Energy Standard, London, and Toronto Into the Play-Offs, DC Slated for Match 11


Barry Revzin contributed to this report.


  1. Energy Standard – 568.0
  2. London Roar – 457.5
  3. Toronto Titans – 380.5
  4. DC Trident – 357.0

Scoring Breakdown

Club Men Women Mixed Score
Energy Standard 288 252 28 568
London Roar 214.5 227 16 457.5
Toronto Titans 186.5 174 20 380.5
DC Trident 160 187 10 357

The DC Trident made Match 9 interesting by keeping it much closer with Toronto than might have been expected. At the conclusion of the match, the Toronto Titans only beat the DC Trident by 23.5 points. DC’s most obvious weakness is in the sprints, particularly in the skins. Throughout the entire season thus far, the DC Trident has only scored 34 points in the skins. For comparison, Energy Standard’s Evgeny Rylov scored 37 points in the skins just today.

The New York Breakers, the Tokyo Frog Kings, and the Aqua Centurions have only raced 3 matches each so far this season and still out-pace the Trident in total points scored in the skins, coming in at 43 points, 64 points, and 89.5 points, respectively. In terms of averages, the Cali Condors have averaged to score 97.1 points per match in the skins this season while the DC Trident have averaged only 8.5 points per match this season in the skins.

The Toronto Titans won 8 events in Match 9 but struggled to hold off the DC Trident, a team they beat handily in Match 1. Even so, the Toronto Titans, alongside Energy Standard, London Roar, the Cali Condors, and the LA Current are all automatically qualified for the 8-team play-offs in the Netherlands in November. The DC Trident, on the other hand, will now have to swim the “play-in” match next week to see if their season will continue after Naples.

Match MVPs of Season 3

There have been no repeat Match MVPs yet in season 3, though with two meets remaining Tokyo’s Daiya Seto could break the trend. Energy Standard’s Sarah Sjostrom almost repeated as MVP in Match 3 but was bested by teammate Siobhan Haughey by a single point. Match 2 was also close as Coleman Stewart scored only 2 points more than Caeleb Dressel who would go on to be the Match 4 MVP.

Dressel still holds the lead in terms of total MVP points for season 3 with 233 points accrued over just three matches, one of which he only swam the first day. Fellow Condor Beata Nelson sits in 2nd with 232 points, while Sjostrom is 3rd with 228.5 points and Haughey is 4th with 227 points. Seto is the only swimmer with a realistic shot at surpassing Dressel’s point total before the play-offs in Eindhoven, though Seto is likely to have two more matches in the regular season for a total of 5, doubling the amount of swimming Dressel has done this season.

Energy Standard has had the MVP in each of the four matches they have raced in this season, while the Cali Condors have gone 3-for-4 with match MVPs. Despite their high rank in the league this season, neither the London Roar nor the LA Current has produced a match MVP, though each team is missing a major star–Adam Peaty for the London Roar and Ryan Murphy for LA.

2021 ISL Match MVPs

Match # Swimmer Team Points
Match 1 Sarah Sjostrom ENS 60.5
Match 2 Coleman Stewart CAC 95.0
Match 3 Siobhan Haughey ENS 78.0
Match 4 Caeleb Dressel CAC 112.5
Match 5 Louise Hansson TOR 57.5
Match 6 Daiya Seto TOK 57.0
Match 7 Beata Nelson CAC 67.0
Match 8 Ilya Shymanovich ENS 64.0
Match 9 Evgeny Rylov ENS 60.5

Team Standings Through Match 9

Rank Team Points Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 No. Matches
1 Energy Standard 16 1st (Match 1) 1st (Match 3) 1st (Match 8) 1st (Match 9) N/A 4
2 Cali Condors 15 1st (Match 2) 1st (Match 4) 2nd (Match 6) 1st (Match 7) N/A 4
3 London Roar 13 2nd (Match 3) 1st (Match 6) 2nd (Match 8) 2nd (Match 9) N/A 4
4 Toronto Titans 12 2nd (Match 1) 1st (Match 5) 2nd (Match 7) 3rd (Match 9) N/A 4
5 LA Current 11 2nd (Match 2) 2nd (Match 4) 2nd (Match 5) 3rd (Match 8) N/A 4
6 Aqua Centurions 6 3rd (Match 3) 3rd (Match 4) 3rd (Match 6) 3
=7 Iron 5 3rd (Match 3) 4th (Match 5) 3rd (Match 7) 3
=7 DC Trident 5 4th (Match 1) 4th (Match 4) 3rd (Match 5) 4th (Match 9) 4
9 Tokyo Frog Kings 4 3rd (Match 2) 4th (Match 6) 4th (Match 8) 3
10 NY Breakers 3 4th (Match 2) 4th (Match 3) 4th (Match 7) 3

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29 days ago

DC making it into the playoffs I feel it.

Reply to  N80m80
29 days ago

Yeah right now I’d take DC and (Iron or Aqua, whoever doesn’t win tomorrow).

Reply to  Braden Keith
29 days ago

Do you know what happens if Iron gets first and Aqua second? Because they will tie for sixth…. Will it be 4×50 relay?

Reply to  Dorien
29 days ago

Relay is only for a match tie.
comment image

Reply to  Dorien
29 days ago

Tie breakers are, in order:

1) Tie in points scored in matches where both teams participated
2) Total number of event wins in the regular season
3) Total Match points
4) Random draw

29 days ago

So if we get a tie on the overall table points does that mean we may finally see a 4×50 relay to determine who are in match 11

Swim nerd
Reply to  Tyson
29 days ago


29 days ago

Just something that’s come to mind and an interesting fact:

Despite London Roar being one of the strongest teams in the league they’ve never had a swimmer win match MVP since the beginning of ISL in 2019 I’m pretty sure. They’ve had swimmers come close but I don’t think they’ve had a swimmer win it before.

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