Texas Has Decisions to Make After Qualifying 26 Men For 2021 NCAAs


  • When: Wednesday, March 24 – Saturday, March 27, 2021
  • Where: Greensboro Aquatic Center / Greensboro, NC (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Defending champion: Cal (1x) – 2019 results
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Texas head coach Eddie Reese has one of those problems that pretty much every other coach in the NCAA would probably love to have. With the release of the NCAA pre-selection psych sheets, the Longhorns project to have an unprecedented 26 men qualify for the NCAA Championships later this month.

That’s a slight increase from last year, when Texas had 24 likely qualifiers, but didn’t even officially enter everyone, instead paring down the options even before the pre-selection psych sheets were released.

This year, the Texas coaching staff opted to go in a different direction, and ended up with 26 men under the cut line, plus another, Andrew Couchon, who currently ranks 11th on the alternative list.

Team rosters are capped at 18, with divers counting as 1/2. Texas generally brings at least 3, if not 4, scoring divers, so chances are that the Longhorns will only bring 16 swimmers. However, one interesting wrinkle this year is that alternates will be only called up to the meet within the first 24 hours. That seems to mean that if Texas only drops 8 men now, and waits to confirm its diving roster before dropping any other swimmers, a couple of possible alternates from other teams may miss out on their chance to swim.

Here’s a quick glance at how those 26 Longhorns rank by seed.

Name Event 1 Seed Event 2 Seed Event 3 Seed
Foster, Carson 1 4 7
Krueger, Daniel 1 10 32
Kibler, Drew 2 3 6
Pomajevich, Sam
3 18 N/A
Jiang, Alvin 5 7 11
Foster, Jake 5 10 45
Corbeau, Caspar 7 13 44
Johnston, David 7 20 22
Staka, Chris 8 15 25
Zettle, Alex 12 23 64
Vines, Braden 12 14 24
Larson, Peter 14 20 27
Katz, Austin 14 34 N/A
Sannem, Jake 15 69 84
Heasley, Ethan 15 16 30
Harder, Ethan 15 31 42
Crane, Cole 16 32 N/A
Koustik, Andrew 19 52 N/A
Park, Jason 19 29 N/A
Carrozza, Coby 21 21 34
Larson, Johnthomas
21 26 30
Van Zandt, Zac 23 40 N/A
Neri, Parker 26 33 N/A
Bowman, Luke 27 58 N/A
Scheinfeld, Charlie
31 65 N/A
Tannenberger, Matthew
32 48 N/A

On paper, the most logical cuts probably are the guys who are not seeded in the top 16 in any event, and there are nine guys in that category, which would put the Texas roster at 17. However, there’s at least a couple of wrinkles. Charlie Scheinfeld was Texas’ top breaststroker two years ago as a freshman, and his lifetime bests of 51.41/1:52.78 would easily score if he can match them this year. Additionally, Texas only has one other relay-ace breaststroker on the roster, Caspar Corbeau, and you have to wonder if Scheinfeld makes the roster partially as insurance against anything happening to Corbeau.

Another interesting case is Luke Bowman, who’s capable of going sub-42 on a free relay and earned an invite in the 100 free, in which he’s officially the 4th-fastest Longhorn this season. If Texas had a little more roster room, and if this was a normal year in which there were prelims relays, he might be earn a spot to help lighten the load on some of the Longhorns’ top swimmers, but his inclusion would definitely mean bumping out guys who are seeded to score, which seems tough to justify.

If Texas does end up with 16 swimmers, at least one Longhorn who is currently seeded in the top 16 will find himself in the very strange position of not making the NCAA roster. Ethan Harder and Cole Crane are seeded 15th and 16th in the 200 fly, respectively, but not projected to sore in any other event.

