2021 International Swimming League – Match 9, Day 1: Live Recap




  • Toronto Titans – 1 & 2
  • Energy Standard – 3 & 4
  • London Roar – 5 & 6
  • DC Trident – 7 & 8


Women’s 100 Butterfly

  1. HANSSON Louise TOR 55.67 10 PT
  2. McKEON Emma LON 55.78 7.0 PT
  3. SHKURDAI Anastasiya ENS 56.5 6.0
  4. GROVES Madeline DCT 57.25 5.0
  5. WATTEL Marie LON 57.33 4.0
  6. BANIC Madeline ENS 57.36 3.0
  7. MACK Linnea DCT 57.45 2.0
  8. HALL Candice TOR 58.77 -1

Emma McKeon charged home over the final 25 meters but it wasn’t enough to catch Toronto’s Louise Hansson who touched first in 55.67 to McKeon’s 55.78. Energy Standard’s Anastasiya Shkurdai touched third while teammate Maddie Banic finished 6th, giving Energy Standard 11 points total. Toronto’s Candace Hall fell victim to a jackpot, though her 1 point went to teammate Hansson. Hall, however, garnered a one-point deduction for failing to meet the minimum time standard in the race.

Men’s 100 Butterfly

  1. KUSCH Marius TOR 49.73 9.0
  2. le CLOS Chad ENS 50.03  7.0
  3. HARTING Zach DCT 50.56 6.0
  4. LANZA Vini LON 50.57 5.0
  5. SHCHEGOLEV Aleksandr DCT 50.76 4.0
  6. MILDRED Edward LON 50.86  3.0
  7. ZHILKIN Andrey ENS 51.28 2.0
  8. PEKARSKI Grigori TOR 51.29 1.0

Marius Kusch was the only man to break 50 seconds in the men’s 100 butterfly, touching the wall in 49.73. Kusch led at the 50, turning in 22.98, there already 0.3 ahead of Energy Standard’s Chad le Clos who ultimately finished 2nd. Zach Harting earned DC Trident 6 points with a 3rd-place finish while teammate Aleksandr Shchegolev placed 5th giving the Trident a total of 10 points.

Women’s 200 Backstroke

  1. BRATTON Lisa TOR 2:02.42 10.0
  2. MASSE Kylie TOR  2:02.45 7.0
  3. HARVEY Mary-Sophie ENS 2:03.58 6.0
  4. TOUSSAINT Kira LON 2:04.12 5.0
  5. NAZIEBLO Klaudia DCT 2:05.17  4.0
  6. DELOOF Ali DCT 2:06.54 3.0
  7. SHANAHAN Katie LON 2:07.21 2.0
  8. GUNES Viktoriya ENS 2:11.42 -1

Toronto gets a huge 1-2 finish from Lisa Bratton and Kylie Masse, earning 17 points total as Bratton jackpots Energy Standard’s Viktoriya Gunes who also failed to meet the minimum time standard, garnering a one-point deduction. The DC Trident earns 7 points in this race, which is actually more than Energy Standard. London’s Kira Toussaint and Katie Shanahan earn the Roar 7 points as well–London chose not to swim Minna Atherton who will instead race the 50 backstroke and on one of London’s medley relays.

Men’s 200 Backstroke

  1. RYLOV Evgeny ENS 1:49.93 12.0
  2. GREENBANK Luke LON 1:50.54 7.0
  3. PEBLEY Jacob DCT 1:50.56 6.0
  4. DIENER Christian LON 1:50.87 5.0
  5. PRATT Cole TOR 1:51.69 4,0
  6. MAHONEY Travis ENS 1:53.21 3.0
  7. LITCHFIELD Max TOR 1:54.71 JP
  8. HOLLARD Tristan DCT 1:58.08 -1

Evgeny Rylov looked on-form as he characteristically surged over the second half of the race to move up from third at the 100 to first by the 150-meter turn. London’s Luke Greenbank had a huge final 50 to move up from fifth at the 150-meter turn to ultimately finishing 2nd. London’s Christian Diener finished 4th giving the Roar a total of 12 points in the race. Energy Standard, however, earned 15 points between Rylov and Travis Mahoney. Toronto and DC both struggled in this race where they only bring home 4 points and 5 points, respectively.

