Young American Swimming Stars Compete For More Than Themselves


The United States won the FINA Team Trophy at the 2017 World Junior Swimming Championships, with the stars n’ stripes earning a monster 1031 points overall. That set the U.S. apart from its next-closest competitor, Russia, by 404 points. Breakout stars such as backstroking phenom Regan Smith and FINA’s Male Swimmer of the Meet, Michael Andrew, helped the U.S. on its way to a haul of 32 total medals, with 12 of them gold.

Hear from the talented young squad in the video below, courtesy of USA Swimming. Daniel Roy, Carson Foster, Andrew Abruzzo and others speak to how Team USA is about more than just ‘swimming for yourself’ and how the team fed off each other’s performances throughout the week.

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Thanks! I really enjoyed that video. How could anybody NOT want their kids to be swimmers when they see such healthy, positive, mentally and physically strong athletes like these young people representing the USA? I guess I’m biased…

As a side note, Michael Andrew learned the importance of swimming down after his races at this meet? Yikes! I’m a little annoyed that no coach has taken Mr. Andrew and Michael aside and stressed this somewhere along the way, but you’d think he would have picked that up by himself from watching everybody else.


lol exactly what i thought thats kinda ridiculous that he got so far in his swimming carrer without knowing something so essential




He is still learning the sprinter lifestyle. Once he embraces it he will be unbeatable.


May I ask why my comment wasn’t allowed on SwimSwam?

Danjohnrob – there are any number of reasons that can kick a specific comment to moderation. If I were to spend time investigating why each specific comment was sent there (some of the reasons we can control, some we can’t), it would take up most of my day. Rest assured, though, that with patience, all comments that are in line with our commenting guidelines will eventually appear.


Braden, Thanks for your reply, but I certainly didn’t expect a response from YOU! I’m sorry to bother you when I know you have much more important things to concentrate on, and I hope you and the rest of the SwimSwam staff who live in TX are doing OK. I was just annoyed because I didn’t feel there was anything wrong with my comment and I was under the impression that participating in the comment section here is encouraged and actually supports the site in terms of advertisements. Frankly, I see a LOT of negativity thrown around here, even negativity aimed at very young athletes, which has inhibited me from participating a great deal in the past, so I’m glad… Read more »

Harry Dresden

In my experience there are a handful of trigger words that will cause a comment to be moderated. I can’t give you an exhaustive list but as long as you use terminology that is not directly inflammatory you should be okay.

expert coach

USRPT is a trigger word in my experience. So is MA.

crooked donald

Apparently, “banging his model wife” is acceptable for SwimSwam, right Harry?

Harry Dresden

Apparently so, Donald. Masterful grasp of the obvious there


use of our current presidents name will get u moderated. haha. I dont see that much negativity on here but some of the college comments on here get a little salty sometimes. Actually the most negative comments are on the para-swimming where everyone accuses everyone else of cheating. Dont ask me how I know that.

Harry Dresden

How do you know that?

Harry Dresden

But in all seriousness I have no idea what they are I just posted what I consider to be a completely innocuous comment on a different story and it’s awaiting moderation. Could not for the life of me tell you why.


Actually i know the reason why the comment got moderated. You most likely misspelled your email address and they think you are a new poster. I’ve done this before. I saw the typo and hit enter anyway and the comment got moderated.

Here’s the commenting policies. They’re not overly specific, but should give you guidelines.

As was pointed out, sometimes comments are caught accidentally as “ham.” It’s sort of a risk that comes with using programs to help aide in the control process. It just alerts us to comments that may be a risk.

As I said, in most cases these are just alerts, and so long as they’re during daytime hours, we’ll review and get them up quickly.


Thanks, Braden. I agree that policy is general and hopefully obvious to the people writing here. I wanted to know more about the things that bump a comment to moderation, but I guess that’s not possible. I hope that you were not too severely affected by Hurricane Harvey!

expert coach

Regan Smith even sounds like Missy Franklin from 2012 interviews. Both such well spoken and likable gals.

Harry Dresden

Hopefully Regan’s back holds up…

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