2021 International Swimming League – Match 9, Day 2: Live Recap


Team Points Update – Day 1

  1. Energy Standard – 300.5 points
  2. London Roar – 227.0 points
  3. DC Trident – 193.0 points
  4. Toronto Titans – 185.5 points



  • DC Trident – Lanes 1 & 2
  • Energy Standard – Lanes 3 & 4
  • London Roar – Lanes 5 & 6
  • Toronto Titans – Lanes 7 & 8

Women’s 100 Freestyle

  1. HAUGHEY Siobhan ENS 51.42 9.0
  2. McKEON Emma LON 51.47 7.0
  3. WASICK Kasia TOR 51.93 6.0
  4. HEEMSKERK Femke ENS 52.00 5.0
  5. HOPKIN Anna DCT 52.26 4.0
  6. MACK Linnea DCT 52.38 3.0
  7. SANCHEZ Kayla TOR 52.52 2.O
  8. MUREZ Andi LON 53.46 1.0

Olympic gold and silver medalists Emma McKeon and Siobhan Haughey swam a close race in the women’s 100 freestyle, though in a reversal of the race in Tokyo Haughey out-touches McKeon by 0.05, hitting the wall in 51.42. Haughey’s teammate Femke Heemskerk placed 4th in 52.00, good for 5 points, while London’s Andi Murez placed 8th. Over all, Energy Standard comes away with 14 points in the race to London’s 8 points. The Toronto Titans pick up 8 points as well while the DC Trident comes away with 7 points.

Men’s 100 Freestyle

  1. CHALMERS Kyle LON 46.02 12.
  2. SHCHEGOLEV Aleksandr DCT 46.82 7.0
  3. HAYDEN Brent TOR 47.09 6.0
  4. KROON Luc TOR 47.47 5.0
  5. KOLESNIKOV Kliment ENS 47.60 4.0
  6. SHEVTSOV Sergey DCT 47.71 3.0
  7. ZHILKIN Andrey ENS 47.93 JP
  8. INCERTI Zac LON 48.21 JP

The London Roar’s Kyle Chalmers dominated the men’s 100 freestyle, turning in 22.11 at the 50, already 0.39 ahead of Toronto’s Brent Hayden. Chalmers extended the lead over the second 50, closing in 23.91 touching in a final time of 46.02. DC’s Aleksandr Shchegolev places 2nd in 46.82 while Toronto takes both 3rd and 4th. Chalmers’ win comes as a jackpot earning London Roar 12 points total–one of Chalmers’ victims included teammate and fellow Aussie Zac Incerti. The DC Trident and Energy Standard also had one swimmer each who lost their points to Chalmers. Ultimately, Energy Standard earns just 4 points in the men’s 100 free while DC earns 7 and Toronto 11.

Women’s 200 Butterfly

  1. JAKABOS Zsuzsanna DCT 2:06.56 9.0
  2. ROSENDAHL BACH Helena ENS 2:07.04 7.0
  3. BIANCHI Ilaria LON 2:07.23 6.0
  4. HALL Candice TOR 2:07.87 5.0
  5. GROVES Madeline  DCT 2:08.29 4.0
  6. LAHTINEN Laura LON 2:09.13 3.0
  7. CIEPLUCHA Tessa TOR 2:10.41 2.0
  8. GUNES Viktoriya ENS 2:11.28 1.0

DC Trident’s Szuszanna Jakabos got her first win in the ISL with a 2:06.56 in the women’s 200 butterfly. Though Jakabos won the race it was DC teammate Madeline Groves who held the early lead, turning first at both the 50- (28.17) and 100-meter (59.87) marks. Groves turned second at the 150-meter mark, surrendering her lead to Groves, and then ultimately faded to 5th. Nonetheless, the Trident earns 14 points in the race.

The Toronto Titans, who are currently fighting with DC for 3rd in overall match points, earn just 7 points in the women’s 200 fly while London gets 9 points and Energy Standard 8 points.

