Ode To The Swim Mom

We at Swimswam understand that sometimes getting the right words out are tough. Although you might know what you want to say, actually saying it is a different story. Have no fear because Swimswam is always here for you, and we’ve worked to set you up with a guideline of the perfect things to say to your mom this mother’s day.

Dear Mom,

This mother’s day I’d like to thank you for your constant dedication to my swimming. Without you being there for everything it wouldn’t have all been possible.

I’ll never forget early morning practices. You walking into my room to wake me up at 4:30 a.m, helping me get everything together, and then heading out the door. I’ll never forget the car rides. I’m sorry I never felt like talking even though you were driving me. Those extra minutes of sleep in the car really did make a difference I think.

Thanks for picking me up, helping me get breakfast ready and get ready for school. Without you, balancing it all wouldn’t be easy but it seems as though you were always one step ahead of me.

Mom, you always managed to help me when I didn’t feel great. If I had a bad practice, if I wasn’t feeling in top form, or I got sick right before the meet, you were always there with a smile on your face to take care of me and help me get through it.

You were my support, my friend, and my motivator all in one. Thanks for being there for every single meet even though I know that you don’t want to get up early and sit in the stands for a few hours for me to only swim a one-minute race.

After every race, good or bad, you’re there. No matter what, I could always expect to see you after and that helped me relax before the competition.

Mom, I’m sorry for all the loads of towels I’ve made you do. I’m sorry that our house reeks of chlorine, and that it’s literally everywhere. I swear your friends and even our neighbors think that we must have a pool somewhere in the house.

Thank you for the countless suits, equipment, and everything else you got for me. I’ve broken more caps then I can count, ripped a couple more practice suits than I would like to admit, and I’m still sticking to my story that there’s something eating things in my swim bag whenever a pair of goggles go missing.

Look Mom, I even understand that sometimes I frighten you with the amount that I eat. The food bill has gone up 10-fold from what I imagine, and I’m so thankful for that. Your cooking is what motivates me in practice. 

When coach is yelling and I can’t move and there are still 10 repetitions left on the main set, I get this image of your chicken and potatoes in my head and everything just seems to be ok. 

Whether physically or emotionally, you’re always there for me mom. Today, it’s my turn to be your support system, your friend, your motivator. You have helped me achieve so much, and for that I will forever be thankful. 

You’re such a huge part of the person I am now, and the person I realized I could be through you and the sport. I’ll never forget that. For all you’ve done for me, I wish you the best mother’s day there can be. I can cook, do a couple loads of towels, and even try to identify where the chlorine smell is coming from. 

Thanks for everything Mom, and happy Mother’s day. 


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