2019 W. NCAAs: Watch Stanford’s Pool Record 800 Free Relay – Plus Forde’s Bonus 50


The Stanford Cardinal picked up their first event win of the 2019 Women’s Division I NCAA Championships Wednesday night, throwing down a new pool record in 6:47.22.

Katie Drabot led off in 1:43.99, followed by Ella Eastin with a stellar 1:41.03, then Taylor Ruck – in her first NCAA Championship swim – broke the race open in a blazing fast 1:39.83, and Brooke Forde anchored in 1:42.37.

However, Forde’s time was “to the foot,” as she accidentally tacked an extra 50 onto the end of her swim. Luckily, she was anchoring and Stanford had a multi-second lead, so it didn’t affect the race outcome. Impressively, however, Forde’s best time in a (flat start) 200 freestyle is 1:44.68, and her relay split last year was 1:42.94. Even with the relay start, the fact that she was over two seconds under her best time – to the foot – bodes well for her performance this week. Her splits were 24.06/25.35/25.94/27.02/27.58 (the final one being from our watch).

“I’d like to say it was a victory lap,” Forde said in a post-race interview.

The team laughed it off right away – we’ve all been there, or at least been nervous about being there.

Watch the relay, plus the bonus 50, below:

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swim fan

THANK GOD she went last


She just wanted to make sure she is the anchor the next two years…


If she wasn’t the last in the team and someone has to take off after her then what this girl should do in such situation: to jump risking a collision and maybe serious injuries or to stop racing. Probably she shouldn’t start because her team will be DQed anyway. But the decision should be made in the fraction of a second. Not easy.


You start jumping before the other swimmer touches the wall, so pretty much at the moment at which she would have began the flip turn. So im 100% sure they would have jumped and also no way they would have crashed into each other. Woulda been a false start tho, too early take off

Jim C

If she wasn’t last she would have seen a teammate ready to jump in the pool.

Eddie Rowe

With the eyes on *top* of her head?


I don’t know which is more amazing… Stanford still winning or a Stanford student not knowing how to count to 8!


NotSwimSwam said it first, folks!

Jim C

With the admissions scandal…

The Ready Room

27.3 last 50 for Forde. Must have slowed down a bit when she realized what happened… but still finished like a champ!


She was warming down

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