2021 NCSA Swimming Championships – Day 5 Live Recap


The final session of the NCSA Championships will consist of the 50 butterfly, 200 IM, and 50 freestyle, with the top heats of the 400 medley relay and 1650 freestyle also competing. 

Letitia Sim posted the top time in the women’s 50 fly this morning with a 24.41, while Tiago Pereira led the men’s event with a 21.82. The top 4 seeds in the men’s 50 fly are all seeded within .1 of each other going into the final session. 

Nathaniel Germonprez and Grace Sheble lead the 200 IM for their genders, with times of 1:46.12 and 1:57.90, respectively. 

Like the men’s 50 fly, the women’s 50 freestyle is also extremely tight, with the top 5 seeds all separated by .12, led by Lucy Thomas. Luke Barr is the top seed in the men’s 50 freestyle and is looking to break the :20 second barrier tonight after a time of 20.08 this morning. 

Women’s 1650 Free

Top 3: 

  1. Lucy Malys – 16:09.22
  2. Claire Dafoe – 16:15.53
  3. Sanna Peterson – 16:26.95

Oly Swimming’s Lucy Malys went out strong, building a body length lead over NOVA’s Claire Dafoe by the 500 yard mark. Although Dafoe began to make a push for first place, Malys never relinquished her lead, finishing in a time of 16:09.22 to drop almost 20 seconds off of her best time. 

Dafoe ended up finishing in second with a time of 16:15.53, chopping 5 seconds off of her personal best, with her teammate Sanna Peterson finishing 3rd in a time of 16:26.95, cutting 6 seconds. 

15-year-old Madison Smith set the top time out of the morning heats with a personal best of 16:53.43, chopping almost 15 seconds off of her best time. Her time held up for 6th overall following the final heat. 

Men’s 1650 Free 

Top 3: 

  1.  Trey Dickey – 8:59.72
  2.  Levi Sandidge – 8:59.87
  3.  Juancarlos Castrillon – 9:12.44

Teammates Trey Dickey and Levi Sandidge from Cor Swimming were dead even for a majority of the race, flipping simultaneously through the 800 mark. Sandidge began to pull ahead after that point, building a half body length lead over Dickey by the 950 yard mark. However, Dickey caught up with Sandidge over the course of the final 50, with both swimmers splitting sub-24 seconds. Ultimately, Dickey snuck past Sandidge on the finish, coming into the wall .15 ahead of him with a time of 8:59.72, to Sandidge’s 8:58.87. Both swimmers dropped significantly from their best times, with Sandidge chopping 8 seconds and Dickey cutting 10 seconds. 

Sandidge’s time ranks him 19th all-time in the 15-16 age group in the event, while Dickey’s time moves him up to 56th all-time in the 17-18 age group. 

The race for third was just as close, with Long Island Aquatic Club’s Juancarlos Castrillon out touching Cor’s Giovanni Linscheer 9:12.44 to 9:12.83. 

15-year-old Like Corey swam a personal best to take top spot out of the early heats. Entered with a mile time, Corey ended up with a time of 9:19.75, finishing 6 seconds ahead of his closest competitor. Corey’s time ended up placing him 6th overall after the final heat was completed. 


Women’s 50 Fly 

Top 3: 

  1. Campbell Stoll – 23.76
  2. Levenia Sim – 23.98
  3. Letitia Sim – 24.02 

15-year-old Campbell Stoll from EBSC slashed over a half second off of her time from prelims to claim the top spot in the 50 butterfly, finishing in a time of 23.98. 

Sisters Levenia and Letitia Sim from TNT Swimming finished 2nd and 3rd, with only .04 separating them. Levenia chopped almost a second off of her time from prelims, significantly improving upon her 6th place seed from the morning. 

Men’s 50 Fly 

  1.   Tiago Pereira – 21.43
  2.  William Hayon – 21.48
  3. Daniel Worth – 21.71

In a close finish Tiago Pereira out touched William Hayon by .05, with times of 21.43 and 21.48, respectively. Both swimmers dropped about .4 off of their seed times from prelims.

In the battle for 3rd, Daniel Worth touched ahead of Luke Barr and Samuel Bork to get on the podium with a time of 21.71. Barr and Bork tied for 4th place with a time of 21.77, .06 behind Worth. 

Women’s 200 IM

Top 3: 

  1. Grace Sheble – 1:56.99 *Meet Record*
  2. Letitia Sim – 1:57.43
  3. Zoe Dixon – 1:57.90

Sitting in 6th place going into the breaststroke leg, NOVA’s Grace Sheble turned on the jets during the last 100 of the race, splitting 33.04 on the breaststroke leg and 27.27 on the freestyle leg. Ultimately, Sheble ran down the field and touched 1st overall in a time of 1:56.99, taking .01 off of her own meet record. 

