Peter Kropp Shatters ACC Record During 100 Breast Prelims


In the 100 breast prelims at the 2017 Men’s ACC Championships this morning, Duke‘s Peter Kropp smashed the ACC meet and all-time record with a 51.46 to take the top time in prelims. That’s Kropp’s very first time under the 52-second mark, and the senior sailed well under that barrier. He took down Thomas Dahlia‘s all-time ACC record of 51.83 along with Brandon Fiala‘s meet record of 51.86– Dahlia set the ACC record at the 2015 NCAA Champs, and Fiala set the meet record at last year’s ACC Champs.


Brandon Fiala, 2016

  • 24.19 – 27.67 (51.86)

Thomas Dahlia, 2015

  • 24.62 – 27.21 (51.83)

Brandon Fiala, 2017

  • 24.29 – 27.21 (51.50)

Peter Kropp, 2017

  • 23.70 – 27.76 (51.46)

Kropp, who’s known to be a pure sprint breaststroker, definitely took this out fast and was able to hold on. Fiala, meanwhile, had broken the ACC and meet records first, swimming a heat before Kropp in prelims– Kropp dove in seconds later and one-upped Fiala by just four hundredths. Fiala was actually faster on the medley relay on Monday night, splitting a 23.02 on Virginia Tech’s relay compared to Kropp’s 23.32.

The two should put on a great race tonight for the ACC crown. Whomever wins this one, should they beat their best times from this morning, will also take the conference and meet records. As of now, they have moved up to 7th and 8th on the top all-time U.S. performers list, and 10th and 11th on the top all-time performers list.

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Kropp Duster

Peter Kropp once ate 12 burritos at freebirds and fought Chuck Norris and is an expert fighter pilot


Brandon Fiala once at 12 burritos while beating Chuck Norris all while riding the wing of a fighter jet at mach speed.

dude 2.0

no one beats chuck

bobo gigi

Not too hard to beat his IQ.


I think there is an obvious explanation for why Kropp beat Fiala in the 100 and not the medley. Without a doubt everyone is taking extra dolphin kicks off the start on the medley relay while it is more rare and risky on the 100. Not to mention that many are taking extra dolphins off of the walls. Need proof? Go watch Cody Miller double dolphin off the 50 wall in Rio.(slow it down to half speed on youtube) its pretty obvious. Would love to get some high quality video of these conference meets. With only two refs on the turn end standing in lanes 3 and 6 its inevitable that these kicks go unnoticed. Props on the record but… Read more »

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