FINA World Championships Day 8 Prelims Live Recap

The final day of competition at the FINA World Championships are finally upon us, and today’s prelim session will be a rather short one. The only individual events being contested are the men’s and women’s 400 Individual Medley, and the 4×100 Medley Relays from both the men and women will conclude the action for the day.

In the men’s race, Chase Kalisz of the United States will finally get a chance to swim at these World Championships, and he is no stranger to the international scene in this event. Just two years ago, Kalisz scored a silver medal in the 400 IM en route to dipping under 4:10 for the first time in his career. The man who beat him, Daiya Seto of Japanis also competing today, and though he has not been quite as brilliant as he was two years ago, he does still come in with the 4th-fastest seed time in the field. The other American, Tyler Clary, has had an up-and-down week at the World Championships, and behind the 200 back, this event was anticipated to be his second-best opportunity to medal at these Championships. He will need to be at his very best if he plans to leave Kazan with an individual medal.

For the women, iron lady Katinka Hosszu will try to go out with a bang after having a tremendous World Championships already. It will not be easy for her as both Hannah Miley out of Great Britain and Elizabeth Beisel are also entered with 4:31’s just like the Hungarian, and this might be one of the tighter races we see on the women’s side all week. Miley swam fairly well in the 200 IM earlier this week, but she will need to have her ‘A’ game ready for the final day of competition if she wants to topple the defending World Champion.

It is very likely that both the men’s and women’s relays will come down to a battle between the United States and Australia, and it will be intriguing to see how the morning rosters are set. The United States have typically reserved their ace backstroker Matt Grevers for finals in the past, but given how good Ryan Murphy was on the lead-off of the Mixed 4×100 Medley relay earlier this week (52.18), an important decision will need to be made this morning to determine who will take the opening leg for the Americans.



  • 2013 World Champion: Daiya Seto, JPN – 4:08.69
  • World Record: 4:03.84 – Michael Phelps, USA – 2008
  • Championship Record: 4:06.22 – Michael Phelps, USA – 2007

Chase Kalisz used a tremendous back half to set the pace this morning at a 4:11.83. He was a 1:10.63 on his breast and a 1:00.01 on his freestyle, and that sort of speed at the end of the race was more than enough to secure him a heat win and a middle lane for finals tonight. Right behind him was Hungary’s David Verraszto at a 4:11.99, and as he is known for being a fantastic racer, it should be expected that he will be faster tonight as well.

There was a tight race for third following the two leaders with Daiya Seto (4:12.17), Tyler Clary (4:12.22), Daniel Wallace (4:13.07) filing in right after one another in the final heat of this morning’s swim. In total, only 1.24 seconds separate the top 5 swimmers, so there are no clear favorites right away for finals.

Top 8: Kalisz, USA; Verraszto, HUN; Seto, JPN; Clary, USA: Wallace, GBR; Heidtmann, GER; Pavoni, GBR; Zhixian, CHN

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  • 2013 World Champion: Katinka Hosszu, HUN – 4:30.41
  • World Record: 4:28.43 – Ye Shiwen, CHN – 2012
  • Championship Record: 4:30.31 – Katinka Hosszu, HUN – 2009

Katinka Hosszu shut it down early but was still quick enough to post the top time this morning with a 4:32.78. Given how far ahead of the rest of her heat she was, it would be a safe bet to assume that the Hungarian will be able to drop a bit more tonight and possibly dip under 4:30. She has a nearly three second lead over the rest of the competition.

Following behind Hosszu are the Czech Republic’s Barbora Zavadova (4:35.80) and Canada’s Emily Overholt (4:35.86). Zavadova actually broke her own national record in the process while Overholt just barely missed the Canadian record of 4:35.84.

