2016 U.S Olympic Trials: Day Four Prelims Live Recap


After three days of intense competition it’s finally time to see what speed the men’s 100m freestyle has to offer.

Plenty of scratches pave the way for plenty of athletes to step up their games in hopes of qualifying for tonight’s semifinal. Nathan Adrian is the top seed, and has been swimming fast all-season long.

Following the 100m freestyle is the women’s 200m butterfly where Cammile Adams is the definite favorite. Kelsi Worrell, who earned her spot on the Olympic team earlier this meet with a 100m butterfly victory, will try to dispute that.

After breaking the American record in the semifinals of the 100m breaststroke and then making the Olympic team, Kevin Cordes is primed to lead the way in the 200m breaststroke as well.


Top seed: Nathan Adrian (48.00)
World record: 46.91 – Cesar Cielo (Brazil)
American record: 47.33 – David Walters
U.S Open record: 47.58 – Jason Lezak
U.S Nationals record: 47.58 – Jason Lezak
JR World record: 48.25 – Matheus Santana (Brazil)
2012 Winning Time: 48.10 – Nathan Adrian

Top seed Nathan Adrian showed his speed this morning in the heats of the men’s 100m freestyle with a 48.43 performance which leads the way to tonight’s semifinals.

The most impressive swim came from NC-State’s Ryan Held who dropped a 48.46 to almost come par with Adrian and take the second seed overall.

American record holder in the short course 50 and 100m freestyles, Caeleb Dressel, was also sub 49-seconds this morning with a swift 48.69. He looked very strong on the first 50, appeared to ease up a bit, and then finished strong into the wall.

Anthony Ervin was the last swimmer to go under 49-seconds with a 48.73 performance.

Matt Grevers, who missed the team last night by placing third in the 100m backstroke, just squeaked through to the semifinals, touching 16th overall. Grevers was a 49.55

Although Grevers made it in, 2015 Pan American Games team member Michael Chadwick is out.

TOP 16

  1. Nathan Adrian (48.43)
  2. Ryan Held (48.46)
  3. Caeleb Dressel (48.69
  4. Anthony Ervin (48.76)
  5. Jimmy Feigen (49.03)
  6. Ryan Lochte (49.13)
  7. Maxime Rooney (49.14)
  8. William Copeland (49.16)
  9. David Williams (49.28)
  10. David Nolan (49.31)
  11. Seth Stubblefield (49.35)
  12. Blake Pieroni (49.39)
  13. Josh Schneider (49.45)
  14. John Murray (49.46)
  15. Conor Dwyer (49.51)
  16. Matt Grevers (49.55)

For official results click here.


Top seed: Cammile Adams (2:06.33)
World record: 2:01.81 – Zige Liu (China)
American record: 2:04.14 – Mary Descenza
U.S Open record: 2:05.96 – Mary T. Meagher
U.S Nationals record: 2:05.96 – Mary T. Meaghe
JR World record: 2:06.51 – Yufei Zhang (China)
2012 Winning Time: 2:06.52 – Cammile Adams

In a surprising turn of events defending Olympic trials champion Cammile Adams was disqualified after putting up the fastest time this morning in the heats.

With Adams out of the picture, Hali Flickinger took the top seed in a 2:09.20 just ahead of Cassidy Bayer‘s 2:09.29. 100m butterfly champion from day two, Kelsi Worrell, took the third seed overall in 2:09.40.

Katie McLaughlin, who went into this meet as the second seed behind Adams, squeezed into the semifinals with a 2:12.41.

Following the announcement of Adams disqualification it appeared as though her coach and head women’s coach of the U.S Olympic team, David Marsh, was on deck with Adams attempting to protest the decision.


Cammile Adams disqualification was overturned, making her the top seed at 2:08.29 and pushing Dakota Luther out of the top 16. The results below have now been updated.

TOP 16

  1. Cammile Adams (2:08.29)
  2. Hali Flickinger (2:09.20)
  3. Cassidy Bayer (2:09.29)
  4. Kelsi Worrell (2:09.40)
  5. Hannah Saiz (2:10.07)
  6. Lauren Case (2:10.36)
  7. Taylor Pike (2:10.84) TIE
  8. Sarah Gibson (2:10.84) TIE
  9. Jen Marrkand (2:11.26)
  10. Christina Betchel (2:11.41)
  11. Ruby Martin (2:11.62)
  12. Kate Mills (2:11.89)
  13. Noelle Tarazone (2:11.94)
  14. Maddie Wright (2:12.31)
  15. Katie McLaughlin (2:12.41)
  16. Megan Kingsley (2:12.54)
  17. Dakota Luther (2:12.60)

For official results click here.