Men’s 200 Butterfly

  1. RAZZETTI Alberto TOR 1:51.15 12.0
  2. le CLOS Chad ENS 1:51.33 7.0
  3. ZIRK Kregor ENS 1:53.13 6.0
  4. HARTING Zach DCT 1:53.36 5.0
  5. LANZA Vini LON 1:53.94 4.0
  6. MILDRED Edward LON 1:54.72 3.0
  7. LITCHFIELD Max TOR 1:55.79 JP
  8. STJEPANOVIC Velimir DCT 1:55.84 JP

Toronto’s Alberto Razzetti held off a charging Chad le Clos to get the win for the Titans in the men’s 200 fly. Razzetti’s teammate Max Litchfield was jackpotted by Razzetti, as was DC’s Velimir Stjepanovic. Energy Standard hauls in 13 points with 2nd- and 3rd-place finishes from Chad le Clos and Kregor Zirk, respectively. The London Roar earns 7 points while the DC Trident gets just 5 points.

Women’s 100 Backstroke

Kylie Masse and Kira Toussaint turned even in 27.20 at 50 meters, though Masse charged over the final 25 meters to get the edge over Toussaint by 0.13. Lisa Bratton places 4th for Toronto, giving the Titans 14 points total, while London’s Minna Atherton, the World and ISL Record holder in the race, places just 5th giving London a total of 11 points in the race. Energy Standard struggled here, placing just 6th and 7th and earning a mere 5 points, while the DC Trident earns 7 points.

Men’s 100 Backstroke

Energy Standard’s Evgeny Rylov gave London’s Guilherme Guido his first loss of the season in the men’s 100 backstroke, surging over the final 25 meters to touch in 49.42 to Guido’s 49.65. Per usual, Guido turned at 50 meters in under World Record pace while Rylov was barely over World Record pace. Rylov jackpotted both swimmers from the DC Trident as well as his own teammate Travis Mahoney, earning 15 points total. London’s Christian Diener places 3rd to give the Roar a total of 13 points in the race, while Totonto earns 10 points. This is a vey rough event for the DC Trident as they clamor for 3rd in the team standings with the Titans.

Women’s 100 IM

  1. PICKREM Sydney LON 58.40 10
  2. HARVEY Mary-Sophie  ENS 58.42 7.0
  3. SJOSTROM Sarah ENS 58.46 6.0
  4. HANSSON Louise  TOR 58.92 5.0
  5. ANDISON Bailey DCT 59.86 4.0
  6. HINDLEY Isabella  DCT 1:00.34 3.0
  7. COLEMAN Michelle  TOR 1:00.60 2.0
  8. LAUKKANEN Jenna  LON 1:00.83 JP

London’s Sydney Pickrem surged from 5th-place at the 50 to a dead-heat with Energy’s Mary-Sophie Harvey by the 75-meter turn and then held off Harvey on the freestyle, out-touching her by 0.02. Pickrem jackpotted her own teammate Jenna Laukkanen to earn 10 points total. Energy’s Sarah Sjostrom placed 3rd to give Energy 13 points total, more than London. Toronto’s Michelle Coleman had the lead at 50 meters but ultimately faded to 7th while teammate Louise Hansson places 5th to earn the Titans 7 points overall, the same number the DC Trident earns.

Men’s 100 IM

  1. KNOX Finlay TOR 51.91
  2. VAZAIOS Andreas DCT 52.61
  3. ZHILKIN Andrey ENS 52.71
  4. COPE Tommy DCT 53.43
  5. GREENBANK Luke LON 53.74
  6. STUPIN Max  ENS 54.27
  7. MILDRED Edward LON 56.07
  8. PRATT Cole TOR 57.26

Toronto’s Finlay Knox wins the men’s 100 IM for the second week in a row, also jackpotting three other swimmers to earn a total of 15 points for Toronto. Notably, three men in the field failed to meet the minimum time standard and were not only jackpotted but penalized with a 1-point deduction. The DC Trident did well to earn 12 points total in the race while Energy Standard earns 9 points and London only 4 points, not accounting for the deductions.

