QUIZ: Can You Name The Top 3 Swimmers of 2020 In Each Long Course Event?

It was a weird, pandemic-affected swimming season – but can you name the swimmers with the top 3 times in each long course event for 2020?

A few notes on this quiz:

  • Times include all official swims in the calendar year 2020 – that means from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020.
  • Last names only will be accepted, along with first and last names.
  • If two swimmers are tied for a spot, either name should get you credit.
  • Answers are based on the official FINA world rankings, so any time missing from that database wouldn’t appear on this quiz.
  • Long course meters (LCM) only

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8 months ago

94/102. Just the fact that some swims today just barely snuck in before 2020 was over…

8 months ago


I can’t believe I didn’t get Ippei Watanabe. His namesake, Kanako Watanabe, buggered me up on the female World Champions list too. Damn.

Reply to  Dee
8 months ago

Impressive …
I never would have guessed Hannis and de Waard, also can’t believe that you were able to spell Kirpichnikova without looking it up.

Lil Swimmy
8 months ago

*forgets Katinka Hosszu*

8 months ago

In our debate about female swimmer of the year, we need to add Zhang Yufei – 1st in 2 events and 3rd in 2 events. She’s right up there with the other big names, probably right behind Ledecky and McKeown.

Last edited 8 months ago by SAMUEL HUNTINGTON
8 months ago

87/102 – i really need to improve my knowledge of Chinese swimmers’ names. Would have gotten at least two more if I’d type “Sun” instead of “Yang”…

Also — SO to these quizzes for helping me learn how to spell “Hosszu”

8 months ago

Hmm so 61/102… faaaaailed

8 months ago

Are the times right in the women’s 400FS? Didn’t Ariarn Titmus go 4.01?

Fraser Thorpe
8 months ago

Slightly off topic, and a well beaten horse, but amazing to see Mary T’s 200 fly from ‘81 would’ve finished second on this list. Janet’s records would be 2nd (400) 1st (800, by 1/100!) and 3rd (1500). Thorpe’s 200 and 400 from nearly 20 years ago top both lists.

Obviously a lot of extenuating circumstances – and I’ve probably missed a few other historic swims that would also have placed, but shows just HOW far ahead of their time these swims were.

For comparison it could mean Ledecky’s 800 will be a competitive time in 2060 – which just seems equal parts highly plausible and totally insane.

Reply to  Fraser Thorpe
8 months ago

Thorpe’s 800FS from 2001 would also be No. 1.

Fraser Thorpe
8 months ago

Wow. Yeah missed that one. That’s impressive.

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