QUIZ: Can You Name All Short Course World Record-Holders?

Can you name every short course meters world record-holder in swimming?

Short course meters is often the forgotten course – not included in the Olympics or in the NCAA. But the International Swimming League is providing a high-profile medium for short course meters swims, and that makes it a timely subject for our latest SwimSwam swimming quiz.

Some notes:

  • Entering the last name only is enough to get credit – and it gets you out of having to spell first names!
  • In cases of ties, either record-holder should get you credit.
  • These are in short course meters, as of October 23, 2020.
  • We’ve tried to account for a few spelling variations, but you’ll mostly have to spell names correctly.

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You can find more fun & games in our new Swimming Fun & Games channel by following this link, though we’re not liable for the work you don’t get done today.

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2 years ago

36/36 🙂

2 years ago

According to MSU SCY isn’t regulation size

2 years ago

Funny, in desperation I typed Phelps and Ledecky… and they of course came up blank!

Swimmer A
2 years ago

Holy hell I’m bad at spelling. I actually knew almost all of these too lol.

Casas 100 back gold in Tokyo
2 years ago

35/36 know all the answers but can’t spell Leveaux.

Swim fan
2 years ago

We need more of these

Swim fan
2 years ago

33/36… how could I forget vdb. Don’t follow SCm that much. Didn’t know who Sarah Köhler was

2 years ago

everything except Kohler (just no idea), Soni (my brain is not good pre 2010 or so), and Prigoda (typed just about every major breaststroker but him…)

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