Maya Di Rado swam a strong preliminary race to tie for the win in the first circle-seeded heat with a 4:36.11. She was just 0.74 seconds off of her entry time, and her superior backstroke and freestyle legs helped her compensate for Miley’s superb breaststroke leg, and the two will enter tonight neck-and-neck.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth Beisel of the United States failed to make finals with a 12th-placed 4:38.96 this morning.

Top 8: Hosszu, HUN; Zavadova, CZE; Overholt, CAN; Di Rado, USA; Miley, GBR; Shimizu, JPN; Willmot, GBR; Willmott, FRA

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  • 2013 World Champion: FRA – 3:31.51
  • World Record: 3:27.28 – USA – 2009
  • Championship Record: 3:27.28 – USA – 2009

The United States will lead all teams into finals with a 3:31.06. The foursome of Matt Grevers (52.85), Cody Miller (59.23), Tim Phillips (51.03), and Ryan Lochte (47.95) teamed up for the effort, and we will very likely see that Kevin CordesTom Shields, and Nathan Adrian are all available for finals, that should be the expected roster for the Americans tonight.

Australia got a huge leadoff leg from Mitch Larkin (52.37) and they also got a solid anchor from Kyle Chalmers (47.86) to post the top time out of Heat 2 with a 3:31.86. They will have a few options when it comes to finals, especially when it comes to the butterfly and freestyle legs. It is almost certain that Cameron McEvoy would take over freestyle duties to help the Australian cause at night.

Also, although they suffered a DQ due to an early jump by Daniel Gyurta (-0.18 second reaction time), it is worthwhile to mention that Laszlo Cseh recorded a 50.19 butterfly leg for the Hungarians on their relay.


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  • 2013 World Champion: USA – 3:53.23
  • World Record: 3:52.05 – USA – 2012
  • Championship Record: 3:52.19 – CHN – 2009

China was the class of the field this morning with a 3:57.02. They got a big first half from Fu Yuanhui (59.24) and Shi Jinglin (1:06.35) to give the nation a lead they would never relinquish in the first heat.

After Kathleen Baker (59.98) and Micah Lawrence (1:07.10) gave the Americans an early lead, Kendyl Stewart blasted a 56.86 on the fly leg to make it easy for Margo Geer (53.18) to secure an American win in heat 2 of the 4×100 Medley Relay (3:57.12). Stewart’s leg was definitely the most eye-popping leg this morning, and for comparison’s sake, world record holder Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom was a 56.10 on Sweden’s third-placed relay (3:57.29).

Australia got a big anchor leg from Melanie Wright (52.87) to also dip under 3:58 at a 3:57.95. This relay has a ton of potential with both Bronte Campbell and Cate Campbell being available for tonight while Emily Seebohm will be another valuable asset for the Australians.

Shockingly, Russia failed to final again with a 10th placed 4:01.12. Considering that Japan’s 8th-placed time of 4:00.43 was only just faster, it is likely that the Russians could have snuck into the final had they utilized Yuliya Efimova on the breaststroke leg instead of Vitalina Simonova.


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  1. SamH says:

    Anyone have any English streams? I have been using USA goals and it has been in english mostly until now its only russian and something else.


    Kalisz is in this 3d heat of the 400 IM


    4.11.83 for Kalisz !!!!


    Next heat : Clary , Seto

  5. Iain says:

    Expected more from Tom Fraser-Holmes after his relay swim.

    • commonwombat says:

      He’s a 4.10 man at best but his backstroke weakness has been what separates him from the very top. He’s swimming poorly this year so this is magnified …… and he’s “out the back”

      • Gina Rhinestone says:

        He is worrying about the wolves howling out there & if they have enough food . He is thinking of taking his dinner out to them instead of swimming that 400 tonite.

  6. Nance says:

    Freestyle leg – bring it home Tyler!!


    Clary , Seto and Walllace all around 4.12

  8. Nance says:

    Wow! Chase Kalisz #1 to the semis!


    I just discovered the response from Phelps to Le Clos !!! Incredible time for Michael ! This summer in swimming is very exciting for any swim fan .