Women’s 200 Breaststroke

  1. CHIKUNOVA Evgenia ENS 2:17.57 15.0
  2. ANDISON Bailey DCT 2:19.66 7.0
  3. LAZOR Annie LON 2:19.74 6.0N 6.0
  4. TEMNIKOVA Maria DCT 2:20.63 5.0
  5. CIEPLUCHA Tessa TOR 2:21.62 4.0
  6. VALL Jessica ENS 2:23.35 JP
  7. WOG Kelsey TOR 2:24.40 JP
  8. LAHTINEN Laura LON 2:25.39 JP

Evgenia Chikunova dominated the women’s 200 breaststroke, setting a World Junior Record and stealing the points from three other swimmers, earning Energy a total of 15 points. Chikunova swam the first 150 meters of the race in second to DC’s Bailey Andison, though Chikunova was more than 2 seconds faster than Andison on the final 50 to catch and surpass her. London’s Annie Lazor placed 3rd to earn the Roar 6 points though her teammate Laura Lahtinen placed 8th and had her points stolen. The DC Trident did well to place 2nd and 4th earning a total of 12 points.

Men’s 200 Breaststroke

  1. SHYMANOVICH Ilya ENS 2:02.79 10.0
  2. MILLER Cody DCT 2:03.77 7.0
  3. COPE Tommy DCT 2:04.63 6.0
  4. MURDOCH Ross LON 2:04.66 5.0
  5. SCHWINGENSCHLOGL Fabian TOR 2:05.30 4.0
  6. McKEE Anton TOR 2:05.82 3.0
  7. SWANSON Charlie ENS 2:06.89 2.0
  8. WILLIAMSON Sam LON 2:11.00 JP

Though Ilya Shymanovich won the men’s 200 breast the DC Trident’s Cody Miller and Tommy Cope placed 2nd and 3rd to earn the Trident a total of 13 points to Energy’s 12 points. London had a rough go and comes away with just 5 points while Toronto earns just 7 points.

Women’s 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay

  1. ENS – Energy Standard 3:28.88 38.0
  2. TOR – Toronto Titans 3:29.81 14.0
  3. LON – London Roar 3:29.89 12.0
  4. DCT – DC Trident 3:31.57 10.0
  5. DCT – DC Trident 3:36.70  JP
  6. TOR – Toronto Titans 3:37.11 -2.0
  7. ENS – Energy Standard 3:39.03 -2
  8. LON – London Roar 3:39.08 –2.0

Energy Standard dominated the women’s 4 x 100 freestyle relay, earning 38 points and jackpotting four other teams, including their own ‘B’ team. The Toronto Titans put together a strong relay but still finished almost a full second behind Energy. The Energy Standard, Toronto Titans, and London Roar ‘B’ teams failed to meet the minimum time standard and are therefor deducted two points each.

Siobhan Haughey (ENS) and Emma McKeon (LON) had the fastest splits in the field at 51.76 and 51.73, respectively, even though they were the lead-off swimmers for their respective teams.

Men’s 50 Freestyle

  1. PROUD Ben ENS 20.84 12.0
  2. CHALMERS Kyle LON 21.00 7.0
  3. HOFFER Ryan DCT 21.24 6.0
  4. MANAUDOU Florent ENS 21.26 5.0
  5. NAKAMURA Katsumi LON 21.49 4.0
  6. HAYDEN Brent TOR 21.50 3.0
  7. SHEVTSOV Sergey DCT 21.81 JP
  8. PIERONI Blake TOR 21.83 JP

Ben Proud pulled a minor upset to get his hand on the wall 0.16 ahead of London’s Kyle Chalmers in the 50 freestyle, jackpotting DC’s Sergey Shevtsov and Toronto’s Blake Pieroni, earning 12 points for Energy Standard. Flo Manaudou, also of Energy Standard, placed 2nd and earned 5 points giving Energy a total of 17 points in less than 22 seconds of swimming. The DC Trident earn 6 points from Ryan Hoffer while Toronto will earn only 3 points.

