FINA Says No Further Action Required in Sun Yang Altercation

Hahahahaha In a shocking twist events at the 2015 FINA World Championships, Chinese Olympian Sun Yang was a no-show for the men’s 1500m final.  We later found out that Sun Yang withdrew from the final due to a heart condition, but there was another surprising situation that arose from that same day.

Earlier at warm-ups on that last day of the World Championships finals, as we reported at the time, Sun Yang was involved in a physical altercation with Brazilian swimmer Larissa Oliveira.  The Brazilian coaching staff reported seeing Sun trying to kick and elbow Oliveira after a collision in the warm-up pool during prelims.  Heated words were exchanged among multiple parties after the incident.

Regarding this altercation and Brazil’s subsequent formal complaint to FINA, that organization’s Executive Director, Cornel Marculescu told Reuters today that the situation between Sun and Oliveira was “due to over congestion and a misunderstanding in the warm up pool” and the situation did not warrant further action.”  Additionally, “in Kazan, we have over 1,000 swimmers, so the preparation pool became very crowded”, said Marculescu.

In response to the surprising empty lane in finals, Marculescu commented, “We discussed it with the (Chinese) delegation and the federation and finally with him and he said it was some health problem. His coach was also debating with him, a little bit stronger, to make him swim but he said he can’t.”  Marculescu added, “He’s a great star, he’s a great swimmer. But with the young people, you never know.”

Sun Yang and the Chinese swimming federation issued an apology for withdrawing from the 1500m final, but have yet to comment on the warm-up pool quarrel.


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It’s weird that pirates would go shore to shore looking for buried treasure when the real treasure was in the friendships they were making.

Definitely Not Sun Yang

Um, my grandfather was a pirate and I really don’t appreciate your cavalier tone towards this subject.


Now I’m even more confused. The Brazilian coach said in interview they DID NOT made a formal complaint cause it was a minor issue so it wasn’t necessary. And Sun Yang said with his own mouth in an interview for a Chinese TV that the Chinese DID opened a formal complaint. Why don’t they simply put security cameras around the area to avoid those type of things? What about the discussion reported between the Chinese Athletes inside locker room? And the smashed locker? I don’t think we will ever know exactly what happened.

Years of Plain Suck

With many thousands of people already qualified for 2916 US Olympic Trials, I wonder how many similar incidents will take place in the warmup areas next year in Omaha. Should be quite a zoo.

Off-topic: I hope everyone watching Jrs Championships is noticing that the YELLOW LANE LINES in the middle lanes make it easier to follow the action (especially in a 10-lane pool).
Cc: US Swimming.


I’m willing to bet a lot will happen in the next 901 years.

Years of Plain Suck

In the next 901 years? My guess is that by then the breaststroke will once again have evolved into the butterfly (with multiple dolphin kicks off the wall), and there will be no under waters allowed in backstroke. Also, Juniors will be allowed no more than two events per day. And, US Swimming will still be using identically-colored lane lines at big meets (“it worked in the 1950s, why not now?”).

I think warmups at the 2016 US Trials will also be crowded. 🙂


And Ledecky will still hold the WR for the 400, 800, 1500.

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