  10. thomaslurzfan says:

    Pretty slow times in mens 400 IM, 4.15.47 enough to make the final …
    Sad that Johannes Hintze wasnt able to compete, he wouldve been able to make the final as a 16 year old.
    Kalisz, Verraszto, Seto and Clary in their own league, 3 of those 4 should win the medals.

  11. thomaslurzfan says:

    Will Phelps swim 400 IM in Rio?
    With Phelps and Hagino back the times should be much faster again, sad that Lochte wont swim 400 IM anymore.

    • pvdh says:

      Mike isnt touching 400 im with a 10 foot pole

      • Ferb says:

        That’s what he said about the 2 fly.

      • thomaslurzfan says:

        I think its the right decision for him, it takes too much away from his other events, but for me its still sad. I dont want to imagine Phelps ending his 400 IM career with a 4th place in London, i think he deserves to end his career as 400 IM olympic champion, its the same in 200 fly. Maybe he will swim until 2017 and then focus on 400 IM, to end his career as 400 IM world champion …

    • Philip Johnson says:

      He shouldn’t. Hopefully he learned from his 2012 mistake.


      Both guys have had enough of the 400 IM since London !


    Di Rado doing a fine last 50 free with Miley !

  13. Iain says:

    Good swim from Miley – equal first

  14. david says:

    With this meet coming to an end is always a such a downer for me that I have to wait a long time to see top LCM competition again (US trials)
    But now I see that the world cup series coming up soon is gonna be held in 50m pool!!
    How great is that!
    So there’s more opportunity for fast times
    This isn’t over

  15. WHKirch says:

    Well Ye just ate dog poop in that swim.


    Ye Shiwen came 6 seconds slower to Di Rado or Miley !


    Biesel and Biesel for the last Heat

  18. Philip Johnson says:

    I don’t know if Hosszu has enough in the tank for a 400 IM WR. She should easily win the title though.

  19. Philip Johnson says:

    WR pace for Hosszu

  20. Philip Johnson says:

    She is still at WR pace, making me look dumb.


    Hosszu is swimming under WR pace after the backstroke leg

  22. Philip Johnson says:

    250, Hosszu still at WR pace

  23. Philip Johnson says:

    300, barely at WR pace

  24. david says:

    WR pace!!


    She might beat the WR ! it will be tight but possible

  26. Philip Johnson says:

    Hosszu doesn’t have the free for it.

  27. david says:

    aahhh..falling behind
    Can’t wait for this evening
    She will go for it


    4.32 for Hosszu !!! Beisel came in 6th !!

    • tm says:

      beisel was clearly no where near 100 % so she should have given up her spot to someone else

      • Hulk Swim says:

        Being 100% wasn’t a requirement for this meet. It’s just another pit stop along the way to OTs next summer. No big deal. Ho hum.

  29. SM says:

    Very poor from Fraser Holmes been very disappointed with the Aussie mid distance men Horton Mckeown Fraser-Holmes should be doing much better

    • Hyperion says:

      Well 2 hard 200m freestyles yesterday probably didn’t help, but his IM has been absent without leave all year, compared to his best. Not really a surprise.

  30. Philip Johnson says:

    No Beisel or Shiwen in the 400 IM final. Their downfall is pretty sad.


    400 medley relay !! Ahhhhhhh

  32. Alz says:

    Great swim for Emily Overholt! Just a little off the national record. Hope she beats it tonight !


    Germany won it’s heat with a solid 3.32.94

  34. Philip Johnson says:

    Grevers, Cody Miller, Phillips, and Lochte in the prelims. Will they switch out Grevers? Cordes and Adrian will probably be in. Shields on the fly.


    France is in the next heat with GB and Canada


    Lacourt on the back : 53.50 !!


    France leading the field after the fly leg : Winning time : 3.32.51


    GB : 3.33.


