Swimming From Home Talk Show: Kathleen Baker on Not Bottling your Emotions

Now stuck at home, she has been leaning heavily on her national teammates for support and kinship by checking in with them.


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Swimming From Home: Jason Calanog on Being the Dad He’s Always Wanted to Be

One of his sons is in 4th grade, and he has helped him with his now online schooling, meaning that Calanog has had to relearn quite a bit himself


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Semifinal Shockers: 10 Epic Swims From Semifinals That Inspired Us

Here we count down some of the greatest performances from semifinal races of the last 20-ish years. These races are just as memorable as the finals.


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WATCH: Michael Phelps Wins First World Title With 200 Fly WR In Fukuoka

Relive Phelps winning his first world title at the 2001 Championships in Fukuoka, breaking the 200 fly world record for the second time in four months.

Staying Competitive in Uncertain Times

For all competitive swimmers and athletes, the current COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions pose unique challenges to their lives.

British Swimming Presents: Highlights of the Stay at Home Diving Series

This may not be the diving content you wanted, but it’s the diving content you didn’t know you needed.

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Annie Lazor on Swimming in 4 Different Pools

Along with IU post-grads Cody Miller and Lilly King, Lazor has swam in 4 different pools over the last 2 weeks in an effort to try and maintain pool time

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Yoga for Swimmers Mobility Practice Two: Thoracic Spine Mobility

This yoga for swimmers practice focuses on increasing thoracic spine mobility, which can help improve both technique and shoulder health

Swimming From Home Talk Show: 15-Year-Old Jacob Whittle on Keeping His Head

after last summer, he’s had a lot of practice keeping a level head, not getting too excited or too down about any one thing

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Ryan Murphy on New Coffee Habits, Tiger King

When I joined Ryan Murphy this morning, we were both having our morning coffee. He was on cup #2, which I have to say made me a little jealous

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Kelsi Dahlia on having a COVID-19 Scare

Kelsi Dahlia broke down the weeks following the Des Moines Pro Swim, including a period where she thought that she could have COVID-19 herself

Serdinov, Phelps, Crocker: 3 Heats, 3 Consecutive World Records in the 100 Fly

As Serdinov celebrated Phelps charged down the pool, his back-end speed propelling him ahead of the minutes-old record Serdinov set in the first semifinal.

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Ryan Held on Broadening Sports Fan Horizons

He’s trying to maintain cardio and strength at his parents’ house now, and other than that he’s been watching 30-for-30’s on ESPN and biking more. 

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Jack McLoughlin on COVID-19 Effects in Australia

Distance ace Jack McLoughlin gave SwimSwam the report from down under about how COVID-19 has affected life in Australia.

Swimming From Home Talk Show: Caeleb Dressel Challenges Himself to Say No

Training is Dressel’s favorite part of swimming, so one thing he’s doing to challenge himself is challenging himself in numerous ways to say no.

Swimming From Home: Andreas Vazaios on Training, Quarantining in Greece

Vazaios made the tough decision to return to his home in Greece to live and train after he graduated from NC State this past December.

Swimming From Home: Bob Bowman on the Apples, Oranges, and Mangos of ASU

Bowman to explains how most of the ASU college team is broken up into apples, oranges, and mangos depending on what they’re training needs are

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