United States And China Have 7 Golds Each Through Day 7 In Doha


The United States earned its 7th gold of the meet as Claire Curzan won gold in the 200 backstroke. Curzan notably swept the backstroke events in Doha as she won the 200 backstroke tonight in a personal best time of a 2:05.77.

China also picked up its 7th gold as they won the mixed’s 4×100 free relay to close the night, finishing ahead of Australia and the US.

Four countries won their first medals of the meet tonight. France won silver in the women’s 50 fly, Egypt won bronze in the women’s 50 fly, Ukraine won gold in the men’s 50 free, and Poland won bronze in the men’s 100 butterfly.

Also notably winning gold tonight was Diogo Ribeiro of Portugal. Earlier in the meet, Ribeiro won Portugal’s first ever World Championship gold as he won the 50 fly.

Gold Silver Bronze Total
USA 7 4 6 17
China 7 2 1 10
Netherlands 3 2 0 5
Italy 2 5 2 9
South Korea 2 1 0 3
Portugal 2 0 0 2
Australia 1 9 4 14
Canada 1 1 4 6
Great Britain 1 1 3 5
Germany 1 1 3 5
Hong Kong 1 1 1 3
New Zealand 1 1 1 3
Spain 1 1 0 2
Sweden 1 0 1 2
Ireland 1 0 0 1
Japan 1 0 0 1
Ukraine 1 0 0 1
Austria 0 1 1 2
Lithuania 0 1 0 1
Denmark 0 1 0 1
Switzerland 0 1 0 1
France 0 1 0 1
Greece 0 0 1 1
Bosnia and Herzegovina 0 0 1 1
Hungary 0 0 1 1
South Africa 0 0 1 1
Egypt 0 0 1 1
NIA 0 0 1 1
Poland 0 0 1 1

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3 months ago

The most underwhelming World Championships ever and I guess we all knew this was going to happen as soon as WA announced that Doha will host this event in Feb 2024 and subsequent B C teams from the powers of Australia and the USA.
The majority of winners and times will not even medal in Paris and possibly not even final!
The only significant (Olympic Events) times swum over the past week,

McEvoys 21.1 50m Free
Pans 46.8 100m Free
Kates 2.07 200IM

The rest are only medal chances and as for the relays,dont get me started.

Anyway,enough of this ,bring on the US and Australian trials

McIntosh McKeown McKeon McEvoy
3 months ago

According to NBC medal table, Australia is #2, right?

3 months ago

The USA brought their B team, most of whom are untapered yet found a way to dominate the meet.

China has been impressive and has in my opinion become team USA’s biggest rival going into the games.

Reply to  Swimdad
3 months ago

You forgot about Australia, who also brought their B team.

Reply to  Swimdad
3 months ago

China also brought a B team. Almost every top team brought their B team, including Australia. China brought a mostly young team. Even Pan Zhanle himself, their star, is just 19. Folks like Wang Shun, Xu Jiayu, Qin Haiyang, and Zhang Yufei are not at these championships.

China will become a force in swimming, but it will be a slow process. They have some 13- and 14-year-olds swimming historical times.

Last edited 3 months ago by carlo
Reply to  carlo
3 months ago

I read on Chinese social media that their swimming pools are full at 6am with school age kids doing swimming lessons not because the kids love swimming but it has become another avenue where the parents are trying to out compete one another. I am surprised swimswam has not created a chinese language portal yet. There is a huge fortune waiting to be made in all things related to swimming in China.

Jalen T
3 months ago

Yet at the Olympics I’ll be surprised if USA even gets three Olympic golds. Wait till the mainstream media has something to say about that. Imagine the same performance as last years Worlds

3 months ago

9 silver medals for Australia hopefully can translate some into gold come Paris

3 months ago

Everyone knows that many national teams are “down” on the number of people then sent. OK.
What is there to celebrate?
Well, I’ve seen some fantastic swims on the American side: Claire Curzan – a stellar moment /
Hunter Armstrong in the relays? Wow, that guy LOVES his country and pain! PS: his backstroke success is A+!
TEAM USA flops? M. Andrew and Casas, I think.

South Side
3 months ago

You think Curzan can beat Smith and Mckewon

3 months ago

and Australia is tied for 7th…….

Reply to  Hmm
3 months ago

Given the team list we have taken this is pretty much what was expected. McEvoy aside I think its been a great meet for us in terms of building towards Paris.

Reply to  MDE
3 months ago

McEvoy aside?
He tost the final by 0.01 of second which really was a bad swim for him.
No one can ignore his 21.1 in the heats.
McEvoy remains hot favourite for Paris and nothing that has happened here has changed that.
It wouldve been nice for him to win but this meet really is a training run for both Australia C Team and USA C Team

Reply to  Hmm
3 months ago

If you’re surprised by this then you didn’t understand the entries lol

Reply to  Hmm
3 months ago

Cooper will prob win 50 back so Germany, Ukraine, Sweden, or Ireland passing them in the standings seems unlikely

3 months ago

China’s had a good run but the US is favored in both medleys so they’ll probably finish ahead.

But in terms of Paris, USA held an advantage of 8 golds in swimming disciplines in Tokyo, and now it’s not even guaranteed they’ll finish ahead of China (they probably will but perhaps only by 2-5 golds). Not good news in terms of the overall battle for the medal table.

Reply to  Tencor
3 months ago

USA is certainly favoured in more of the leftover events so seems likely they’ll take it

manoj ghimire
Reply to  Tencor
3 months ago

Alexy 50 and 100 free, Finke 800 and 1500 free, Huske 100 fly, smith 100 back,200 back 200 fly, Douglas, Huske, Curzan, Witzell 400 relay, Ledecky 800, 1500 free, Douglas 200 IM, 200 breast, Dressel 100 fly, Dressel, Armstrong, Alexy and king relay 400,murphy,fink,dressel, alexy medley relay, smith,king,hyske,douglass medley relay, Hubson,Smith,foster, Willimson 800 relay,king 100 breast, Murmhy 100 and 200 back, USA fight for 21 gold among them 13 is likely

Reply to  manoj ghimire
3 months ago

I love it when fact and jingoism coincide for glorious commentary, and maybe, the truth!

Sally T
Reply to  manoj ghimire
3 months ago

Tell me you’re American without telling me you’re American

Reply to  manoj ghimire
3 months ago

Your optimism is really admirable.

Reply to  Tencor
3 months ago

I dont thblink the Us even has an entry for the medley. They def arent favored

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