2018 Men’s B1G Championships: Day 1 Finals Live Recap


The 2018 Men’s Big Ten Championships kick off tonight with finals of the 200 medley relay and 800 free relay in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Indiana Hoosiers look to defend their title this year but could have a tough battle against rival Michigan.


  1. GOLD: Indiana, 1:23.95
  2. SILVER: Minnesota, 1:24.25
  3. BRONZE: Ohio State, 1:24.52

Indiana freshman Gabriel Fantoni is already making a big impact for his team. Fantoni gave the Hoosiers the lead by over 6 tenths with his 20.98 backstroke split. Ian Finnerty followed that up with a 23.50 through the breast leg, while Vini Lanza threw down a sub-20 with a 19.98 on the fly leg. Ali Khalafalla sealed the deal for the Hoosiers, anchoring in 19.52 to hold off Minnesota, who got a blistering 18.24 free split from Bowen Becker. In addition to Bowen’s free splti being the fastest of the field, the Gophers had the fastest breast split with a 23.40 from Conner McHugh.

Ohio State secured the last spot on the medal stand, while Michigan touched 4th in 1:24.79.


  1. GOLD: Indiana, 6:11.50
  2. SILVER: Michigan, 6:16.51
  3. BRONZE: Ohio State, 6:16.92

The Hoosiers were out to the early lead again with a 1:33.19 leadoff from Mohamed Samy. On the 2nd leg, Blake Pieroni charged to a 1:31.51, matching Michigan’s Felix Auboeck (1:31.51) but still holding Indiana’s lead. The Hoosiers built their lead to 5 seconds as they won the race, with Vini Lanza (1:33.49) and Ian Finnerty (1:33.31) taking on the back half. Michigan held off Ohio State for silver as the Buckeyes took 3rd with a 1:32.93 from freshman Paul DeLakis on the 2nd leg.


  1. Indiana University                128   2. Ohio State University             108
  2. Michigan, University of           108   4. University of Minnesota           106
  5. Iowa, University of                96   5. Wisconsin, University of, Madi     96
  5. Pennsylvania State University      96   8. Purdue University                  90
  9. Northwestern University            80  10. Michigan State University          68

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3 years ago

Where are the psych sheets for this meet

andy majeske
3 years ago

Bowen Becker 18.2 split for Minnesota…

3 years ago

What happened to Khalafalla on the anchor for iu? He’s an 18.9 flat start…

Reply to  Iufan
3 years ago

Looked like something happened on the start. Curious to see tomorrow.

Reply to  Observer
3 years ago

Definitely looks like a start issue, he almost even split his 50 looking at the 25 splits he put up. 9.65 and 9.87

3 years ago

Go Gophers!!!!

Swim Fan
3 years ago

Why did Michigan play their takeovers so safe?

Jerimiah Knots
Reply to  Swim Fan
3 years ago

so they dont get disqualified

3 years ago

Here’s about half of the 2 Med, doesn’t really look like Khalafalla had that bad of a start but definitely was not sharp the first 25.

Reply to  Friuti
3 years ago

It looks like his hands might have split apart on the dive, he was basically at a standstill on the breakout.

Reply to  ACC
3 years ago

Ah, I see that yeah. Start itself wasn’t bad but he didn’t look like he was going anywhere on the breakout.

Reply to  Friuti
3 years ago

Thanks for sharing! Yeah, something weird happened once he entered. IU had over a second lead over the 2nd place team but several teams almost caught him off that start.

3 years ago

Bowen Becker oh my lanta ? 18.2 is no joke ????

3 years ago

Shoutout to Ian Finnerty for being a breaststroker and putting up a 1:33.3 on the 800 free relay. Love seeing versatile breaststrokers

Reply to  PNW
3 years ago

As well as breaststroker Paul Delakis with the 1:32.9. A freshman. Much more impressive

Phil McDade
Reply to  Right
3 years ago

DeLakis was a 1:36.10 200 freestyler from a flat start as a junior in high school, and splitting 43-mids on 100 free splits as a junior and senior in high school. He has always been a very good freestyler. I’m not so sure he’s a breastroker as much as a very solid IMer with good breaststroke skills and really good freestyle skills.

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