Articles by Reid Carlson

Sharon van Rouwendaal Given Brief Cameo on Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

2016 Olympic gold medalist Sharon van Rouwendaal was among a handful of athletes featured on HBO’s Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Sunday, May 17th.

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Beyond the 8 Golds: Michael Phelps’ Goal Times For the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Though Michael Phelps set World Records in 4 of his 5 individual races in Beijing, he did not achieve all of the goal times he and Bowman had established.


What the Guidelines for Nationwide Reopening Mean for Swimming

In order for swimming to return to normal, gyms, pools, and spas will need to reopen and people will need to be allowed to meet in larger groups once again.


Watch Mark Spitz Race at the NCAA Championships, 1969-1972

Though Mark Spitz is best known for winning 7 gold medals at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, the Indiana Hoosier also had a legendary NCAA career.


Semifinal Shockers: 10 Epic Swims From Semifinals That Inspired Us

Here we count down some of the greatest performances from semifinal races of the last 20-ish years. These races are just as memorable as the finals.


Swimwear Manufacturer Dolfin Producing Face Masks for Coronavirus Protection

Dolfin Swimwear, a division of Elite Sportswear, has begun producing protective face masks and mask covers for those in need of them.

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Serdinov, Phelps, Crocker: 3 Heats, 3 Consecutive World Records in the 100 Fly

As Serdinov celebrated Phelps charged down the pool, his back-end speed propelling him ahead of the minutes-old record Serdinov set in the first semifinal.


USA Swimming Calls for Nominations for 2 Board of Director Seats

USA Swimming has announced that it will elect two new members to its Board of Directors in September 2020: 1 At-Large member and 1 athlete representative.


Peirsol, Lochte, Phelps, Grevers, Clary: A Defining Decade of USA’s Backstroke

Peirsol was the king of backstroke from 2001 to 2009, though in 2007 and 2008 Lochte was better at the 200 backstroke, and even pushed Peirsol in the 100.


AOC President John Coates Volunteers 20 Percent Pay Cut Due to Corona Pandemic

AOC President John Coates has voluntarily taken a 20 percent pay cut in response to the global coronavirus pandemic.


Tokyo Considering Olympic Facilities to House People With Coronavirus Symptoms

The Tokyo government is considering using the empty venues constructed for the Games as temporary housing for citizens with mild coronavirus symptoms.


Katinka Hosszu and Team Iron Donate 1.5 Million Forints to Coronavirus Research

Katinka Hosszu and Iron Swim partners Máté Gelencsér and Tamás Batházi donated 1.5 million Hungarian forints (roughly $4,500 USD) Coronavirus research.


IOC Criticized for Holding OLY Boxing Qualifier After 7 Test COVID-19 Positive

Two Turkish boxers and one coach have tested positive for COVID-19 after a Road To Tokyo Olympic qualifying event in London last week, hosted by the IOC.


Revisiting Phelps’s Insane 1:52.09 200 Fly from the 2007 World Championships

While Michael Phelps will best be remembered for winning 8 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, he was arguably better in 2007.


Kosuke Kitajima and the Dolphin Kicks That Changed Breaststroke Forever

Kosuke Kitajima changed breaststroke forever when he implemented dolphin kicks into his underwater pullouts at the 2004 Olympics and was not disqualified.