Women’s 100 Breaststroke

  1. ATKINSON Alia 1:04.09N15.0
  2. CHIKUNOVA Evgenia 1:04.82 7.0
  3. LAZOR Annie 1:05.66 6.0
  4. TEMNIKOVA Maria 1:05.88 5.0
  5. SZTANDERA Dominika 1:06.01 4.0
  6. BELONOGOFF Tatiana 1:06.65 JP
  7. VALL Jessica 1:07.22 JP
  8. WOG Kelsey 1:09.35 -1

London’s Alia Atkinson established an early lead in the women’s 100 breaststroke and didn’t look back, jackpotting three swimmers for a total of 15 points. Energy Standard’s Evgenia Chikunova places 2nd, good for 7 points, while London’s Annie Lazor places 3rd to earn 6 points putting London’s total up to 21 points in the race.

Men’s 100 Breaststroke

  1. SHYMANOVICH Ilya  ENS 56.10 15.0
  2. LIMA Felipe ENS 57.27 7.0
  3. MILLER Cody DCT 57.59 6.0
  4. FRANCA SILVA Felipe DCT 57.71 5.0
  5. SCHWINGENSCHLOGL Fabian TOR 57.77 4.0
  6. MURDOCH Ross LON 58.56 JP
  7. WILLIAMSON Sam LON 58.95 JP
  8. McKEE Anton TOR 59.46 DCT JP

Energy Standard dominated the men’s 100 breaststroke to earn a total of 22 points, 15 of which came from Ilya Shymanovich who jackpots three swimmers including both athletes from the London Roar. The DC Trident did well to place 3rd and 4th, earning a total of 11 points while Toronto comes away with only 4 points.

Women’s 50 Butterfly

  1. SJOSTROM Sarah ENS 25.15 12.0
  2. McKEON Emma LON 25.32 7.0
  3. BANIC Madeline ENS 25.57 6.0
  4. HANSSON Louise TOR 25.60 5.0
  5. COLEMAN Michelle TOR 26.01 4.0
  6. GROVES Madeline  DCT 26.09 3.0
  7. HOPKIN Anna  DCT 26.22 JP
  8. BIANCHI Ilaria LON 26.87 -1

Energy’s Sarah Sjostrom looked dominant in the women’s 50 butterfly, holding off London’s Emma McKeon. Energy’s Maddie Banic placed 3rd to bring Energy a total of 19 points in the race. London’s Ilaria Bianchi garners a 1-point deduction while the DC Trident comes away with a mere 3 points.

Men’s 50 Butterfly

  1. PROUD Ben ENS 22.26 12.0
  2. KUSCH Marius TOR 22.32 7.0
  3. CARTER Dylan LON 22.36 6.0
  4. PEKARSKI Grigori TOR 22.75 5.0
  5. LANZA Vini LON 22.92 4.0
  6. MANAUDOU Florent ENS 22.99 3.0
  7. HOFFER Ryan DCT 23.31 JP
  8. VAZAIOS Andreas DCT 23.34 JP

Energy Standard’s Ben Proud blasted a 22.26 to win the men’s 50 butterfly, out-touching Toronto’s Marius Kusch. Proud earns a total of 12 points after jackpotting both DC swimmers. The men’s 50 fly is a blow to DC and a boon to Toronto who earns 12 points.

Team Points Update:

  1. Energy Standard 439.5
  2. London Roar 337.0
  3. Toronto Titans 295.5
  4. DC Trident 273.0

Women’s 200 Freestyle

  1. HAUGHEY Siobhan ENS 1:52.25 19.0
  2. NEALE Leah  DCT 1:55.41 7.0
  3. PICKREM Sydney LON 1:56.25 6.0
  4. BRUHN Annika DCT 1:56.58 5.0
  5. HASSLER Julia TOR 1:56.91 JP
  6. MUREZ Andi LON 1:57.49 JP
  7. MEITZ Kaersten  TOR 1:58.12 JP
  8. ROSENDAHL BACH Helena ENS 1:58.67 -1

Siobhan Haughey absolutely dominated the women’s 200 freestyle, leading the entire way and winning by over 3 seconds. Haughey also jackpots four swimmers taking all of Toronto’s points. The DC Trident are able to make up some ground on Toronto here since Leah Neale and Annika Bruhn placed 2nd and 4th for a total of 12 points.