    Australia is in the next heat with Brazil

  40. Philip Johnson says:

    This race is very important for Brazil if they hope to medal in the medley relay next year. Even if they don’t win, they need that experience.


    Larkin leads with a 52.37 !!!!!! Wow again a great backstroke time this week


    Chalmers is on the free leg for a winning time of 3.31.86 ! The best time so far


    Italy second and Brazil third


    Usa in the next heat with China and Japan ! Grevers is ready


    Grevers with a 52.85 to lead Usa !


    Miller holding off Japan on breast

  47. Ferb says:

    What’s up with the seeding of the MR? Egypt and Venezuela are in the middle of the pool, and USA is in lane 1?

    • Hulk Swim says:

      It’d been random draw all week. Not sure why… but that’s why US was in that dead hest for the free relay


    Lochte broke at the limit of the 15 meters on the start !!! Wowww
    3.31.06 for Usa ! Best time so far
    Hungary did great with a second place finish

  49. Philip Johnson says:

    China may not even qualify. That’s a concern for them. They have superstars, but no depth. They need to put their A swimmers in the prelims to qualify.

  50. Ferb says:

    I like this Scottish commentator. Especially when he says “Lochte.”

  51. Iain says:

    Hungary DQd – that would have been a national record for them I think.

    China out!

  52. thomaslurzfan says:

    Amazing last 100 by Heitdmann in mens 400 IM, 57.3 for the last 100, more than 2s faster than everyone else.


    Japan 3.32.82 for second ! Hungary got DQ for a too early take off

  54. Philip Johnson says:

    Russia barely made it, only by HUN DQ. They continue to disappoint as the host nation. No Brazil. No China (I thought they were suppose to upset for gold?).


    China leading in the next heat for the Women’s 400 medley relay

  56. Nance says:

    Baker, Lawrence, Stewart, Geer for the women’s lineup

  57. Iain says:

    For GB, better than I expected from Proud (48.18) but we will need improvements from the rest.

  58. vidi says:

    YES!!!Lithuania top 12!!!!


    Sweden and China coming home together / GB third


    Usa in the next heat !


    59.98 for Baker in first place after back


    Usa still battling with Russia here after the breast

  63. Nance says:

    Iceland – the new Hong Kong


    But on butterfly , Russia dropped awfully by at least 7 meters to Usa and Canada

  65. Nance says:

    Canada’s coming up – go Margo!


    Geer finishing the job for Usa and for the easy win ! 3.57.12

  67. thomaslurzfan says:

    4.38.20 enough to qualify for womens 400 IM final …
    Shiwen, Beisel, Jakabos, Pickrem already out.
    Zavadova and Grangeon are two pretty surprising finalists. maybe Zavadova can even fight for a medal. I pick Hosszu for gold and i hope Overholt will win the silver without getting disqualified again.

  68. Iain says:

    Nijhuis ill so Netherlands out


    Next heat : Australia , Denmark , Netherlands and Japan , Italy , Germany ! Tough field

  70. Nance says:

    Women’s 4×100 MR Heat 3 – Netherlands starting with Sharon Van Rouwendaal on backstroke … who knew?

    • Deraj says:

      Van Rouwendal was an excellent back striker before becoming an open water and long distance specialist. She lead off for the Dutch as well in the London finals. I also believe she won bronze in the 200 backstroke in 2011 WC in an impressive 2:07.

    • Deraj says:

      Van Rouwendal was an excellent backstroker before becoming an open water and long distance specialist. She lead off for the Dutch as well in the London finals. I also believe she won bronze in the 200 backstroke in 2011 WC in an impressive 2:07.

    • LochtesFan says:

      SVR was 200 backstroke worlds medallist

    • AvantSwim says:

      Anyone who follows swimming knew!

  71. thomaslurzfan says:

    Wow …
    53,51 for Glania, new PB for him. He improved his PB from mixed medley relay by 0.01 …
    Does this time count as official time, although there are only 3 relays, or is it again not an official PB?

