QUIZ: Can You Name Each Member of the 2016 U.S. Olympic Swim Team?

Can you name each member of the 2016 U.S. Olympic swim team?

Our latest quiz takes the difficulty up a notch – not only do you have to name each member of the Rio Olympic swimming roster for Team USA, you have to enter each athlete in each event with their correct U.S. Olympic Trials finish. That means unlike our previous quizzes (in which you can enter answers in any order and have them fill into the quiz), you have to come up with the correct answer for the very specific blank you’re trying to fill in the quiz.

You can use the “previous” and “next” buttons or click on a different blank to skip to a different question.

A few notes:

  • Last names are accepted answers
  • We’ve tried to account for the most common misspellings, but you’ll have to be in the ballpark on the names
  • The quiz includes relay-only swimmers and individual qualifiers to cover every event in the pool – but not open water swimming.
  • Keep track of the third column, which lists the swimmer’s finishing place at U.S. Olympic Trials. If your guess doesn’t work for the first-place finisher, try it in the second-place finisher’s spot instead.

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Rachel Wander
2 years ago

I did good on everything but the relays. Also I would like to state for the record that I knew Wilimovsky but that apparently its impossible to spell. I’m pretty proud that I got all the individuals although I forgot some of the orders

Reply to  Rachel Wander
2 years ago

At least now I know it’s Wili rather than Wilmovsky

2 years ago

Any of you see their face, know their college, know their medal, time in the race, their club coach and completely blank on their name?!

Reply to  2Fat4Speed
2 years ago

Jay Litherland. Why couldn’t I come up with that! I could picture everything else!

2 years ago

54/68, 79%, did reeeeally bad on the relays.

2 years ago

Tip: you dont need first names. makes the quiz so much easier

2 years ago

36/68 :/ all because of they ask who got what place

Last edited 2 years ago by swimfan210_
2 years ago

worrell in parentheses -.-

2 years ago

I’m questioning my entire existence right now. I can’t believe I forgot Maya DiRado. It was such an iconic moment seeing her beat the Iron Lady and I forgot it!

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