2019 Pan American Games: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


  • Villa Deportiva Nacional – Videna, Lima, Peru
  • Tuesday, August 6th – Saturday, August 10th (pool swimming)
  • Prelims 11 AM / Finals 8:30 PM (local time/US Central Time)
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Day 3 of the Pan Ams Games is just around the corner as the USA steams ahead of Brazil and their other competitors. The prelims of the men’s and women’s 100 free, 200 breast, 100 back, and mixed 4×100 medley relay will be contested this morning.

American Annie Lazor will be aiming to complete a breaststroke sweep in Lima while comeback teammate Nathan Adrian is in a hot pursuit to claim a gold medal at the Pan Ams and claim the title honors from nearly every major international meet.

Women’s 100 Free- Prelims

  • World Record: 51.71, Sarah Sjostrom (SWE), 2017
  • Pan Ams Record: 53.83, Cantal van Landeghem (CAN), 2015
  • Defending Champion: 53.83, Cantal van Landeghem (CAN)

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Margo Geer (USA)- 54.65
  2. Alexia Zevnik (CAN)- 55.36
  3. Alyson Ackman (CAN)- 55.78
  4. Larissa Oliveira (BRA)- 56.02
  5. Lia Neal (USA)- 56.49
  6. Daynara Ferreira (BRA)- 56.65
  7. Elisabet Gomez (CUB)- 57.03
  8. Karen Torrez (BOL)- 57.19

Margo Geer of the USA crushed her heat of the women’s 100 free to sail her way to lane 4 in tonight’s final with the only sub-55 swim of the morning. Breaking 56 seconds were Canadian teammates Alexia Zevnik and Alyson Ackman, finishing just ahead of Brazilian Larissa Oliveira.

2-time American Olympian Lia Neal has also snuck into the top 8 alongside Brazilian Daynara Ferreira, Cuban record-holder Elisabet Gomez, and Bolivian record-holder Karen Torrez.

Men’s 100 Free- Prelims

  • World Record: 46.91, Cesar Cielo (BRA), 2009
  • Pan Ams Record: 47.84, Cesar Cielo (BRA), 2011
  • Defending Champion: 48.26, Federico Grabich (ARG)

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Michael Chadwick (USA)- 48.94
  2. Marcelo Chierighini (BRA)- 49.02
  3. Mikel Schreuders (ARU)- 49.08
  4. Cristian Quintero (VEN)- 49.15
  5. Breno Correia (BRA)- 49.24
  6. Nathan Adrian (USA)- 49.54
  7. Brett Fraser (CAY)- 49.68
  8. Guido Buscaglia (ARG)/Long Gutierrez (MEX)/Renzo Tjon-a-Joe (SUR)- 49.73

American Michael Chadwick narrowly leads the men’s 100 free field as the lone man to break 49 seconds. Followed closely behind him are Brazilian sprint star Marcelo Chierighini and Mikel Schreuders, who broke his own Aruban national record.

Venezuela’s Cristian Quintero and Brazilian Breno Coerreia will join American Nathan Adrian in the top 8. Brett Fraser of the Cayman Islands took seventh while a swim-off will be required for the three-way tie for eighth where only one of those men will compete in the A-final tonight.

Women’s 200 Breast- Prelims

  • World Record: 2:19.11, Rikke Pederson (DEN), 2013
  • Pan Ams Record: 2:24.38, Kierra Smith (CAN), 2015
  • Defending Champion: 2:24.38, Kierra Smith (CAN)

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Annie Lazor (USA)- 2:26.71
  2. Byanca Rodriguez (MEX)- 2:27.00
  3. Bethany Galat (USA)- 2:27.81
  4. Mary-Sophie Harvey (CAN)- 2:29.06
  5. Julia Sebastian (ARG)- 2:29.27
  6. Tessa Cieplucha (CAN)- 2:30.09
  7. Laura Morley (BAH)- 2:30.21
  8. Medina Medina Gonzalez (MEX)- 2:30.26

The entire top 8 swimmers all swam under 2:31 this morning, with the top 5 swimmers breaking the 2:30 barrier. American Annie Lazor and Mexican Byanca Rodriguez were neck-and-neck the final heat of the women’s 200 breast. Lazor, however, holds the 2nd-fastest time in the world this year and is heavily favored to sweep the breaststroke events in Lima.

American Bethany Galat sits in third behind her teammate and Rodriguez, nearly 2 seconds ahead of Canadian’s Mary-Sophie Harvey and Tessa Cieplucha and Argentine Julia Sebastian.