Women’s 50 Freestyle

  1. SJOSTROM Sarah ENS 23.53 10.0
  2. WASICK Kasia TOR 23.76 7.0
  3. McKEON Emma LON 23.95 6.0
  4. HEEMSKERK Femke ENS 24.02 5.0
  5. MACK Linnea DCT 24.16 4.0
  6. COLEMAN Michelle TOR 24.26 3.0
  7. HOPKIN Anna DCT 24.37 2.0
  8. TOUSSAINT Kira LON 24.37 JP

Sarah Sjostrom takes the women’s 50 freestyle and jackpots London’s Kira Toussaint for a 10-point haul. Energy Standard teammate Femke Heemskerk places 4th to give Energy a total of 15 points versus Toronto’s 10 points, DC’s 6 points, and London’s 6 points.

Men’s 200 IM

  1. VAZAIOS Andreas DCT 1:52.24 12.0
  2. KNOX Finlay TOR 1:52.70 7.0
  3. SCOTT Duncan LON 1:53.27 6.0
  4. RAZZETTI Alberto TOR 1:53.36 5.0
  5. LANZA Vini LON 1:55.41 4.0
  6. STUPIN Max ENS 1:56.41 3.0
  7. ZHILKIN Andrey ENS 1:56.71 JP
  8. COPE Tommy DCT 1:58.47 JP

Despite turning in 7th-place after the butterfly, DC’s Andreas Vazaios surged on the backstroke to take the lead by a quarter-second. Vazaios held onto the lead until the end, winning in 1:52.24, jackpotting teammate Tommy Cope and Energy Standard’s Andrey Zhilkin. This is DC’s first win of the match though not their largest point total for a single event. Toronto’s Finlay Knox placed 2nd to earn 7 points while Titan teammate Alberto Razzetti touched 4th to give the Titans a total of 12 points in the race, equal with DC.

Women’s 200 IM

  1. PICKREM Sydney LON 2:04.59 12.0
  2. HARVEY Mary-Sophie ENS 2:05.30 7.0
  3. ANDISON Bailey DCT 2:05.98 6.0
  4. CIEPLUCHA Tessa TOR 2:08.28 5.0
  5. JAKABOS Zsuzsanna DCT 2:08.57 4.0
  6. GUNES Viktoriya ENS 2:08.88 3.0
  7. SHANAHAN Katie LON 2:09.92 JP
  8. HALL Candice TOR 2:10.50 JP

Energy Standard’s Mary-Sophie Harvey looked dominant on the first half of the women’s 200 IM, but London’s Sydney Pickrem had a huge breaststroke leg and touched first at the 150-meter mark. Pickrem extended the lead to win in 2:04.59 to Harvey’s 2:05.30. Pickrem jackpots London’s Katie Shanahan and Toronto’s Candice Hall earning a total of 12 points. Energy Standard and the DC Trident come away with a total of 10 points while Toronto will earn just 5 points.

Men’s 50 Breaststroke

  1. SHYMANOVICH Ilya ENS 25.56 19.0
  2. LIMA Felipe ENS 26.18 7.0
  3. FRANCA SILVA Felipe DCT 26.46 6.0
  4. SCHWINGENSCHLOGL Fabian TOR 26.60 5.0
  5. MURDOCH Ross LON 26.88 JP
  6. MILLER Cody DCT 27.01 JP
  7. WILLIAMSON Sam LON 27. 18 JP
  8. McKEE Anton TOR 27.98 JP

Ilya Shymanovich dominated the men’s 50 breaststroke, earning a total of 19 points and jackpotting four swimmers, including both of London’s representatives in the race. Energy Standard teammate Felipe Lima finishes 2nd to give Energy a total of 26 points. The DC Trident earn just 6 points while Toronto pulls in only 5 points.

Women’s 50 Breaststroke

  1. ATKINSON Alia LON 29.48 19.0
  2. PILATO Benedetta ENS 30.13 7.0
  3. SZTANDERA Dominika TOR 30.31 6.0
  4. BELONOGOFF Tatiana DCT 30.55 5.0
  5. LAUKKANEN Jenna LON 30.68 JP
  6. CHIKUNOVA Evgenia ENS 30.85 JP
  7. SANCHEZ Kayla TOR 31.27 JP
  8. TEMNIKOVA Maria DCT 31.56 -1

Alia Atkinson avenges London Roar in the women’s 50 breaststroke with a 19-point swim, stealing the points from one Energy Standard swimmer, Evgenia Chikunova, who earlier in the session lowered the World Junior Record in the 200 breaststroke. Benedetta Pilato gets Energy Standard on the board with a 2nd-place finish. Only one swimmer from each team will score in this race, though the points are heavily skewed to London.

