of Caeleb Remel Dressel.🦍🦍

Let’s go Dors 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

Reply to  Swimfan
2 years ago

Why do yall use his full name like he’s Joseph Robinette Biden ? It’s pretty cult-y
Nobody says Michael Fred Phelps II as far as I know

Reply to  CasualSwimmer
2 years ago

Mostly because it’s fun to say…kind of like Francisco

Reply to  PhillyMark
2 years ago

His full name doesn’t flow at all mostly because of the two names ending in -el.

Reply to  CasualSwimmer
2 years ago

This is typical behaviour from Swimfan. Blindly supporting any American and insulting any non-Americans without any thought for logic. It’s a bit concerning lol

Reply to  CasualSwimmer
2 years ago

because remel the name

2 years ago

Ez for CC, energy is trash

2 years ago


Reply to  maxswimmer
2 years ago


I win, you lose
Reply to  maxswimmer
2 years ago

ABBIE WOOD SHOULD BE DISQ- oh wait wrong meet