North Texas LMSC To Host Panel Discussion On “Best Practices” For Masters Swimmers

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July 05th, 2022 Lifestyle, Masters, News

Courtesy: North Texas LMSC

Not all of us can be a Katie Ledecky or Michael Phelps. Not all of us can be USMS champions Laura Warren, James Fike or David Guthrie. Not all of us have their skill set, drive and determination – BUT – just think how we could improve by having insight into how and why they are so successful. We cannot emulate everything, but we can discover a few of THEIR training and lifestyle habits and routines that can become a part of our lifelong journey in masters swimming.

What: A panel discussion/ Q&A moderated by Lynn Morrison, regarding “best practices” from three long standing, world ranked Masters swimmers, Laura Warren, James Fike, and David Guthrie. Available only to USMS registered swimmers.

When: Saturday July 9, 10:00-11:45 (check in at 9:45)

Where: Willow Creek room, Dallas/Plano Marriott at Legacy Town Center
7121 Bishop Road, Plano, TX 75024

Cost: $15 pre-registration with Club Assistant, $25 at the door. Limited to the first 50 people to register. All attendees will receive your choice of a latex or silicone NT Masters logo swim cap


Facebook LIVE: For those not able to attend in person, we will be livestreaming on our Facebook Group page, North Texas Masters Swimming (LMSC). Please join group to receive an invitation to the Livestream. We will not be able to respond to questions or comments posted during the presentation.

Format: Laura, James and David will each provide their beliefs, habits and tips on the following. Registrants may also email their questions to [email protected] by July 4, plus we hope to have time at end for additional follow-up questions.

a. Pool training i.e. drills, sets, seasonal planning (note: this is NOT a stroke clinic)

  • How do you plan out your training for the course of a year?
  • How do you plan out your training for the week, i.e. days in pool vs dry land?
  • What are sample pool sets you do?

b. Dry land/stretching/injury prevention/injury recovery

  • Provide examples of a dry land day
  • Do you foam roll, massage, or massage gun?
  • Have you had any injuries and how did you recover?
  • What are the best ways to avoid shoulder pain/injury?
  • Do you get massages on a regular basis?

c. Lifestyle – i.e. eating, drinking, sleeping habits

  • What are your best practices in these areas?
  • Do you drink any thing besides water during a workout?
  • Do you have an after workout drink?

d. Swim meet routine i.e. warm up/down, eating, how to ease sore muscles

  • Walk through what you do the morning of a swim meet?
  • What kind of meet warmup do you do?
  • Any kind of “muscle activation” or stretching you do before getting into the pool?
  • What kind of warm down after races?
  • What and when do you eat and drink?
  • How do you decrease soreness in multi-day swim meets?



James Fike – Swam at UT 1999-2003, founder of the Fort Worth Swim School and owner of Fike Swim. James has been featured five times in the last few years in (a leading online provider of worldwide competitive swimming results and information), the most recent being March 22, 2022. James is “self-coached” and his “Less is More” series of articles chronicle his training both in and out of the pool (dryland, weights and diet) resulting in lifetime best times at the ages of 38, 39 and 40. James primarily trains for USA meets, but his occasional entries in masters meets have netted him several USMS National Records.

David Guthrie – In 2014, as a USMS athlete, he was inducted into the Masters International Swimming Hall of Fame (MISHO). At that time he was swimming faster than he swam in college, which in part he attributed to exploring new training ideas in dry-land, massage and a focus on nutrition.  David is a regular contributor to SWIM magazine in addition to being featured in many articles.  Along with multiple World and National records, he has also earned several USMS All-American and All-Star Honors.

Laura Warren– a self coached swimmer who for over a decade has been the first or second ranked sprinter in EACH of the four strokes. Her kinesiology degree from UT, multiple certifications, and various pursuits took her into positions as head swim coach, physical education teacher, master personal trainer, and business owner of Warren Athletics. Laura has earned several World and National records along with multiple USMS All-American and All-Star Honors during her masters swim career.

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