Stadden’s 59.69 100 Back Mixed Medley Lead-Off Now 8th Fastest Ever For 17-18


  • Villa Deportiva Nacional – Videna, Lima, Peru
  • Tuesday, August 6th – Saturday, August 10th (pool swimming)
  • Prelims 11 AM / Finals 8:30 PM (local time/US Central Time)
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On the heels of her impressive 200m back swim yesterday while competing at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, 17-year-old Isabelle Stadden fired off a new lifetime best in the women’s 100m back today as relay lead-off.

Stadden first clocked a morning 200m back time yesterday of 2:09.15, which the Cal commit lowered to 2:08.39 for silver behind teammate Alex Walsh in the individual final. But today, Stadden led-off the mixed medley relay in a 100m back split of 59.69. That sliced .02 off of the now-17-year-old’s previous lifetime best of 59.71 logged just this past June at the Pro Swim Series in Clovis.

Today in Lima, Peru, Stadden’s sub-minute outing was composed of 29.11/30.58 to give the Aquajet swimmer her new best time and also check her in as the 8th fastest American female ever in the 17-18 age group for the 100m back.

Top American Women’s 100m Backstrokers Ever, Aged 17-18

57.57 Regan Smith MN UN 18th FINA World Championships 2019 7/28/2019 Gwangju
58.33 Missy Franklin US STAR 7/28/2012 London
59.10 Rachel Bootsma PC AQJT 2012 USA Olympic Team Trials 6/25/2012 Omaha
59.29 Katharine Berkoff MT MAC 7/4/2019 Napoli
59.37 Amy Bilquist AZ CAL 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Swimming 6/28/2016 Omaha
59.58 Claire Adams IN CSC 2015 U.S. National Champs 8/7/2015 San Antonia
59.63 Kathleen Baker NC UN 2015 World Champs 8/3/2015 Kazan
59.69 Isabelle Stadden 2019 Pan American Games 8/8/2019 Lima, Peru

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Mr Piano
3 years ago

Aquajets is inevitable.

3 years ago

Future Bear joining Former Bears on that list. I like it.

Reply to  swimmerTX
3 years ago

Maybe Claire Adams would have done better at Cal

Reply to  Twix
3 years ago

I think she would have done a lot better too

3 years ago

I think that 17-18 girls group in swimming should be eliminated. Girls at this age are mature enough physically to explain their swimming results by their body being underdeveloped. It is actually vice versa in many swimming disciplines: they have an advantage and with further age related changes with their body are losing ability to swim faster.

3 years ago

That women’s 100 back at trials is going to be sick. Might take a sub-1:00 to make finals.

Reply to  Lpman
3 years ago

Eight USA women now this year under 59.7

Reply to  Boknows34
3 years ago

Smith – 57.57
Smoliga – 58.73
Baker – 59.03
Berkoff – 59.29
Haan – 59.62
Bilquist – 59.64
Bacon – 59.66
Stadden -59.69
U.S. and World Lists
2019 Top Performers
Gender: Women
Course: LCM
100 BK Women’s
Show Details

3 years ago

I know FINA doesn’t count mixed relay lead offs for WRs, but what about USA Swimming irt rankings? Does this swim count, officially?

3 years ago

Smoliga’s personal best – 58.73

Start sweating Olivia.

Reply to  Smith-King-Dahlia-Manuel
3 years ago

She doesn’t sweat! She’s an Ice Queen!

Reply to  Smith-King-Dahlia-Manuel
3 years ago

I can’t see her making it in the 100 back, she could make the 4×100 though. For some reason lots of people on here underestimate Kathleen Baker who was just returning from injury at Worlds. There is literally only one person who has been faster than Baker in backstroke ever

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