Men’s 200 Freestyle

  1. SCOTT Duncan LON 1:41.72 10.0
  2. SHCHEGOLEV Aleksandr  DCT 1:42.90 7.0
  3. KROON Luc TOR 1:43.39 6.0
  4. le CLOS Chad ENS 1:43.42 5.0
  5. ZIRK Kregor  ENS 1:44.31 4.0
  6. PEBLEY Jacob DCT 1:44.41 3.0
  7. KNOX Finlay TOR 1:45.58 2.0
  8. INCERTI Zac LON 1:47.56 JP

We saw some roster experimentation in the men’s 200 freestyle with Jacob Pebley, Finlay Knox, and Chad le Clos all competing. Le Clos is a world champion in the 200 SCM freestyle though it’s not a race he’s used to in the ISL. All the same, le Clos took the race out characteristically fast though London’s Duncan Scott had reeled him in by the 100-meter turn. Scott extended his lead over the second half of the race to win by over a second while le Clos fatigued and faded to 4th. Energy Standard earns 9 points in this race while Toronto earns 8 points and the DC Trident 9 points. Despite winning the race the London Roar earn only 10 points since their second swimmer, Zac Incerti, was jackpotted by teammate Scott.

Mixed 4 x 100 Medley Relay

  1. ENS – Energy Standard 3:34.49 18.0
  2. LON – London Roar 3:36.34 14.0
  3. TOR – Toronto Titans 3:36.38 12.0
  4. ENS – Energy Standard 3:37.45 10.0
  5. TOR – Toronto Titans 3:38.20 8.0
  6. DCT – DC Trident 3:38.47 6.0
  7. DCT – DC Trident 3:38.93 4.0
  8. LON – London Roar 3:40.31 2.0

Energy Standard dominated the mixed medley relay, thanks to huge splits from Shymanovich and Sjostrom, though Femke Heemskerk out-split Sjostrom on Energy’s ‘B’ relay. Kyle Chalmers anchored London’s relay in a massive 45.78 to pass every team in the field except Energy’s ‘A’ team.

Team Points Update

  1. Energy Standard – 494.5
  2. London Roar – 369.0
  3. Toronto Titans – 323.5
  4. DC Trident – 305.0

Women’s 400 IM

  1. ANDISON Bailey DCT 4:27.23 24.0
  2. SHANAHAN Katie LON 4:32.74 11.0
  3. JAKABOS Zsuzsanna DCT 4:34.91N 9.0
  4. CIEPLUCHA Tessa TOR 4:36.15 5.0
  5. GUNES Viktoriya ENS 4:36.25 4.0
  6. HALL Candice TOR 4:37.94 JP
  7. ROSENDAHL BACH Helena ENS 4:38.48 JP
  8. PICKREM Sydney DNS -4

The DC Trident dominated the women’s 400 IM. Bailey Andison won the race by over 5 seconds and earned jackpot points from three swimmers and also picked up 6 points for turning first at 200 meters. 200 fly winner Szuszanna Jakabos placed 3rd and also picked up 3 points for the 200-meter checkpoint, giving DC a total of 33 points in the race. The Toronto Titans earned a mere 5 points in the race while the London Roar had only one swimmer in the field, meaning the Roar is deducted 4 points.

Men’s 400 IM

  1. SCOTT Duncan LON 4:02.34 14.0
  2. RAZZETTI Alberto TOR 4:03.65 13.0
  3. LITCHFIELD Max TOR 4:06.88 9.0
  4. LITHERLAND Jay DCT 4:08.91 7.0
  5. STUPIN Max ENS 4:09.20 5.0
  6. COPE Tommy DCT 4:10.39 3.0
  7. SWANSON Charlie ENS 4:10.72 2.0
  8. MILDRED Edward LON 4:20.93 -1

Despite being behind by a body-length, London’s Duncan Scott roared home over the final 100 meters of freestyle to beat Toronto’s Alberto Razzetti by over a second. The Toronto Titans placed 2nd and 3rd to earn a total of 22 points while London earns only 14 points, though they are also penalized for Ed Mildred failing to meet the minimum time standard.