  72. Nance says:

    Whoops . . . NED is DNS


    Denmark leads Australia after butterfly


    3.57.95 for Australia


    Russia not qualified !!! Oupsssssss

  76. Magor says:

    Wow, this DQ of Hungary hurt quite a lot. The motivation in the guys was massive, especially that of Gyurta, that’s why he jumped earlier. We could’ve been even into medal contention. Astonishing swim from Cseh. Do you guys know if the butterfly time from the relay counts for individual record?

    Katinka was much better than I expected. I was kinda afraid that she will run out of energy until the last day of competition. Unfortunately she just doesn’t have the freestyle leg for WR, but would be amazing if she could win the gold.

    Verasztó was also quite comfortable looking, would be quite a surprise if he could medal though, but the competition is really strong in men’s 400 IM.

    • thomaslurzfan says:

      No it doesnt county, only the first leg (backstroke) counts as individual time.
      I dont think you wouldve been anywhere near the medals. 3 out of your 4 legs (back, breast, free) are slower than those of Germany, not to mention USA, Australia, France or GB.

  77. tm says:

    United States 3:57.12
    BAKER Kathleen 59.98
    LAWRENCE Micah 1:07.10
    STEWART Kendyl 56.86
    GEER Margo 53.18

  78. Iain says:

    Good job GB – everyone qualified this morning

  79. thomaslurzfan says:

    Wow …
    Lacourt only 0.01 faster than Glania and CWH even slower …
    GB will be about 1s faster with Peaty instead of Murdoch, but i dont see them challenging USA.
    Deibler for Germany with a disappointing 51.76 fly split, consodering he had a 51.9 in the individual event. Fildebrandt will hopefully be replaced by Biedermann in the final. 3.31 high/3.32 low should be possible, which could be enough for top 6.

    • Magor says:

      In my opinion Germany should medal in the men’s relay, one of the strongest team, especially with Biedermann.

      • AvantSwim says:

        Fortunately, swimming results are not opinion based.

      • thomaslurzfan says:

        Very good opinion, but its not realistic, not even close, 2 pretty unrealistic things would need to happen:
        1) Deibler would have to swim about 0.5 faster: Based on his individual time (51.9), 51.26 might be possible, but at the moment even 52 seems to be more realistic for him.
        2) Fildebrandt needs to repeat his 100 free split (48.2), which seems to be even less realistic, considering that it came out of nowhere, i am not even sure if he will swim sub 49 in the final.
        With Glania (53.5) and Fildebrandt (48.2) repeating their splits and Feldwehr/Deibler converting their flat start times to better split times we could go sub 3.32, but it probably wont be enough to fight for a medal. Deibler had a flat start time of 51.9, but his split time was only 51.76. Feldwehr had a flat start time of 59.63, but his split time was only 59.37.

  80. John says:

    SIgh, why did Gyurta leave the blocks so early. Cseh had a really good fly leg there. I think it looked even better than what he swam in the individual final.

    • Magor says:

      Yeah, they looked heartbroken in the interview, but will be incredibly motivated for the Olympics, especially that Kozma should swim the freestyle, who is much stronger than Takács.

    • Dj says:

      It is not the first time Gyurta did that…

  81. thomaslurzfan says:

    Poland has amazing championships!
    They made the 4 x 100 mens medley relay final and threw out Brazil, Italy and China …
    Lochte 47.95
    Chalmers 47.86
    Metella 50.88
    Proud 48.18
    Czerniak 47.64!

  82. thomaslurzfan says:

    Felipe Lime doesnt look like a professional athlete at all …
    This makes his performances even more impressive, i always ask myself whether he is “wasting” his potential.

  83. jiggs says:

    Stunning that South Africa can’t afford to put a single relay together.
    Is it true that the swimmers have to pay their own pay to get to these meets?