A few other notes about Texas event choices:

  • Senior Sam Pomajevich is only entered in the 100 fly and the 200 fly this year. As a freshman, Pomajevich, who’s known primarily as a flyer, surprisingly made the A-final in the 500 free, but hasn’t matched that feat again and was 0.03s of the NCAA B cut in that event this year. He also made the B-final of the 200 free that year, but has opted for the 100 fly this year.
  • Fellow senior Austin Katz is also out of the 500 free. He swam it at the 2019 NCAAs, hitting a lifetime best but failing to make finals, and then seemed hit or miss the rest of the meet. He was also entered in the 500 free last year before NCAAs were cancelled, but this year he will focus just on the 100 back and 200 back.

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1 year ago

Heasley, Harter & Crane out. JT Larson, Carrozza and Scheinfeld in.

1 year ago

Kind of incredible that Texas had this many men qualify, and they still have no trouble pulling top recruits even if they wouldn’t be able to go to an NCAAs with an invite. Reflects well on Eddie Reese, something to be said about swimmers’ admiration for him. Calm, collected, and encouraging. Screaming at your swimmers is on the way out.

Max Jauch
1 year ago

200 Corkscrew swim off in practice for the final spots. Who wants it more folks?🤨👏

Joseph Biden
1 year ago

Coby is a man who doesn’t disappoint under pressure. We’ve seen it over and over again.

1 year ago

Gonna be some sadness is Austin again. With such a nominal conference champs it seems like a letdown for a lot of people who put in a lot of time working hard.

1 year ago

So should Texas bring 2 divers or 3-4? Windle and Duperre are no brainers with multiple A finals likely. But does Harness have more scoring potential than 2 of the potentially cut swimmers? I think probably so.

Last edited 1 year ago by JeahBrah
Reply to  JeahBrah
1 year ago

If they bring 4 divers, the number is 16. So if Texas brings 3 divers is the swimmers number still 16 or does it go to 17? If it goes up to 17, I’d say bring 3 divers. I might say to bring 2 divers and get that 17th swimmer regardless.

Reply to  Rory
1 year ago

Rounds down. So 3 divers = 16 swimmers still.

Reply to  Rory
1 year ago

3 divers means they can bring 16 swimmers, 2 divers means they bring 17. I misspoke when saying ‘2 of the potentially cut swimmers’, should have said 1. I would guess Harness (plus potentially McCourt) would score more points than the 17th swimmer.

Reply to  JeahBrah
1 year ago

Yeah, I actually change my mind too. Bring four divers.

Diving points
Reply to  JeahBrah
1 year ago

Texas divers haven’t had their NCAA zone qualifier meet yet. There’s no guarantee all four divers will make it through on all three boards. So there is no way to do any sort of real analysis on the question yet.

Jiggly Puff
Reply to  Rory
1 year ago

I believe the limit is 18. With divers counting as 1/2, 3 divers would mean you could only bring 16 swimmers (17.5), so typically you want to bring an even number of divers.

1 year ago

Brutal for those not making it, though congrats for such fast times to be invited! I do not envy Texas coaching staff on this… For the sake of conversation, and helped by Swimswam’s list in this article, my take (just an initial pass over the names…ugh…):

In: Carrozza, Corbeau, Foster C, Foster J, Heasley, Jiang, Johnston, Katz, Kibler, Krueger, Larson P, Pomajevich, Sannem, Staka, Vines, Zettle

Out: Bowman, Crane, Harder, Koustik, Larson JT, Neri, Park, Scheinfeld, Tannberger, VanZandt

What do others think? Who would be swapped out from one list to the other?

Regardless of outcome, way to go to all the swimmers on this list….fine job to qualify!

Reply to  SwimminIsGood
1 year ago

Interesting you have Carrozza in ahead of a few seeded higher. What’s the thinking? He is close to scoring in multiple events

Reply to  Austinpoolboy
1 year ago

I’m pretty sure that list is in alphabetical order

Reply to  Austinpoolboy
1 year ago

Carrozza got his NCAA cut mid season, probably has more potential to drop time at NCAAs than some of those tapered for conference championships like Koustik, Harder Crane etc. He also is likely to be on the 800Fr Relay

1 year ago

I wonder what they’ll do about Gene Creemer, he could score in several events

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