Winning the ISL Team Title – Sandeno Offers Equal Pay to Build Team Culture

The International Swimming League has published its technical information, breaking down event schedules, scoring, lineups and more.

We’ll break down all the info as best we can below. You can see a PDF with all the technical information by clicking here. You can also see our breakdown of all this information here.

With the ISL season nearly upon us, and excitement starting to build for it’s inaugural season, SwimSwam asked each GM one simple question: How will they win the ISL?

DC Trident GM Kaitlin Sandeno has adopted the “Most Favored Nations” policy for her team, meaning every athlete will receive equal pay. Sandeno hopes to build a winning team environment in this way, putting the emphasis on the team and competing for each other.

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13 % Chinese person
3 years ago

Impose a trident centred on Pennsylvania Ave & everyone in a circular 10 kms gets the same pay . Lets say $30,000 or the national average . It would be Exodus 2 .

3 years ago

Socialism never works… this is just like if Bernie Sanders would become president.

3 years ago

Sounds very nice but just plain unrealistic. Doubt she pulls this off while maintaining a competitive team.

3 years ago

I think this is a great idea, but maybe should have some incentives/bonus’ for winning a race, going a time, etc. What are y’alls thoughts?

3 years ago

Imagine John Gruden telling Antonio Brown you’re gonna pay him the same as Nathan Peterman

Reply to  Bruh
3 years ago

I mean, Peterman is going to contribute to more Raiders wins that Brown will, so maybe you’re onto something there 🙂

Chaitha D.
Reply to  Jared Anderson
3 years ago


3 years ago

Yes that always works very well. Just like in the nfl, nba, and basically any professional sports league

3 years ago

Even Ledecky?

Reply to  Superfan
3 years ago

either must be a heavy salary per person or she doesn’t really care about the salary. No shade at all to the swimmers on DC Tridents, but they are really not on the same level as ledecky at all. To be fair, Ledeckys events arent really ISL friendly when you look at it

The Kraken
Reply to  ace
3 years ago

Ledecky is an ambassador, which means she gets paid more by ISL

Reply to  The Kraken
3 years ago

So not everyone is paid equally!?

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