Men’s 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay

  1. LON – London Roar 3:06.50 24.0
  2. TOR – Toronto Titans 3:08.06 14.0
  3. ENS – Energy Standard 3:08.21 12.0
  4. DCT – DC Trident 3:08.55 10.0
  5. DCT – DC Trident 3:09.59 8.0
  6. ENS – Energy Standard 3:11.31 6.0
  7. LON – London Roar 3:14.39 JP
  8. TOR – Toronto Titans 3:15.64 -2.0

The London Roar earn a nice jackpot and come away with 24 points in the men’s 4 x 100 freestyle relay, stealing points from their own ‘B’ team as well as from Toronto’s ‘B’ team. The DC Trident did well to place 4th and 5th to earn a total of 18 points, the same amount as Energy Standard.

Points Update:

  1. Energy Standard 197.0
  2. London Roar 141.0
  3. DC Trident 126.0
  4. Toronto Titans 116.0

Women’s 50 Backstroke

  1. MASSE Kylie TOR 26.23 9.0
  2. DELOOF Ali DCT 26.37 7.0
  3. TOUSSAINT Kira LON 26.49 6.0
  4. HARVEY Mary-Sophie ENS 26.63 5.0
  5. ATHERTON Minna LON 26.76 4.0
  6. MACK Linnea DCT 26.79 3.0
  7. DAVIES Georgia ENS 26.82 2.0
  8. COLEMAN Michelle TOR 27.15 1.0

Kylie Masse came charging home in lane 1 to get the win for the Toronto Titans in 26.23. Michelle Coleman only placed 8th though, giving Toronto a total of 10 points. The DC Trident and London Roar equal Toronto’s point total at 10 while Energy Standard comes away with just 7 points.

Men’s 50 Backstroke

  1. GUIDO Guilherme LON 22.73 19.0
  2. RYAN Shane TOR 23.39 7.0
  3. RYLOV Evgeny ENS 23.43 6.0
  4. KOLESNIKOV Kliment ENS 23.60 5.0
  5. VAZAIOS Andreas DCT 23.65 JP
  6. DIENER Christian LON 24.07 JP
  7. PRATT Cole TOR 24.33 JP
  8. HOLLARD Tristan DCT 24.59 JP

London’s Guilherme Guido had a huge underwater after the 25-meter turn to rocket ahead and touch the wall first, stealing points from four swimmers including both DC Trident representatives. Toronto’s Shane Ryan placed 2nd to earn the Titans 7 points while Energy’s Kliment Kolesnikov and Evgeny Rylov placed 3rd and 4th, good or a total of 11 points.

Women’s 400 Freestyle

  1. HAUGHEY Siobhan ENS 4:00.6 16.0
  2. NEALE Leah DCT 4:03.90 11.0
  3. ROSENDAHL BACH Helena ENS 4:04.21 8.0
  4. HASSLER Julia TOR 4:05.14 4.0
  5. MEITZ Kaersten TOR 4:06.87 4.0
  6. SHANAHAN Katie LON 4:08.85 3.0
  7. JAKABOS Zsuzsanna DCT 4:09.17 3.0
  8. LAHTINEN Laura LON 4:17.33 -1

Siobhan Haughey led the race from the 100-meter turn, picking up the 6 checkpoint points. Haughey extended her lead throughout the rest of the race and won by over 3 seconds. Energy Standard’s Helena Rosendahl Bach placed 3rd and pulled in 8 points to give Energy Standard a total of 4 points in the race. Toronto got 12 points on the board with 4th- and 5th-place finishes from Julia Hassler and Kaersten Meitz. London only earns 3 points in this event while DC will earn 14 points.