After placing 3rd in the 50 butterfly, Letitia Sim came in 2nd here, dropping .3 off of her best time. 

Sheble’s teammate Zoe Dixon took it out with the fastest opening 100 split in the entire field, splitting 54.81. Ultimately, she ended up coming in 3rd with a time of 1:57.90. 

Men’s 200 IM

Top 3: 

  1. Nathaniel Germonprez – 1:45.86
  2. Joshua Zuchowski – 1:48.29
  3. Toby Barnett – 1:48.53

Nathaniel Germonprez  from Inspire Swim Team dominated the race by 2.5 seconds, finishing in a time of 1:45.86. Notably, Germonprez had the fastest butterfly split in the entire field by about a half second, coming up with a time of 22.82. 

Despite sustaining an injury during the prelims session, Flood Aquatics’ Joshua Zuchowski finished 2nd overall here, narrowly holding off RMSC’s Toby Barnett, who began charging on the freestyle leg. 

Women’s 50 Free 

Top 3: 

  1. Alexis Mulvihill – 22.58
  2. Joanie Cash – 22.78
  3. Lucy Thomas – 22.84

After placing 5th in prelims, Alexis Mulvihill took control of the final, finishing in a time of 22.58 to touch ahead of the rest of the field by .2. Mulvihill was slightly off of her best time of 22.22 with her performance.

Long Island’s Joanie Cash dropped a half second from her prelims performance to take second, just ahead of top seed Lucy Thomas. Cash and Thomas both cut three tenths of a second off of their best times over the course of the day. 

Men’s 50 Free

Top 3: 

  1.  Ben Wiegand – 20.00
  2.  Luke Barr – 20.06
  3.  William Hayon – 20.16

Out of lane 1, Ben Wiegand pulled off an upset in the 50 freestyle finals, chopping .4 off of his prelims time to finish in 20.00, coming within 4 tenths of the meet record of 19.63 that has stood since 2002. 

Luke Barr, the top performer in the prelims session finished 2nd in a time of 20.06, cutting .02 off of his time from the morning. William Hayon backed up his second place finish in the 50 butterfly with a 3rd place finish here, dropping .03 off of his best time. 

Women’s 400 Medley Relay

Top 3: 

  1. Elmbrook Swim Club – 3:34.42
  2. NOVA of Virginia – 3:37.99
  3. TNT Swimming – 3:41.33

Elmbrook ran away with the final relay title of the meet. The team of Margaret Wanezek, Lucy Thomas, Campbell Stoll, and Abigail Wanezek combined for a final time of 3:34.42. On the anchor leg, Abigail Wanezek threw down a blazing 48.60, the fastest split in the entire field to secure the team’s victory. 

NOVA finished second with Grace Sheble putting up a notable 59.98 split on the breaststroke leg of the relay. 

Men’s 400 Medley Relay

Top 3: 

  1. Inspire Swim Team 3:13.95
  2. Saint Andrew’s Aquatics 3:17.92
  3. Oly Swimming 3:19.53

Inspire’s team of Luke Barr, Kael Mlinek, Mateo Miceli, and Nathaniel Germonprez combined for a winning time of 3:13.95, besting the field by almost 4 seconds. On the breaststroke leg, Mlinek threw down a split of 53.64, leading the entire field by over a second. 

Saint Andrew’s finished second, chopping a second and a half off of their seed times. 

Notably, the Mid Wisconsin Wave Makers were disqualified in this relay, dropping them from 2nd to 4th in the men’s team standings. 

Final Scores- Women

  1. Nova of Virginia Aquatics 1494
  2. Elmbrook Swim Club 1317
  3. Oly Swimming 633
  4. Rockville Montgomery Swim Club 615
  5. TNT Swimming 613

Final Scores- Men

  1. Inspire Swim Team 791 
  2. Oly Swimming 621.5
  3. Rockville Montgomery Swim Club 608
  4. Mid Wisconsin Wave Makers 597.5
  5. Cor Swimming 590

Final Scores- Overall 

  1. Nova of Virginia 1972
  2. Elmbrook Swim Club 1509
  3. Oly Swimming 1254.5
  4. Rockville Montgomery Swim Club 1223
  5. Academy Bullets Swim Club 909.5

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3 years ago

What did Mid Wisconsin Wave Makers get DQ for?

3 years ago

Well, Thankfully my sister didn’t beat me in the mile this season.

-A thankful older brother

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