17-Yr-Old Stadden Lands Pan Ams Lane 4 In 9th Fastest US 17-18 2Back All-Time


  • Villa Deportiva Nacional – Videna, Lima, Peru
  • Tuesday, August 6th – Saturday, August 10th (pool swimming)
  • Prelims 11 AM / Finals 8:30 PM (local time/US Central Time)
  • Official Website
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Isabelle Stadden of the United States has aged up to now be 17 years old, which means she has a whole new set of age group records to conquer. But, the Cal-commit is off to a good start, firing off a quick time of 2:09.15 to take the top seed of the women’s 200m backstroke at the 2019 Pan American Games.

While competing in this morning’s heats, the high school class of 2020 swimmer notched the only sub-2:10 time of the morning, with fellow American Alex Walsh right behind in 2:10.06.

For Stadden, the teen has been as fast as 2:08.24 in this women’s 200m back event, a time she notched last year to check- in as the 5th fastest 15-16 female performer in U.S. history.

Now at 17, this 2:09.15 effort from Lima, Peru ranks her as 9th in history among American 17-18 females, knocking Olympic medalist Kathleen Baker down to the #10 spot. Stadden’s aforementioned PB, should she come close to that or even beat it tonight, would rank 5th in the 17-18 age group all-time.

Splits for Stadden’s swim this morning include 1:02.60/1:06.55 for the 2:09.15 top seed.

Top American Women’s 17-18 200m Backstroke Performers All-Time

1 02:03.4 Regan Smith MN UN 18th FINA World Championships 2019 7/26/2019 Gwangju
2 02:04.1 Missy Franklin US STAR 2012 Olympic Games 7/28/2012 London
3 02:07.8 Elizabeth Beisel US UN 2011 World Champs 7/24/2011 Shanghai
4 02:08.1 Elizabeth Pelton PC T2 2012 USA Olympic Team Trials 6/25/2012 Omaha
5 02:08.3 Amy Bilquist AZ CAL 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Swimming 7/2/2016 Omaha
6 02:09.0 Bonnie Brandon AZ MACS 2012 USA Olympic Team Trials 6/25/2012 Omaha
7 02:09.0 Kylie Stewart GA DYNA 2013 Speedo Junior National 8/5/2013 Irvine
8 02:09.0 Alex Sumner MA SSC 2017 World JR Champs 8/25/2017 Indianapolis,IN
9 02:09.1 Isabelle Stadden 2019 Pan American Games 8/7/2019 Lima, Peru

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PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
2 years ago

After reading the headline, I assumed she had gone 2:05.xx.

2 years ago

Yeah this headline really need to be updated, lol. “9th fastest all time” really got my hopes up. 9th fastest in her age group is nothing to sneeze at, but it’s a world away from what the headline led me to think.

But in any case, great job Stadden, keep up the good work! Would love to see Minnesota doubly represented in this event next year.

2 years ago

Pretty crazy that the 2 fastest performers and the 4 fastest performances ever come from US 17-18 year-olds.
2:03.35 – Regan 2019
2:03.69 – Regan 2019
2:04.06 – Missy 2012
2:04.76 – Missy 2013

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  N P
2 years ago

why are only tenths instead of hundredths being used in the article at the end? Regan Smith’s “2:03.4” (in fact 203:35) is actually equally closer to 2:03.3.

Reply to  Coach Mike 1952
2 years ago

Yes, but you always round up 5s.

2 years ago

Good luck breaking that NAG

2 years ago

They are all small aftershocks of huge earthquake made by Regan Smith. I’m still cannot comprehend what she’s done at WC. When looking at other swimmers’ strong performances I cannot get rid of the feeling that I’m at high school meet.

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