Men’s 200 Breast- Prelims

  • World Record: 2:06.12, Anton Chupkov (RUS), 2019
  • Pan Ams Record: 2:09.82, Thiago Simon (BRA), 2015
  • Defending Champion: 2:09.82, Thiago Simon (BRA)

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Nic Fink (USA)- 2:10.06
  2. Will Licon (USA)- 2:10.62
  3. Miguel de Lara (MEX)- 2:11.82
  4. Mauro Castillo (MEX)- 2:13.07
  5. Carlos Calverie (VEN)- 2:13.57
  6. Gabriel Morelli (ARG)/Marco Guarente (VEN)- 2:13.64
  7. James Dergousoff (CAN)- 2:13.73

American Nic Fink leads the men’s 200 breast with a season best time of 2:10.06, followed by teammate Will Licon. Mexican record-holder Miguel de Lara and teammate Mauro Castillo have also made it into the top 8 qualifiers.

Another countrymen pairing, Venezuelans Carlos Calverie and Marco Guarente, will join Argentine Gabriel Morelli and Canadian James Dergousoff into the final as well.

Women’s 100 Back- Prelims

  • World Record: 57.57, Regan Smith (USA), 2019
  • Pan Ams Record: 59.61, Etiene Mederios (BRA), 2015
  • Defending Champion: 59.61, Etiene Mederios (BRA)

Top 8 Qualifiers: 

  1. Phoebe Bacon (USA)- 59.66
  2. Danielle Hanus (CAN)- 1:00.75
  3. Ali DeLoof (USA)- 1:01.12
  4. Fernanda de Goeij (BRA)- 1:01.63
  5. Carmen Marquez (ESA)- 1:01.92
  6. Andrea Berrino (ARG)- 1:02.34
  7. Etiene Medeiros (BRA)- 1:02.85
  8. Madison Broad (CAN)- 1:02.99

16-year-old American Phoebe Bacon sizzled this morning’s swims with a season best of 59.66, ranking 14th in the world this year. Bacon was the lone sub-minute performer, touching in a second ahead of Canadian Danielle Hanus and fellow American Ali DeLoof.

Brazilian Fernanda de Goeij will be joined by 2017 sprint back world champ Etiene Medeiros alongside Canadian Madison Broad and Argentine Andrea Berrino. El Salvador’s Carmen Marquez qualified fifth with a 1:01.92, breaking the national record in the event.

Men’s 100 Back- Prelims

  • World Record: 51.85, Ryan Murphy (USA), 2016
  • Pan Ams Record: 53.20, Nick Thoman (USA), 2015
  • Defending Champion: 53.20, Nick Thoman (USA)

Top 8 Qualifiers: 

  1. Daniel Carr (USA)- 53.97
  2. Guilherme Guido (BRA)- 54.52
  3. Nick Alexander (USA)- 54.68
  4. Dylan Carter (TTO)- 54.95
  5. Javier Acevedo (CAN)- 55.51
  6. Charles Hockin (PAR)- 55.53
  7. Omar Pinzon (COL)- 55.55
  8. Jack Kirby (BAR)- 56.08

The American duo of Daniel Carr and Nick Alexander will aim for their second 1-2 finish and sweep the backstroke events tonight as they are 1st and 3rd after this morning. Carr broke 54 seconds for the first time and leads with a 53.97, half a second ahead of Brazilian Guilherme Guido and teammate Alexander.

Paraguyan Charles Hockin set a new national record this morning to qualify 6th into tonight’s final. Joining him are national record-holders Trinidadian Dylan Carter and Colombian Omar Garcia.

Mixed 4×100 Medley Relay- Prelims

  • World Record: 3:38.56, USA, 2017
  • Pan Ams Record: –
  • Defending Champion: –

Top 8 Qualifiers: 

  1. USA- 3:48.27
  2. Brazil- 3:52.42
  3. Canada- 3:54.27
  4. Colombia- 3:56.46
  5. Mexico- 4:01.65
  6. Cuba- 4:03.03
  7. Argentina- 4:03.14
  8. Venezuela- 4:03.18

The United States stormed away to the top seed by four seconds aheading into tonight’s final. Their FMMF line-up of Isabelle Stadden, Kevin Cordes, Matthew Josa, and Meaghan Raab stopped the clocked in a 3:48.27. The Brazilians utilized a MFMF line-up featuring Leonardo de Deus, Jhennifer Alves, Vini Lanza, and Manuella Lyrio.

