Nova of Virginia and INspire Swim Team Win NCSA National Titles


Nova of Virginia Aquatics and iNspire Swim Team captured the team titles at the 2021 NCSA Spring Invite over the weekend.

Nova won both the women’s team title and the overall team title after the dust settled on the Championship, while Inspire captured the men’s team title. Elmbrook finished 2nd overall in the team title race, with 1317 of their 1509 total points coming from their women.

Notably, this year’s meet was significantly smaller than in years past, with several teams opting out of the meet.

Final Scores- Women

  1. Nova of Virginia Aquatics 1494

  2. Elmbrook Swim Club 1317

  3. Oly Swimming 633

  4. Rockville Montgomery Swim Club 615

  5. TNT Swimming 613

Final Scores- Men

  1. iNspire Swim Team 791

  2. Oly Swimming 621.5

  3. Rockville Montgomery Swim Club 608

  4. Mid Wisconsin Wave Makers 597.5

  5. Cor Swimming 590

Final Scores- Overall

  1. Nova of Virginia 1972

  2. Elmbrook Swim Club 1509

  3. Oly Swimming 1254.5

  4. Rockville Montgomery Swim Club 1223

  5. Academy Bullets Swim Club 909.5

15-year-old Campbell Stoll from Elmbrook Swim Club and 17-year-old Luke Barr from Inspire were named the men’s and women’s high point award winners.

High Point – Women

  1. Campbell Stoll 251

  2. Letitia Sim 244

  3. Zoe Skirboll 230

  4. Josephine Fuller 219

  5. Grace Sheble 203

  6. Zoe Dixon 171

  7. Lucy Malys 162

  8. Levenia Sim 158

  9. Lucy Thomas 157

  10. Abigail Wanezek 155

High Point – Men

  1. Luke Barr 216.50

  2. William Hayon 184

  3. Nathaniel Germonprez 158.50

  4. Giovanni Linscheer 147.50

  5. Joshua Zuchowski 145

  6. Michael Cooper 141

  7. Trey Dickey 136.50

  8. Mateo Miceli 135

  9. Mason Mathias 134

  10. Daniel Worth 129

Stoll scored a total of 251 points across 10 different events, showcasing her versatility. Notably, Stoll scored almost all of her points from runner-up finishes, topping the podium in the 50 fly as well.

Barr, who is committed to swim for Indiana, scored a total of 216.50 points. Like Stoll, Barr scored points in every stroke. Although he never topped the podium individually, he finished in the top 4 in every race he entered.


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Rick Paine
3 years ago

Congratulations coaches and swimmers. It is pretty special to be able to help 3 of the guys with college recruiting: Luke Barr (Indiana), Mateo Miceli (Alabama) and Colin Davis (undecided).I coached one of the coaches, JB Barr at Nebraska Aquatics where we won a Junior National title in the late 80’s

3 years ago

Is Daniel Worth no long with Empire Kc?

3 years ago

Long Island Aquatic Club was in the meet… been there every year since the beginning

CAA Swammer
3 years ago

It was the first time either team won a title at the meet…

This isn’t quite true. NOVA of Virginia has a long history at the Spring NCSA meet: the Men won most recently in 2016, the Women previously won in 2012, and they took the Combined title back in 2010.

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