  84. Deraj says:

    Don’t know if McLaughlin and Manuel can go any faster than Stewart and Geer did. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep them. The only thing is that in the 400 free relay Geer added significantly in finals. Simone has the 50 free so the spot may stick with Geer.

  85. thomaslurzfan says:

    I think Cseh had a 50.19 split!
    Russia was pretty lucky that Hungary got disqualified.
    Gyurta with -0.18, i think he doesnt have much relay experience.

  86. commonwombat says:

    M4XMED: The only people in Kazan who can prevent the USA 4XMED from winning are themselves. Basically a rugby scrum for the minors … damned if I can pick them.

    W4XMED: USA may get faster on back & breaststroke but the fly & free were probably as good as it gets.
    SWE – as good as it gets.
    CHN may sub in quicker flyer & anchor.
    As to how much DEN was “saving” this morning is open to speculation, this IS their line-up. Expect them to be in front at final change but they’re in grave danger of being swamped.
    AUS should be considerably faster on back, fly & anchor but breaststroke still the weak link. That or a break look the most likely obstacles to them winning.

    • Iain says:

      Sjostrom and Hansson should be able to drop time for Sweden.
      On the other hand I don’t see Pedersen getting faster for Denmark.

      I predict:
      Australia, China, USA/Sweden

  87. thomaslurzfan says:

    We missed the womens 4 x 100 medley final by less than 1s, i didnt think that we would get so close. With all our swimmers at 100% we wouldve probably reached it …
    Everyone except Grimberg has been faster with flat start this season already, Wenk and Graf even did it at these world championships …
    With Wenk, Graf and Bruhn at 100% we shouldve been about 1.5s faster, which wouldve been enough for the final.

    Stewart 56.86!

    I wonder what is going on with Efimova, her 200 breast was horrible and now she doesnt even swim the relay at home?
    France or Italy couldve probably also reached the final with Bonnet/Pellegrini instead of Santamans/Ferraioli.

    Its just painful to see a 1.01.55 back split for Japan, what happened to all their great backstrokers on the womens side?

    Will GB/Canada swim with the same team in the final or will Halsall/Van Landeghem swim for Turner/Mainville?
    Denmark, Japan and Sweden probably wont change their team.
    Australia and USA will probably change their whole team, although i would allow Stewart to swim the final, which shows their dominance in this event. China will probably swim with Duo instead of Qiu.
    I predict gold for Australia, silver for USA, bronze for China or Denmark (probably China).

    • Iain says:

      Efimova was (stupidly) playing with the field in the 200m and was then caught out by a fast last heat. I presume that she and Fesikova would have come in for the final, which Russia should have made, and would have if not for an horrific fly leg by Lovtsova.

      Bonnet swam the breaststroke for France.

  88. Gina Rhinestone says:

    Melanie Wright 52.8 . Kyle 47.8 . A b/c team could have medalled in the mixed free . really missing Elmslie with her unfortunate medical . Magnussen missing is a problem but he caused it himself . Brit is blameless.

  89. commonwombat says:

    GBR will most likely sub in Halsall but that will not bring them back into medal calculations. Van Landeghem in for CAN but same as for GBR.
    Sjostrom will be quicker on fly for SWE but having to swim your no3 100 freestyler as your anchor will hurt them.
    CHN likely to bring in Lu & Duo
    Franklin & Hardy come in for US which should lift their front end; how significant a lift given their Kazan form may be open to question. Stewart should stay. Geer has been swimming low 53 relay legs and Manuel looks no “upgrade”.
    Seebohm has sometimes been flaky on this relay but does appear in career best form at the moment. Either Campbell will anchor. McKeon hasn’t been brilliant but will be at least a second quicker than Groves limp heat swim. Breaststroke still iffy

  90. Lokermotion says:

    I think GB will put Halsall on the women’s relay. Peaty will make the men’s relay a bit quicker. They could possibly put James Guy on the fly leg too.

