Rest Intervals VS. Repeat Intervals

Why setting repeat intervals is crucial, and why often times I rely on rest intervals instead.


“I viaggi di MP” con Michael Phelps e Bob Bowman – episodio 1

Il successo non è una destinazione, ma un viaggio. Michael Phelps , il più grande atleta di tutti i tempi,…

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MP Journey Series with Michael Phelps and Bob Bowman

“Finding a Coach” is the first episode in this new video series, MP Journey. Coach Bob Bowman and Michael Phelps reflect how they created a successful team.

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Practice + Pancakes: Nitro Swim Club (Video Feature)

On the Thursday I arrived, Nitro’s National group had a classic test set: 9 x 100 @ 7:00. Although that’s not quite what ended up being the case


Video: You Can Pull On The Lane Line

Yes, you read that right! YOU can pull on the lane line. Not in the usual lazy way where you are trying to gain a few extra breaths during a difficult IM set, but a way to fix your backstroke.

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2017 USA College Challenge Hype Video

This October, members of the USA Swimming National Team will take on the stars of the Pac-12 Conference.

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Coleman’s Carpool: Nitro’s Mike Koleber Gives Sage Coaching Wisdom

Nitro is one of the biggest swim programs in the country with around 1,800 swimmers. They’ve grown massively over the last 10 years and at the head of that growth and success is Mike Koleber, head coach and owner.


Coleman’s Carpool: Life as a Professional Diver (Video)

Coach Mike dove collegiately, and after his tenure in the NCAA went onto perform professionally as an attraction at aquatic parks and events

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NC State Women’s Beach Training Trip

This past weekend the NC State women’s swim and dive team traded the pool deck and chlorine for a dock…


Video: The Most Common Mistake Swimming Freestyle

We work with plenty of swimmers of all different levels on a weekly basis, and one of the biggest problems we see across the board is a lack of engaging in legs when swimming freestyle.

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Do We Really Need A Sports Drink To Be Like Mike?

The branding of sports drinks as a necessary part of our swim training and performance has been very successful in part to mass advertising and catchy little tunes “Like Mike”. But the question remains:  Do we really need a Sports Drink to be like Mike? Let’s take a closer look.

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Practice + Pancakes: Rice University (Video Feature)

We sent our head of production, Coleman Hodges, to be a fly on the wall at practice, then relay what he discovered back to you over pancakes

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Colin’s Hope 8th Annual Open Water Swim (Video)

September 24th, Colin’s Hope and Open Water Planet (OWP) collaborated to bring the Got2Swim 10K to Lake Travis as part…

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Heinz Kluetmeier’s Induction into the International Swimming Hall of Fame (VIDEO)

Heinz Kluetmeier is the first photo-journalist to be inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF).

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Swimquaintences: Blue Tide Aquatics on High School practices (Video)

Swimming in high school is fun; there’s a lot of goofing off during practice and team bonding through grueling sets

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