Looking primed to contend for bronze this evening are the Canadians, who used a MMFF line-up of Javier Acevedo, James Dergousoff, Haley Black, and Kyla Leibel to qualify third.

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Ol’ Gator
1 year ago

Bacon, Miller, Shields, Geer is my favorite finals mixed medley lineup. These games haven’t been too special but I would really like to see Licon go fast.

Reply to  Ol’ Gator
1 year ago

With or without his enhaler?

Reply to  Gator
1 year ago

With of course

Reply to  Heyitsme
1 year ago

and with less or more than 10 dolphin kicks?

Reply to  Rafael
1 year ago

a few will do the job

Right Dude Here
1 year ago

Is Licon known for multiple dolphin kicks? I thought that even in that video where he goes the entire 25 underwater, he still clearly only took 1.

Reply to  Right Dude Here
1 year ago

i was joking ……

Elizabeth Licon
Reply to  Gator
1 year ago

You’re hilarious.

Maddie Deucher
Reply to  Elizabeth Licon
1 year ago

Liz I think they want the smoke

Elizabeth Licon
Reply to  Maddie Deucher
1 year ago

Trust me they don’t want this smoke

Michael Licon
Reply to  Elizabeth Licon
1 year ago

Rudy wants blood

Reply to  Gator
1 year ago

Nice Guy. . . .Admitted mistake. . . TUE totally OK but glitched out.
“Doping”? please!
IMHO you should worry about Chinese and Russians who are ‘home’ getting ‘stronger’. . . . .but you probably won’t. . .

Will Licon wanna be
Reply to  Gator
1 year ago

You’re so funny bro wow haha

Lane 8
Reply to  Ol’ Gator
1 year ago

You could also do Carr/Lazor/Stewart/Adrian. That would make a good prelims relay, I guess.

Reply to  Lane 8
1 year ago

I think there are no prelims for relays…

College swimmer
Reply to  Lane 8
1 year ago

Actually I haven’t done the numbers but this seems like the stronger relay, especially since we get the men leadoff

PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
Reply to  College swimmer
1 year ago

Bacon 59.6 Miller 59.6 Shields 51.5 Geer 53.0 (using relay splits for Geer and Adrian to account for their best swims)
Carr 53.9 Lazor 1:06.7 Stewart 58.4 Adrian 47.6

First relay is 3:43.7, second is 3:46.6.

Ol’ Gator
Reply to  College swimmer
1 year ago

Carr 53.97, lazor 1:06.79, Stewart 58.49, Adrian 47.56=3:46.81
Bacon 59.66, Miller 59.57, Shields 51.59, Geer 53.09=3:43.91

This is using the backstrokers prelim times, breastrokers and flyers times in their earlier races, and freestylers best splits of their earlier relays. But yeah these relays aren’t even close

Reply to  Ol’ Gator
1 year ago

With or without the Piano?

Reply to  Wondering
1 year ago

Mr Piano also needs to rest from time to time …..

1 year ago

US will go Stadden Cordes Josa Raab
Brazil De Deus Jhenifer Lanza Lyrio
Canada only has 2 guys Acevedo and Dergosouff so.. only change will be the girls

1 year ago


The pace of this meet will be the death of me. I NEED SOME 100 FREE RESULTS GOSH DARNIT.

Reply to  Roch
1 year ago

Nathan cut it close but made finals. Takes a lot of guts to take it easy in a 100

Reply to  Wahooswimfan
1 year ago

yeah a 49.5 is very slow …..and gutsy , even here .

Reply to  Wahooswimfan
1 year ago

I will console myself with the idea that it was intentional, and we’ll see a 47-high tonight.

Reply to  Roch
1 year ago

of course it was …no doubt about it

Small bird
Reply to  Roch
1 year ago

I’m gonna be the hater here and say that, with the energy level at this meet, I would be surprised to see more than 1 person sub 48. Not sure Nathan will get under. Thinking him and Chierighini will be right around 48 flat

Reply to  Small bird
1 year ago

I was betting on Adrian not hitting sub-48 but getting on national team with a 21 point on 50 free and making a tie for 6th place on US national team

Reply to  Rafael
1 year ago

This is reasonable. I just really want him to make the cut.

Reply to  Rafael
1 year ago

Bobby Hurley loves ties

Reply to  Small bird
1 year ago

48.3 wins it, you heard it here first

Reply to  Roch
1 year ago

After 47.mid-high on the two relays so far, safe to say that 49.5 was stupidly easy for Nathan.

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