  91. Iain says:

    Hansson has been 53.7 and 53.8 in relay finals so far, so should repeat.

    GB men should go faster on three legs (though fly may be iffy) and hopefully Ben Proud can repeat for a medal.

    The women will sub in Halsall, but only Quigley should be able to go significantly faster than this morning of the other three, and a medal is beyond them.

  92. TonyTran says:

    Bobo gigi! Please come back!! :(((

  93. Joe says:

    If Sjostrom drops a 55.0 Sweden can medal. Coleman and Johansson were about as good as they get in the morning but Sjostrom and Hansson can drop a combined 1.5 sec to swim about 3.55. Sjostrom could give Sweden the lead for Hansson who has a tendency to swim her best in relays. Still gonna be in tough to grab a bronze but not impossible. Denmark doesn’t really look like they have the euro times from last year in them but I fear China will be really strong instead.

    • commonwombat says:

      If Sjostrom swims “the lights out” as you state, she can potentially put SWE in the mix. You’re correct in stating that DEN not quite at there best AND that CHN are potentially the spoiler. Anyone thinking its just USA v AUS has got blinkers on. This is one very open race; AUS are probable favourites but I wouldn’t care to wager any money on it.

  94. IAN says:

    Chalmers! 47.8 in age of 17! Australia will have three sub48 swimmers next year and I don’t know if anybody can beat them…

    • Hyperion says:

      The echo’s of a similar belief coming into London 2012 Olympics still resonate loud and clear??

    • LochtesFan says:

      2012 and 2013

    • commonwombat says:

      Iain, these 47s from Chalmers; creditable as they are; have both been relay splits off flying starts. Equated to flat starts, they’re 48mid; creditable but someway off medal country. As for the depth you’re speaking of; yes there’s McEvoy but Magnussen is no sure bet to return given his on-going fitness issues. Without him, they’re “nowhere” in the 4×100 as Abood is the only other relatively competent performer ….. the rest don’t bear mentioning.

      • Gina Rhinestone says:

        I’m not putting any pressure on a 17 year old boy but I’m not accepting flying 47.8 s are not a superb effort in the biggest comp in the world . That time alone should be enough for a relay squad spot in Rio for any team .

        • commonwombat says:

          Gina, they ARE superb performances without a doubt and one hopes he continues to progress unlike some who have a break-out performance then think “I’ve already got it made” and perform accordingly.

          Also a reality check re the AUS 4X100. Due to their heats debacle in Kazan, they HAVEN’T qualified for Rio & will need to put up a time between now & July3 nest year that’s amongst the 4 fastest of all countries not already qualified.

          Sounds a snack but take a good long look. Yes, you have McEvoy, Chalmers, Abood (reliable) but then you’re hoping that Magnussen returns which is far from a certainty. Beyond that there’s nobody else.

          • Gina Rhinestone says:

            KC is the subject here & he can hold his head high. Yeah Girls Number One – Men just nothing . Maybe they don’t deserve to go to Rio .

      • Robbos says:

        I think Ian was trying to to emphasis that Chalmers is 17 years swimming 47s in relay split, shows he can match it with the big boys & not overawed, they are mid 48 swims, only 2 swimmers went below 48 in the final this year, so that’s fairly good. Now add to the fact next with this experience & another year of training, he could go under 48, which gives Australia potentially 3 swimmers under 48. Yes Magnussen is no sure bet after surgery, but then again he also has every chance to come back even better. This would be pretty awesome to have 3 swimmers in 1 country swimming flat 47s. Yes the depth is weak, need some of the younger guys to step up, like Percy or Graham to help out Abood in the depth & resign ‘the tourist’ to staying at home.

        • GinaRhinestone says:

          My reply was to Commonwombat . Ian’s points are fine & show an optimistic respect . I told Aust Swimming to put Kyle in the individual 100 rather than D’Orsognio but they are stupid .

