Cal Men, Stanford Women Top Team Scores At U.S. Nationals

Though there were no team awards handed out at U.S. Nationals, essentially because it is purely a selection meet and there are no relays, the meet was still scored and the results are available on Meet Mobile.

The men’s side was dominated by Cal Aquatics, as they topped runners-up Stanford by 100 points. They scored 272.5, and were led by Ryan Murphy (65), Josh Prenot (44) and Nathan Adrian (37).

With 172.5, Stanford saw large contributions from True Sweetser (36), Grant Shoults (36) and Abrahm DeVine (30). The Athens Bulldogs, Longhorn Aquatics and Wolfpack Elite scored 3rd, 4th and 5th highest, with the top scorers on each team being Nic Fink (52), Clark Smith (51) and Justin Ress (46.5).

Caeleb Dressel (90), Chase Kalisz (56) and Zane Grothe (53) were among the other highest male scorers. Kevin Cordes also scored 60 with his sweep of the breaststrokes, though he swam unattached.

Check out the top 10 teams on the men’s side:

  1. California Aquatics, 272.5
  2. Stanford Swimming, 172.5
  3. Athens Bulldog Swim Club, 149
  4. Longhorn Aquatics, 143
  5. Wolfpack Elite, 136.5
  6. University of Michigan Swim Team, 92
  7. Dynamo Swim Club, 91
  8. Bolles School Sharks, 90
  9. Badger Swim Club,Inc. 86
  10. Nation’s Capital Swim Club, 82.5

Like Cal dominated for the men, Stanford dominated for the women. They topped the charts with 281 points, well ahead of Texas A&M who took 2nd with 157. Katie Ledecky (73), Simone Manuel (51), Lia Neal (32) and Katie Drabot (32) led the way for them.

Bethany Galat (47), Sarah Gibson (44) and Lisa Bratton (25) were the top scorers for Texas A&M, while the Athens Bulldogs saw their biggest contribution come from Olivia Smoliga (45) as they took 3rd. Cardinal Aquatics and Cavalier Swimming tied for 4th, led by Kelsi Worrell (70) and Leah Smith (91). Smith’s 91 points were the most among anyone at the meet.

A few of the other top scorers included Mallory Comerford (64) and Lilly King (60).

Top 10 team scores for the women:

  1. Stanford Swimming, 281
  2. Texas A&M University, 157
  3. Athens Bulldog Swim Club, 133
  4. (T-4) Cardinal Aquatics, 109
  5. (T-4) Cavalier Swimming, 109
  6. California Aquatics, 107
  7. Wolfpack Elite, 101
  8. Club Wolverine, 89
  9. University of Louisville, 86
  10. New York Athletic Club, 82

In the combined race, Stanford finished well ahead of Cal and the Athens Bulldogs. Top 10 below:

  1. Stanford Swimming, 453.5
  2. California Aquatics, 379.5
  3. Athens Bulldog Swim Club, 282
  4. Wolfpack Elite, 237.5
  5. Longhorn Aquatics, 197.5
  6. Texas A&M University, 179.5
  7. Indiana University, 133
  8. University of Michigan Swim Team, 122
  9. Cardinal Aquatics, 121
  10. University of Louisville, 114

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7 years ago

The numbers are very misleading. For example on the men’s side Chase and the Litherlands all represent their club teams. In addition, Grothe and Cody Miller train at Indiana. The flipside is if you take the pros out then it’s drastically different and CAL has almost nobody.

Reply to  Swimswum
7 years ago

Swimsswum – what you say is true. However, those swimmers you mentioned all had the option to represent other teams. It’s sort of a ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it too’ scenario – if you want to represent your home club so that they get the publicity out of it, then that’s who gets the publicity out of it.

Reply to  Braden Keith
7 years ago

And Baker’s strong back stroke points I believe did not go to her Cal team but her club team.

California Sunshine
Reply to  Braden Keith
7 years ago

All of the above is true however I would say that the headline is misleading as it’s clearer in the body of the article. Cal Aquatics won the men’s side. Not Cal Berkeley. And yes, swimmers can choose where they train so it gets messy when the headline is shortened.

Pros/non pros would be interesting.

7 years ago

You should calculate scores with pros and non pros. Looks like Cal was heavily outscored without Adrian/Shields/Prenot etc…

Reply to  Jimbo
7 years ago

Well they do train at Cal…

7 years ago

Cal of the second for being without Missy Franklin and Dana Vollmer

7 years ago

I thought dressel was representing Florida, not Bolles?

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