Top seed: Kevin Cordes (2:07.86)
World record: 2:07.01 – Akhiro Yamaguchi (Japan)
American record: 2:07.42 – Eric Shanteau
U.S Open record: 2:07.86 – Kevin Cordes
U.S Nationals record: 2:07.86 – Kevin Cordes 
JR World record: 2:09.84 – Anton Chupkov (Russia)
2012 Winning Time: 2:09.01 – Scott Weltz

It’s not often that you’re on world record watch during the prelims, but Kevin Cordes took the crowd for a ride down world record lane this morning.

For 150-meters, Cordes was right on pace. His 150-meter split was the exact same as the world record, but he shut things down on the way home to ultimately go a 2:08.54. That time leads the way to the semifinals ahead of Texas’ Will Licon.

Licon was a 2:09.43 this morning to be the only swimmers besides Cordes to go under 2:10. He took down Nic Fink who dropped a 2:10.10 right beside him to take the third seed overall.

Josh Prenot is fourth in 2:10.68. Andrew Wilson is fifth in 2:11.27.

Cody Miller, who already made the Olympic team, finished well behind Cordes in their heat in order to take sixth overall with a 2:12.80.

TOP 16

  1. Kevin Cordes (2:08.54)
  2. Will Licon (2:09.43)
  3. Nic Fink (2:10.10)
  4. Josh Prenot (2:10.68)
  5. Andrew Wilson (2:11.27)
  6. Cody Miller (2:12.80)
  7. Reece Whitley (2:12.85)
  8. BJ Johnson (2:12.92)
  9. Brandon Fischer (2:13.72)
  10. Brendan McHugh (2:13.85)
  11. Alex Evdokimov (2:14.00)
  12. Ethan Browne (2:14.33)
  13. Sam Tierney (2:14.46)
  14. Jacob Montague (2:14.65)
  15. Nick Zito (2:14.67)
  16. Daniel Roy (2:14.70)

For official results click here.


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7 years ago

Guys, I think we need to show the 200br WR a little more respect. It takes a lot to align to break a WR. We will see an incredible race and I have no doubt incredible times – But a WR is a big ask from 1 guy, let alone 2 or 3 beating it as I’ve seen a few suggest haha.

Gaby Romero
7 years ago

why didnt michael phelps swam the 100m free?

Reply to  Gaby Romero
7 years ago

I guess he wants to save his mental and physical energy for a amazing 200 fly. Though I would have liked him to swim a 48 in the heats.

7 years ago


All those people writing off Ervin. The sly old dog’s not finished yet!

Reply to  Dee
7 years ago

I admit, I was guilty of it myself. Surprised and impressed by his form so far!

bobo gigi
7 years ago

Cool to see a new face in the US men’s sprint with Ryan Held.
29 guys under 50, that’s impressive. But how many under 49 and more important under 48?
Ervin confirms what we saw from him recently. He will be very strong in the 50 free.
Rooney looks better. Hopefully he makes the final.
Hoffer 50.69. I think that most of youngsters who don’t have any chances are just in Omaha to take the experience but have August meets in mind and save their taper for that period.

A scary moment for Adams.
Go Cassidy Bayer!
Katie McLaughlin barely makes the top 16. Unfortunately no miracles to expect tonight.

Why Cordes always spends… Read more »

7 years ago

Just a thought… the men’s 100back record, a world record that was first approached and we thought could be broken starting in 2010, is still standing. We technically no closer to breaking it despite the fact that there is now not 1 but 5 swimmers within a quarter of a second from that record. Amazing how it has withstood the onslaught.

7 years ago

Anybody know whatever happened to the 200 breast world record holder?…He popped off a 2:07.0 and was never heard from again

Reply to  Green
7 years ago

Japan academics are very competitive to get to top uni so maybe he just backed off.

Stay Human
Reply to  Green
7 years ago

I saw an interview where he said that he used to be an obsessional student of videos- both his own swims and others, and was a technique master. After he set the world record he said he focused more on his pre-uni studies and stopped watching videos and his technique got worse and since then he has struggled to regain that form. The interesting things watching the video of his WR were that 1) he swam alone, 6 seconds ahead of the first competitor. 2) The first hundred with long powerful technique, the second hundred with much increased tempo but equal in power per stroke. It was incredible. I think he lost power as well as strength and like G.I.N.A.… Read more »

Reply to  Stay Human
7 years ago

Any chance you still have a link to that interview?

7 years ago

FYI it’s Notelle “Tarazona ”
not Tarazone

7 years ago

I hope some of the guys will beat Gold Medal Mel’s time in the 200 fly. We are in 2016 guys

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Mitch worked for 5-years with SwimSwam news as a web producer focusing on both Canadian and international content. He coached for Toronto Swim Club for four seasons as a senior coach focusing on the development of young swimmers. Mitch is an NCCP level 2 certified coach in Canada and an ASCA Level …

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