Richards, Dean, and Kibler Headline Men’s 4×200 FR Relay Prelims (Full Lineups)


The lineups for the preliminary heats of the men’s 4×200 free relay at the 2023 World Championships have been released.

Team USA will be represented by the team of Drew Kibler, Baylor Nelson, Henry McFadden, and Jake Mitchell. The four swimmers represent the 3rd through 6th place finishers in the 200 freestyle from US Nationals. The fastest swimmer in this morning’s heats will likely be joined by Kieran Smith, Luke Hobson, and Carson Foster in the final. Hobson and Smith finished 1st and 2nd at Nationals in the 200 freestyle, respectively. Foster, meanwhile, posted the fastest time in the prelims of the 200 freestyle at Nationals (1:45.67), before scratching out of the final. Given the fact that he has already completed his individual event schedule, Foster should be well-rested for the finals relay tonight. 

The US men will go head-to-head with Great Britain in heat 2. The two countries are the favorites to challenge for the gold medal in finals. Great Britain appears to be going “all-in” in prelims with the line-up of Joe Litchfield, Duncan Scott, Tom Dean, and Matthew Richards entered. Richards and Dean won the gold and silver medals in the 200 freestyle earlier in the meet, becoming the first duo from Great Britain to ever go 1-2 in the event. In addition to winning the 200 freestyle, Richards finished 5th in the 200 freestyle during yesterday’s session, setting a new British Swimming Record in the process with his time of 47.45. 

It is possible that Great Britain may sub-in James Guy for the final as he posted a 1:45.85 to finish 3rd at the British Championships. However, Guy will likely have to balance a double with the men’s 100 fly semi-final tonight, so that could be a gametime decision. 

Like the US, the Aussies are likely resting some of their top swimmers for the final. They will swim the line-up of Flynn Southam, Elijah Winnington, Kai Taylor, and Thomas Neill. Taylor won the Australian national title in a time of 1:46.25 this year, while Neill and Winnington also placed in the top 4. However, Taylor missed the semis of the 200 free individually, while Alexander Graham, the 2nd place finisher from nationals, managed to finish 13th in the event. There is also a chance that the Aussies throw 100 freestyle champion Kyle Chalmers onto the finals relay as well as he split 1:45.35 at the Tokyo Olympic Games. 

China has entered the team of Ji Xinjie, Hong Jinquan, Zhang Ziyang, and Wang Haoyu, most likely resting stars Pan Zhanle and Wang Shun for finals. South Korea is putting their best foot forward, entering their top team of Hwang Sunwoo, Kim Woomin, Lee Ho-Joon, and Yang Jaehoon

Full Lineups

Heat One: 

  • Vietnam (Do, H. Nguyen, Mai, Q. Nguyen)
  • China (Xinjie, Jinquan, Ziyang, Haoyu)
  • Italy (de Tullio, Ciampi, Megli, di Cola)
  • Australia (Southam, Winnington, Taylor, Neill)
  • Brazil (Melo, Scheffer, Setin, Costa)
  • France (Salvan, Yebba, Fuchs, Tesic)
  • Canada (Gaziev, Hussey, Knox, Acevedo)
  • Spain (Castro, Dominguez, de Celis Montalban, Quijada Roldan)

Heat Two:

  • Thailand (Kaewsriyong, Kanteemool, Thammananthachote, Wongcharoen)
  • Germany (Martens, Miroslaw, Slachow, Sorgius)
  • Switzerland (Djakovic, Mityukov, Ponti, Liess)
  • Hungary (Nemeth, Marton, Hollo, Rasovszky)
  • USA (Kibler, Nelson, McFadden, Mitchell)
  • Great Britain (Litchfield, Scott, Dean, Richards)
  • South Korea (Hwang, Kim, Yang, Lee)
  • Israel (Loktev, Frankel, Namir, Cohen Groumi)
  • Japan (Mano, Matsumoto, Tanaka, Yoshida)

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4 months ago

Something wrong with Jack McMillan?

4 months ago

Marchands split will be exciting

Bobo Gigi
Reply to  Sqimgod
4 months ago

France will be on lane 2 so not next to USA and GB. It’s an opportunity for Léon if he leads off the relay to go out crazy fast and swim his own race far from the GB/USA war. Maybe I’m too optimistic because he starts to be a little bit tired but something close to 1.44 mid looks plausible to me.

Reply to  Bobo Gigi
4 months ago

I think the free leg in his 2IM would be quicker if he were capable of a 1:44.

M d e
Reply to  Troyy
4 months ago

People getting crazy about Marchand at this point.

No he couldn’t easily break the 2br WR without trying.

No he wouldn’t be the 200 free world champ if he felt like it.

4 months ago

US is so bad at mid D free

4 months ago

I’m honestly amazed how little Kyle chalmers swims the 200. With the way he swims the 100 I feel like it would be such a natural second event for him

Reply to  Smglsn12
4 months ago

Respectfully disagree. Chalmer’s patented back half in the 100 simply wouldn’t work in the 200 (even just during the last 50) because his kick is too intense to sustain for a 200

Reply to  Smglsn12
4 months ago

He does swim it a bit but it’s hard with his schedule. He’s expected to split 46 mid on 3 relays plus the 200 relay. Adding an extra 3×200 free to that is taxing and he’s not likely in medal contention so he’s better off leaving it

Bobo Gigi
Reply to  Smglsn12
4 months ago

If he swims 3 rounds of 200 free then he doesn’t win the 100 free.
Why ruining his best gold medal chances in individual? It would be a nonsense.

4 months ago

Chance china might not final

Reply to  Rafael
4 months ago

Who downvoted? I was right

4 months ago

Swimmers’ dreams soar high,
Richards, Dean, Kibler unite,
4×200 heats.

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