Watch Michael Andrew’s 51.75 100 Breast NAG (Race Video)

For the third time in a week, Michael Andrew of Indie Swimming has lowered the 15-16 national age group record in the boys’ 100 yard breaststroke. Andrew first broke Carsten Vissering’s 100 breast mark last weekend at Speedo Winter Junior Championships with a time of 52.50 in prelims. Later that day he lowered it to 52.21 in finals.

Now, exactly a week later at the Oklahoma Elite Pro-Am, Andrew has done it again. After a lifetime third-best 52.56 in prelims, Andrew crushed his previous personal best, and the national age group record along with it, with a stunning 51.75 in finals, thus becoming the first 16-and-under to dip under the 52-second mark for the 100 yard breaststroke. He is now tied for 11th on the all-time list.

His splits were:

  • 24.06
  • 27.69
  • 51.75

***Off camera, the race call was from 5-time Olympic medalist Josh Davis, Managing Director of the Mutual of Omaha BREAKOUT Swim Clinic.

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Surprisingly, Miller had a really bad break out on the start and seemed to have difficulty in general coming smoothly to the surface. Looks like he could have been 50.5 with better breakouts.


Agreed. A shallow start forced Miller to break out before he is normally used to. Also happened to a lesser extent on the second breakout. However, he blows Andrew away on the walls bc of significantly better timing. Andrew has a longer glide from his kick on each stroke which is normally a plus but in this race led to either too much gliding or getting jammed going into his walls. If Andrew had millers timing into the walls I bet he’s closer to a 51 low.


Totally agree – that first pullout/breakout in particular was super shallow and not at all what I’d expect from a :50 breaststroker. Miller could be even faster. In that light – amazing swim!

Andrew Majeske

It looked like the difference between Miller and Andrew in scy was the turns. LCM this is a much closer race. Olympic trials in the 100 is going to be very, very interesting!!


Look at Andrew’s kick compared to Miller and Alexandrov. There’s a visible wake coming from his feet, something I’ve never seen before. I really want to see an underwater shot of his breaststroke to see how he does it. He could just be holding himself up extremely high in the water, or it could be a variation on breaststroke kick that hasn’t really been seen before. Does anyone else notice this?


Yep, I had the exact same thought. Would be awesome to see some underwater footage of it some day.

Steve-O Nolan

Is it a good thing, though? His kick does seem to be REALLY good, but I’m tryna wrap my head around the fluid-dynamic stuff that making those extra waves is doing.

Someone who remembers their fluid mechanics labs better than I do, feel free to help out hahhah.

Justine Schluntz

Looks like it’s happening because his feet come closer to the surface than the others’. Whether it’s good or not depends on which of these two outweighs the other: the good is that the propulsion would have more of a horizontal (forward) component compared to others whose legs are deeper; the bad is that by being so close to the surface his feet may not be pushing quite as much water. (This is not scientific by any means but I did do my PhD work in fluid dynamics 🙂 )


As Justine Schluntz noticed, his feet are just closer to the water’s surface than other breaststrokers. I would add on it’s because of his ridiculously low breathing position which allows his hips to be higher and thus his kick is higher and should theoretically have more horizontal force pushing back. Of course a lower body position like this makes the recovery scull not as powerful and there isn’t as forceful a lunge, but his body shape and position seem much more oriented at being straight and maintaining speed while relying on a powerful kick to keep him moving. It’s probably one of the more extreme straight-line breaststrokes I’ve seen, whereas others (like Kalisz) seem to rely a ton on a… Read more »


Who was the 3rd place swimmer? He kept up with Miller and Andrew pretty well.


Mike Alexandrov


Nice name, by the way 🙂


And I was referring to the commenter’s “name” — not Mike Alexandrov (who also has a nice name)

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