McKenna And Marsteiner Among Limited Scratches For Day 5 Of NCSAs




Heading into the final day of racing at the 2021 NCSA Spring Invite, there are no notable scratches to report for the 50 butterfly, 200 IM, or 50 freestyle as all top 24 seeds in both the women’s and men’s events appear in the heat sheets for prelims.

There are, however, two scratches to report in the distance events as Mary McKenna has scratched the women’s 1650 freestyle and Matthew Marsteiner has scratched the men’s 1000 freestyle. McKenna was originally entered as second seed in the 1650 with a 16:20.86 to Claire Dafoe’s 16:20.41. That will allow Lucy Malys to move up to second with her 16:29.11.

Marsteiner on the other hand would have gone in 9th with a 9:22.73.

Letitia Sim will be swimming both the 50 butterfly and 200 IM as top seed in the former and third in the latter. As seeding for the stroke 50s was done based on stroke 100 times. Sim’s 52.76 gave her the top 50 seed, while she’s entered with a 1:57.72 in the 200 IM. That puts her behind Grace Sheble‘s (1:57.00) and Zoe Dixon‘s 1:57.22.

On the men’s side, Mateo Miceli is the top 50 fly seed with a 47.01 100 time, followed by Tiago Pereira‘s 47.22 and William Hayon‘s 47.28. In the 200 IM, Nathaniel Germonprez has a 1:45.41 for top seed and Luke Barr is not too far off with a 1:45.60. Joshua Zuchowski‘s 1:46.66 is third seed.

As for the 50 freestyle, Alexis Mulvihill‘s 22.22 and Luke Barr‘s 19.83 have earned them their respective top seeds for women and men in the event.

Racing begins tomorrow morning at 8 AM Eastern for the women and 12 noon Eastern for the men.

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