Men’s 400 Freestyle

Men’s 400m Freestyle – Ranked by Time

  1. KROON Luc TOR 3:40.74 – 11.0 points
  2. SCOTT Duncan Lon 3:42.72 – 9.0 points
  3. INCERTI Zac LON 3:42.99 – 6.0 points
  4. LITCHFIELD Max TOR 3:43.13 – 7.5 points / ZIRK Kregor ENS 3:43.13 – 10.5 points
  5. STJEPANOVIC Velimir DCT 3:46.07 – 7.0 points
  6. LITHERLAND Jay DCT 3:47.84 – 2.0 points
  7. SWANSON Charlie ENS 3:51.97 – -1 point

Men’s 400m Freestyle – Ranked by Points Scored

  1. KROON Luc TOR 3:40.74 – 11.0 points
  2. ZIRK Kregor ENS 3:43.13 – 10.5 points
  3. SCOTT Duncan Lon 3:42.72 – 9.0 points
  4. LITCHFIELD Max TOR 3:43.13 – 7.5 points
  5. STJEPANOVIC Velimir DCT 3:46.07 – 7.0 points
  6. INCERTI Zac LON 3:42.99 – 6.0 points
  7. LITHERLAND Jay DCT 3:47.84 – 2.0 points
  8. SWANSON Charlie ENS 3:51.97 – -1 point

Energy Standard’s Kregor Zirk turned first at the 100 meter mark to pickup 6 checkpoint points. Zirk did something we’d never seen before and touched the wall with his hand at 100 meters to ensure he would get the 6 points, doing an open turn as opposed to a flipturn. Though Zirk would fade to 4th he was able to hold onto his points, earning a total of 10.5 as he tie with Toronto’s Max Litchfield in 3:43.13.

Toronto’s Luc Kroon won the men’s 400 freestyle in 3:40.74, getting the better of London’s Duncan Scott by 2 seconds. London’s Zac Incerti placed 3rd though, buoying the Roar’s points to 15. The DC Trident earn 9 points with 6th- and 7th-place finishes, only 0.5 points less than Energy Standard.

Women’s 4 x 100 Medley Relay

  1. LON – London Roar 3:48.58 20.0
  2. ENS – Energy Standard 3:48.96 14.0
  3. TOR – Toronto Titans 3:49.34 12.0
  4. DCT – DC Trident 3:52.17 10.0
  5. ENS – Energy Standard 3:53.15 8.0
  6. LON – London Roar 3:54.75 6.0
  7. DCT – DC Trident 3:55.56 4.0
  8. TOR – Toronto Titans 3:58.29 JP

The London Roar managed to win the women’s 4 x 100 medley relay and place 6th for a total of 26 points, enough to allow them to choose the stroke for the women’s 50 skins race on day 2. The DC Trident gets first choice of elimination, however, and Energy Standard the second choice of elimination.

Toronto’s ‘A’ team did well to place 3rd though their ‘B’ team was jackpotted by London. Sarah Sjostrom produced a 51.03 freestyle split for Energy Standard, Toronto’s Louise Hansson and London’s Emma McKeon put up 55.30 and 55.32 butterfly splits, respectively, while Alia Atkinson dominated the field in breaststroke with a 1:04.03. The backstroke splits were pretty pedestrian with the fastest going to Toronto’s Kylie Masse in 56.59.

Men’s 4 x 100 Medley Relay

  1. ENS – Energy Standard 3:22.38 24.0
  2. LON – London Roar 3:22.93 14.0
  3. DCT – DC Trident 3:23.39 12.0
  4. TOR – Toronto Titans 3:25.40 10.0
  5. DCT – DC Trident 3:27.00 8.0
  6. ENS – Energy Standard 3:27.80 6.0
  7. LON – London Roar 3:29.47 JP
  8. TOR – Toronto Titans 3:29.52 JP

Energy Standard dominated the men’s medley relay, thanks to a 55.36 breaststroke split from Ilya Shymanovich, though Evgeny Rylov did well to put up a 49.62 backstroke leg. Because Energy placed 1st and 6th they will have final choice on the men’s 50 skins race for day 2. Only three butterflyers broke 50 seconds in this relay with one of those coming from London’s Kyle Chalmers who put up a 49.81. The London Roar, who scored 14 points, will have first choice of elimination in the skins selection, while DC, who scored 22 points total, will get to eliminate the second stroke.

Team Points Update – Day 1

  1. Energy Standard – 300.5 points
  2. London Roar – 227.0 points
  3. DC Trident – 193.0 points
  4. Toronto Titans – 185.5 points

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2 years ago

Controversial suggestion: In relays, if the winning team’s second relay gets jackpotted by their winning relay, all jackpots are cancelled for that event.

