CBS’ Pushing The Limits Highlights Katie Ledecky

Retta Race
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September 14th, 2015 News, Video

Not able to catch the CBS Morning Show today?  Get your ‘swimming on TV’ fix by re-watching the highlight reel of U.S. Olympian, Katie Ledecky, as she was selected as the show’s first subject in its “Pushing the Limits” series.

The ongoing news series focuses on ‘ordinary people doing extraordinary things’ and we all know that the legendary Ledecky falls into that category.  During her TV spot, Ledecky recounts her astonishing string of golds at the recent 2015 FINA World Championships in Kazan, where she swam away with world titles in the 200m-400m-800m-1500m individual freestyle events, as well as won the top prize as a member of Team USA’s 800m freestyle relay.

Ledecky also dishes on what it was like meeting fellow Olympian Michael Phelps when she was just nine years old, only to then appear on the same Olympic roster just 5 years later.  She also sheds ome light on her training regimen under Bruce Gemmell, which includes the 18-year old “doing whatever it is that Bruce tells me to do.”

Her “Pushing the Limits” interview also reveals that the world record holder has no pressure headed into the training for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.  Says the cool-as-a-cucumber Ledecky, “whatever happens, happens.”

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5 years ago

Great video on Ledecky! I will challenge one point made in the piece though – Katie really doesn’t have a chance to win 7 races in Rio. Even if she swam on all 3 relays (which is highly unlikely) and all 3 won gold (also highly unlikely) and she won the 200, 400 and 800 free races (1 posible, 2 likely), she would only be up to six; perhaps CBS is unaware that there is (unfortunately) no Olympic women’s 1500, or they think she has a chance to win the 100 free (I wish!). Regardless, it’s nice to see the sport of swimming in general, and Katie Ledecky specifically, getting some attention from a major network!

Missed One
Reply to  Danjohnrob
5 years ago

She’s thinking about doing the 400 IM at Trials, which would give her the necessary schedule. Whether she could win them all, however, is a different question.

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