Italian* D’Arrigo Confirmed for 200 Free A-Final


USA Swimming has confirmed that Mitch D’Arrigo will be allowed to swim in the A-final of tonight’s 200 free.  D’Arrigo has represented Italy internationally for the past few years, but holds dual citizenship and will be transitioning his sporting nationality to the United States.  According to USA Swimming, he will be eligible to compete for the US for the World University Games, but not the FINA World Championships.

Eyebrows were raised when D’Arrigo was listed on the psych sheet for this meet, as foreign athletes are typically not allowed to compete.  According to the World Championships Trials meet info: “Foreign athletes (those who are ineligible to represent the USA in international competitions) will not be allowed to swim at this competition unless approved by the National Team Director.”

However, USA Swimming confirmed that both D’Arrigo and  Bryce Kananowicz were cleared to compete this week.

This morning, D’Arrigo placed 5th in the prelims of the 200 free with time of 1:47.52.  There was some expectation and supposition that D’Arrigo would not be allowed to swim in the A-final, and would be relegated to the B-final, as is typically the case when foreigners are allowed to swim at selection events.  The confirmation that he will be in the A-final means that Jonathan Roberts, an Olympic Trials finalist who finished 9th this morning, will remain in the B-final.

D’Arrigo in the A-final, but not eligible for World Championships, means that six of the seven other swimmers, including Caeleb Dressel, will most likely earn roster spots in either the individual 200 free or the 4×200 free relay.

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He is switching his citizenship so he can get an easy gold medal in the 4×200

Go Blue

That’s exactly what he is doing.


hmmm, did you read read the article? he’s only eligible for the world university games…

Go Blue

In the next Olympics


So ridiculous they are letting a foreigner in over Roberts. Who decides this?


read more closely; he’s in because he’s not a foreigner any more.


Then why does he have a star next to his name on the psych sheet?


They allowed it because he’s changing his citizenship right?


No he has dual citizenship, he can’t qualify for worlds but he can for WUGs. He’s wasting the spot in the final for a true American who can qualify


If he has dual citizenship he IS a “true American” … however, I agree he’s wasting a spot for someone else to qualify since he cant compete at worlds.

ole 99

Being a citizen = true american


Dual citizenship=half American

ole 99

Dual citizenship != half American

I fixed your error for you.

Schroedinger’s Citizenship: Dual Citizenship both means full American and no American at the same time. Only once you observe that citizenship (aka, try to use that citizenship for something), do you become full American or not American.


Goldmedalgal is working under JPN rules where you can´t have double citizenship.. or you are Japanase or not..


Mitch è anche americano. Ha la doppia cittadinanza. Forse anche tu hai notato che il suo nome è Mitch, non Michele. Nonostate, cos’è un “vero americano”? un irlandese? un tedesco? un svedese? Perchè si soltanto conta quando sono arrivati all’america i tuoi antenati, un messicano è molto più americano da te. Ho scrito questo così, in italiano, pensando di farti un favore. Così impari un pò. Ma non sono italiano. Se non puoi capire, non c’è nessun problema, posso scriverlo in un’altra lingua più americana, come l’inglese.


That’s what the article says… I assume he could’ve gone to to WUGs for Italy if he wanted, so this looks to be a long-term (and interesting) decision. I think it has to be pretty final, right? The waiting periods would make it hard to switch back? But I’m sure someone else knows better.


He would have to live in Italy for a year to switch sporting citizenship back to Italy. Presumably, he’s lived here for at least a year which is why the transition to US sports citizenship is fairly smooth.
It’s interesting that Santo Condorelli is switching to Italian citizenship now, after representing Canada at Rio last year. I’m not sure how these decisions are made by the individuals. It’s obvious that no long distance swimmer in their right mind would switch to Italian citizenship right now with Paltrinieri and Detti on top of the world.


No, Italian federation do not allow him (with current rules) to switch back.


I heard the news/rumour about Condorelli from a few members of the Canadian Worlds open water team. But who knows? Emanuele, when you say *him*, do you mean D’Arrigo or Condorelli?

We asked Condorelli, and he didn’t respond. The Italian federation president says that it was the first he was hearing about it, which wouldn’t make it necessarily not true, but is certainly no confirmation either.


Wait, Conderelli is switching to team Italy??? I haven’t heard anything about that…

Just for clarification – this has been left in the comments, we tried to confirm it, have not heard back from Santo directly, the Italian Federation president says that it’s the first he’s heard about it, and nobody we checked with at USC had heard about it. We’ll be sure to post an update if we get any confirmation to the positive, but for now, treat it as a rumor.


This is crap. Its such a cop out to pick and choose what country you represent. If he didn’t make the a or b final he could just run his way over to Italy.

Go Blue

I don’t really have much respect for this decision


do you have more respect for someone going from USA to some other country? he is taking the harder and more challenging route versus those that try for some other who are taking the easy way. if he has two parent of two different nationalities, then nothing is wrong, IMO.


Haha choosing usa to make the 4×200 relay isn’t harder at all


Sure, if you are on the 4×200 relay, you are pretty much guaranteed an Olympic medal, but it’s also extremely hard to even make the team and D’Arrigo’s best times aren’t so good that he’s anywhere near a lock to make the relay. He’s right in the middle of the pack.

So, in his position, you are choosing between almost certainly being able to represent Italy at the Olympics but having tough medal chances, or almost certainly winning an Olympic medal but having an extremely tough selection process to even get on the team. Not quite such an easy decision, IMO.


huh? to go to a country where it’s tougher to make the Olympics? this is the opposite of the easy road. Unless something really weird is going on, he must be switching because he lives here already and is committing to the U.S.

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