This way, teams would be required to make balanced relay teams, because if their A team is too much better than their B team it would cost them their jackpots.

This happens so often that it would basically prevent jackpots in the majority of relays altogether.

Max C
Reply to  Sub13
2 years ago

Or the make a rule that you can’t be jackpotted by your own team – if your second relay (or individual) would be jackpotted by the second place team, points go to them instead.

Reply to  Max C
2 years ago

Or just get rid of the jackpots entirely.

Reply to  Troyy
2 years ago

Jackpots are a response to a very real problem where top-tier pros could just coast through easy matchups they know they would win. If you want to see more amazing swims like Stewart’s 100 back or Dressel’s 100IM last year then you need jackpots to incentivize them to win by as large a margin as possible.

2 years ago

Since most teams just go for the jackpot now in relays by stacking their ‘A teams’ I think it would be more exciting if each team had one relay instead of two, that way we’d get a more competitive environment from the relays and it would lessen the feeling of relays feeling like complete overkill towards the weaker teams.

2 years ago

On paper having 2 relay entries per team was supposed to ‘fill the lanes’ and have a competitive 8 squad race. However with depth issues with multiple teams, the relay B teams are really standing out for the wrong reasons. I almost think for the ‘look’ of those races that relays simply be your A team, 4 lanes. Ez to know who is winning etc, and then each team stacks of course to simply try to WIN the event. Teams with less depth still could win if they can put 4 swimmers together instead of 8.

ps. How about the women’s 200 IM, top 4 all Canadian!

Reply to  njones
2 years ago

Yeah I think an overarching problem with the league is that the talent level drops off way quicker than I think we all thought it would.

I presume that as the league goes on and motivates more athletes to keep training, that could change. More money might also start to bring more swimmers to the meets. They really need to get the Chinese athletes on board.

If the sport just got a little bit deeper, I think it could be really cool.

Reply to  Braden Keith
2 years ago

This year the depth is extra bad cus covid and olympics. I think the final will still b a banger its enuf time but all world classers pulled off the gas this past 18mo in some way, and others who tried their best not to are probably more burnt than any era ever esp w the stress of swimming getting bigger leading to more meets/ obligations/ pressure combined with covid and everything else. I think the long term effects may b pretty gnarly and we’re not fully accepting that yet. Lots of careers will dwindle these next couple years in the mid tier leaving a bit of a hole…. give the young kids 3-7 year… up and comers are doing… Read more »

2 years ago

Miller swimming well? 😳

Reply to  Virtus
2 years ago

He’s actually been swimming well all season. I think it’s likely that he’s turned to a phase of his career where his focus will be on swimming well in ISL for a few seasons, and that can make a big difference.

Reply to  Braden Keith
2 years ago

He’s able to support his family as well if he can perform

2 years ago

London has made some odd race choices today and just had some races not go their way. I suspect that ENS will win this match much more convincingly than the last.

Very surprised at Kyle swimming butterfly but he didn’t do too bad. In saying that, I still think he would have been better utilised in free.

Yet again, Jackpot points irritate me, especially in relays. Why swim a balanced relay that gets you 2nd and 3rd when stacking an A relay will get you 1000 jackpoint points, and jackpot your 8th place B relay anyway. Or for the lower down teams, if they have two relays that would come 5th and 6th, they may as well stack one because… Read more »

Reply to  Sub13
2 years ago

I hope Chalmers doesn’t aggravate his injury again if he’s gonna swim fly in ISL.

Daeleb Creseel
Reply to  Troyy
2 years ago

bad choice

2 years ago

Does anyone know what will be the stroke for skins?

2 years ago

Chalmers swam fly on the relay and outsplit le clos.

Just give the trophy to the condors already
Reply to  Yoo
2 years ago

Everybody will outsplit leclos


not schooling if he was in it

Greg Peter
Reply to  Yoo
2 years ago

A freestyler who’s good at butterfly? Who would have thought!

Eric the eel > Phelps
2 years ago

i’m crying right now , Peaty T-T

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Reid Carlson

Reid Carlson originally hails from Clay Center, Kansas, where he began swimming at age six with the Clay Center Tiger Sharks, a summer league team. At age 14 he began swimming club year-round with the Manhattan Marlins (Manhattan, KS), which took some convincing from his mother as he was very …

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