World Record Holder Titmus Entered In Queensland SC C’ships


  • Friday, September 25th – Sunday, September 27th
  • Brisbane Aquatic Centre
  • SCM (25m)
  • Entries

Most Queensland Australia swimmers have been back in pools since mid-July, which means they’ve had a good amount of time in the water to get ready for these Queensland Championships.

As we reported earlier this summer, those that had previously earned time standards for the 2019 edition of these Championships auto-qualified for this 2020 edition of the meet. At the time, Swimming Queensland stated, “Swimming Queensland understands that for some swimmers there have been limited or minimal chances to compete and qualify for the 2020 McDonald’s Queensland Short Course Championships.

“As such, Swimming Queensland will be allowing swimmers who qualified for an event at the 2019 McDonald’s Queensland Short Course Championships, but have not had the opportunity to qualify yet for that event at this year’s championships, to compete in that event if they wish (even if they have aged up).”

Events here at Brisbane Aquatic Center will be held as timed finals, with heats swum from fastest to slowest. Among the high-profile athletes set to compete is World Champion Ariarne Titmus, although the 20-year-old is taking on just one event. The Tasmanian is racing the 400m free, an event in which Titmus owns the World Record with the 3:53.92 she threw down for gold at the 2018 Short Course World Championships.

According to the Australian Swimming database, Titmus has not competed since November, with her last competition represented by the International Swimming League (ISL) season 1 meet in Naples, Italy. As a member of Cali Condors, in individual events, Titmus hit a time of 1:52.90 to finish behind Siobhan Haughey in the women 200m free, while she snagged the 400m free first-place prize in a mark of 3:58.34.

Titmus’ St. Peters Western teammates also set to compete here this weekend include Jack Cartwright, Abbey Harkin, Meg Harris, Mitch Larkin, Clyde Lewis, and Mollie O’Callaghan, all of whom were originally set to join the ISL season 2.

Titmus, Larkin, Harris, Cartwright, and Lewis were set to represent Cali Condors while Harkin and O’Callaghan were signed to NY Breakers. However, due to travel restrictions stemming from Australia’s policies regarding the coronavirus pandemic, most Aussies have pulled out of competing in ISL season 2.

Among the teenaged stars ready to make their mark this weekend, Sam Short of Rackley is riding on his momentum from the recent Vorgeen Brisbane Short Course Meet. Just last week, 17-year-old Short wreaked havoc on the Aussie age rankings across the freestyle events, hitting PB’s of 1:47.63 in the 200m, 3:45.58 in the 400m, 7:43.85 in the 800m, and 14:52.54 in the 1500m (all SCM). You can learn more about Short’s recent swims here.

Although last year’s World Championships medalist Kaylee McKeown is absent from these entries, her older sister Taylor McKeown is set to swim the IM and breaststroke events here for her first meet since the NSW Championships in March.

NSWs was also the last meet for Olympic siblings Emma and David McKeon, both of whom are slated to compete here.

Another one to watch is Maddy Gough of TSS Aquatic. The 21-year-old clocked a new Australian national record just last month while competing at the Queensland Short Course Prep Meet. Gough hit a lifetime best of 15:38.01 to overtake Jess Ashwood’s previous Australian national standard do 15:43.83 that had been on the books since 2015.

All Saints

Thomas Hauck (17) – 100m/200m/400m/800m free, 100m/200m back, 400m IM, 200m fly


Alexander Graham (25) – 100m/200m/400m free, 100m back, 100m fly
Jenna Strauch (23) – 100m/200m breast, 50m free, 50m fly
Elijah Winnington (20) – 400m free

Brisbane Grammar

Alexander Grant (19) – 100m/200m/400m/800m free

Cotton Tree

Lani Pallister (18) – 50m/100m/200m fly, 100m IM, 50m/100m/200m/400m/1500m free

Czech Republic

Barbora Zavadova (27) – 200m/400m IM, 100m/200m fly, 100m/200m back, 200m breast

Griffith University

Thomas Fraser-Holmes (28) – 100m/200m/400m free, 200m IM
David McKeon (28) – 100m/200m/400m free
Emma McKeon (26) – 50m/100m fly, 100m/200m free
Taylor McKeown (25) – 100m/200m/400m IM, 100m/200m breast
Emily Seebohm (28) – 100m IM, 50m fly, 100m/200m back, 100m free

Kawana Waters

Chloe Gubecka (18) – 200m/400m/800m free

Moreton Bay Swimming

Minna Atherton (20) – 50m/100m/200m back, 50m/200m free
Calypso Sheridan (21) – 200m/400m IM, 100m/200m breast

New Zealand

Michael Picket (18) – 50m/100m/200m free


Kareena Lee (26) – 200m/400m/800m/1500m free
Nick Sloman (22) – 200m/400m/1500m free


Carla Buchanan (25) – 100m/200m/400m free
Thomas Neill (18) – 400m IM, 100m/200m/400m/800m free, 100m back
Sam Short (17) – 200m fly, 200m/400m/800m/1500m free
William Stockwell (25) – 50m/100mfree

Southport Olympic

Chelsea Hodges (19) – 50m/100m breast
Tristan Hollard (23) – 50m/100m/200m back, 100m free, 100m fly

St. Peters Western

Jack Cartwright (22) – 50m/100m fly , 100m free
Abbey Harkin (22) – 100m breast, 100m free
Meg Harris (18) – 50m/100m free, 100m fly
Mitch Larkin (27) – 200m/400m IM, 100m/200m back
Clyde Lewis (23) – 50m fly, 200m free
Mollie O’Callaghan (16) – 50m/100m/200m free, 50m/100m/200m back
Ariarne Titmus (20) – 400m free

TSS Aquatic

Maddy Gough (21) – 200m/400m/800m/1500m free
Kiah Melverton (23) – 200m/400m IM, 50m/100m/200m/400m/800m/1500m free
David Morgan (26) – 50m/100m/200m fly, 50m/200m/200m free, 50m back
Joshua Parrish (23) – 100m/200m/400m/800m free
Laura Taylor (21) – 100m/200m/400m/800m free, 200m fly

University of Queensland

Jack Ireland (21) – 50m/100m/200m free, 100m fly

USC Spartans

Leah Neale (25) – 50m/100m/200m/400m free

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1 year ago

Just about all the Qld Team are entered, Should be some fast times!

Corn Pop
Reply to  Gheko
1 year ago

Interestin gv that Moreton Bay College does the IB . A programme going places .

Reply to  Corn Pop
1 year ago

No one has yet convinced me that IB is worth it or necessary. What if a kid wants to do all Maths Science ? There are so many ways to get into any university.

Corn Pop
Reply to  Joel
1 year ago

No room for that stuff .We have Gender studies K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 & 12.

1 year ago

An article at SWM just mentioned that Winnington is now training under Dean Boxall. Anyone know when this happened??

Reply to  Troyy
1 year ago

A few months ago

Reply to  Troyy
1 year ago

He started training there when we got back in the water after restrictions lifted.

1 year ago

Does anyone know if Georgia Bohl is still swimming?

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