          GR 1 Aust Swimming 0 .

  95. IAN says:

    I don’t think they had three sub48 swimmers back in 2012. And the level of competition is lower…

  96. IAN says:

    And you’re right, that we shouldn’t bee that much enthusiastic about Australian male relay, but it was more enthusiastic about Chalmers than themselves.

    As 14 yo: 50.89
    As 15 yo: 49.68
    As 16 yo: 48.69

    Right now, one month over his 17th birthday, he’s swimming 47.8 relay. He’s the biggest natural talent in sprint since … I don’t know who. His natural quickness and physicall tools reminds Agnel a little bit and him being able to swim sub25 second leg like here is just amazing.

    And yes, he may stop in growth like Santana, he may injured himself in this Australian Football – but he may also make this progress year by year and then it’d be scary what he can accomplish. McEvoy was the youngest male swimmer since Thorpe, who qualified for Aussie Team to OG – his trajectory in results was similar to Kyle’s, but with one addition – in respective age, he was one second slower… Still, he was fast revelation and one of the best 100 m freestylers in age of 19 – McEvoy beat every age group record for 16-17-18, and Aussie was 4th as 19yo in 2013 Champs. Chalmers is able to make comparable progression – in this age, you’re able to make progress by ~0.5-1 second season by season, like for example McEvoy did, who was 49.4 as 16 and 48.5 as 17, 48.0 as 18, and then 47.6 as 19. And he is probably the fastest teenager ever to this moment.

  97. bobo gigi says:

    Finally we have the first French girl qualified for a final:
    Great job Lara and good luck in the 400 IM final.

  98. bobo gigi says:

    Lacourt 52.70 in the 100 back final
    GPD 59.55 relay split in the mixed relay prelims
    Metella 51.24 in the 100 fly final
    Gilot 47.08 relay split in the 4X100 free relay final
    Relay entirely made in Marseille.
    We can medal if every swimmer swims at his best.

  99. IAN says:

    Andrew’s versatility is great and he is fantastic in general way, but 48.6 by 16 yo is the most impressive single swim I’ve ever seen by a swimmer in Chalmers’ age. He beat American 17-18 Age Group Record…

    • Not So Fast... says:

      Let’s just see what Dressel has to say this evening about that.

    • bobo gigi says:

      Chalmers will swim 47 high next year.

    • thomaslurzfan says:

      Are you kidding? Li Zhuahao (born in 1999) is 8th in 100 fly world ranking and made the final of the world championships. Kalontarov (born in 1998) is 27th in 50 free world ranking. Chalmers is 26th in 100 free world ranking. Rooney (born in 1998) is 22nd in 200 free world ranking. Pakhomov (born in 1998) is 27th in 100 fly world ranking and 31st in 200 fly world ranking. Hintze (born in 1999) is 30th in 400 IM world ranking. There are a lot of guys who are as talented as Chalmers or even more talented and are at the same age or even younger. I dont even have to mention guys like Gyurta or Phelps who were already medal winners at the same age.

  100. IAN says:

    THOMASLURZFAN – what are you talking about? I’m not saying he is the most talented swimmer of all time, I’m just saying he is the fastest 16yo on queen’s 100 m freestyle EVER, being one second faster than the best sprinters in the world were in his age, and I’m not sure you’re able to say the same about Pakhomov or Hintze oj their distances. Swimming is faster and faster, and we will see more this kind of performances by kids, but still this is a fact. I don’t see many other kids about whom you can say that he’s the fastest EVER in his age group, specially on that deep in terms of talent distance like 100 m freestyle.

  101. rockjano says:

    400IM.. will Katinka win???

  102. rockjano says:


  103. rockjano says:

    Katinka went an amazing time.

    She get a cramp in her leg on the last 50, she was hobbled out from the pool.

    YeShi’s last fifty on the WR is really a space time, Katinka might be able to pass that also (if the 400IM would be on the first day of the event)

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