Michael Andrew Says He Doesn’t Regret Turning Pro


Michael Andrew raced in two finals on Thursday, the 2nd day of the FINA World Junior Championships. He took a bronze medal in his first event, the 100 breaststroke, but then in the 200 IM to end the session he finished 8th in a 2:07.27 – more than 8 seconds slower than his World Junior Record from March of this year.

In spite of the up-and-down year he’s had since finishing 4th at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials and becoming the youngest American under 1 minute in the 100 meter breaststroke, Andrew says that he doesn’t regret turning pro and skipping college. With the World Junior Championships being his last big junior-aged international racing opportunity, and at 18 years old, he’s the age where most of his peers in the United States are preparing for their first semester of college.

In the below interview, Andrew describes his USRPT training, talks about the decision to turn pro, and discusses his open relationship with God.


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Open relationship with God means he can consult other gods as both parties agreed?

Swimcoach Ed

why are you mocking him for his beliefs? Again, that’s not what he said.


I think it’s mocking SwimSwam’s phrasing of MA’s statement, since MA did not say that.


Maybe, he has read Josephus, Tacitus, and Suetonius, non testament writers that also mention some of the figures in the new testament. Faith is faith but much of the New Testament figures are mention in secular sources and some inscriptions found. The old Testament is sometimes harder to tied to history but some of it was confirmed too.

A non-e mouse

“Open relationship with God” makes it sound like they are dating but okay with seeing other people too

Swimcoach Ed

I missed where he said “open relationship with God.” I did hear him say he could “speak openly” about his relationship with God.

Steve Nolan

The smash cut from saying literally “science has proved that” to “Jesus has given me eternal life” was a pretty good troll job by FINA imo.

Coach T

Michael is a very bright young man and he knows a great deal about the science behind swimming, especially for his age. His religious beliefs don’t automatically undermine his knowledge of the sport.

Steve Nolan

Oh, absolutely. I just thought it was kinda funny putting those two things back-to-back.

(Mostly b/c I tried to think of those two things, but reversed. “I have hella faith that my regimen of only doing calf raises is gonna set me up to really crush the 200 fly. And also there is no empirical proof of God #militantathiesm.)


How do you propose the universe came into being?

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