Women’s 50 Backstroke Skins


The London did exactly what they needed to and advanced both Kira Toussaint and Minna Atherton to the semi-final (second) round of the skins. Kylie Masse from the Toronto Titans won the heat and jackpotted teammate Michelle Coleman. Both DC Trident swimmers were shut out of the semi-final round of four, sealing their fate as Match 9’s 4th-place team finisher.


Minna Atherton charged home on the second 25 to get her hand on the wall ahead of Toronto’s Kylie Masse. London and Toronto will have one swimmer in the final, while World Record holder Kira Toussaint is knocked out.


Minna Atherton looked dominant in the third and final 50 of the women’s backstroke skins, hitting the wall in 27.18 to Kylie Masse‘s 27.74. London chose not to swim Atherton on the mixed 4 x 100 medley relay, a strategy that paid off here.

Men’s 50 Backstroke Skins


London’s Guilherme Guido narrowly out-touched Energy’s Evgeny Rylov in the first round of men’s backstroke skins. Both London and both Energy Standard swimmers advance, meaning whatever points the Toronto Titans and the DC Trident have scored thus far in the competition are now their final team scores. This means Toronto places 3rd overall and DC 4th.


Rylov gets his hand on the wall first to qualify for the skins final while Guido places 2nd, also advancing. Kolesnikov and Diener tie for 3rd but are both eliminated.


Evgeny Rylov dominated the final round of the skins, showcasing his incredibly back-end speed. Rylov looked sharp from the very beginning of the race and out-performed Guido on the underwaters, an part of the race Guido usually uses to his advantage. Rylov’s time in the skins final was faster than his time in the semi-final round and fast enough to jackpot Guido, earning the Russian 21 points in round 3 for a total of 37 points in the skins. Rylov is now the Match 9 MVP and Energy Standard wins its 4th and final match of the 2021 ISL regular season.

Energy, London, and Toronto are all now qualified to advance to the semi-finals in Eindhoven while DC will have to swim one more match next week to try and earn their spot in the semis.

Final Team Standings

  1. Energy Standard – 568.0
  2. London Roar – 457.5
  3. Toronto Titans – 380.5
  4. DC Trident – 357.0

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1 month ago

Link please ?

1 month ago

This isn’t the right place to ask this but does anyone know why Chinese athletes don’t participate in the ISL?

Reply to  Bruh
1 month ago

Cause most of them were caught doping

Daeleb Creseel
Reply to  Bruh
1 month ago

Clashes with Chinese National games?

Reply to  Bruh
1 month ago

Their national federation has far greater control than is common with other leading nations. Clearly the Chinese federation has not “green-lighted” their swimmers seeking an ISL contract. IF this were to ever happen, it would be via a Chinese franchise.

Eric the eel > Phelps
1 month ago

Jakabos is my type, absolute type

Reply to  Eric the eel > Phelps
1 month ago

What swimmers AREN’T your type?

Just give the trophy to the condors already
Reply to  leisurely1:29
1 month ago

Lilly King I think

Eric the eel > Phelps
1 month ago


1 month ago

Wow a 51.42 from Siobhan is faster than Emma’s gold-medal winning time in Tokyo!

Reply to  Sharon
1 month ago

This is in a 25 meter pool, Emma did it in a 50 meter pool.

Eric the eel > Phelps
Reply to  Sharon
1 month ago

calm down sharon

Corn Pop
Reply to  Eric the eel > Phelps
1 month ago

She is right tho.

Reply to  Corn Pop
1 month ago

But it’s a pointless observation. It’s like me saying “oh look, Kyle’s 100 free is faster than Phelps’s 200 fly”.

Reply to  Sharon
1 month ago

McKeon went 51.05 last week I’m pretty sure, short course is normally always faster

Eric the eel > Phelps
1 month ago

Scott goes 1.41 and jackpots only 1 swimma ? come ooon

1 month ago

just a friendly suggestion to SS – can the team score also be posted more often through out the match?

I am still rooting DCT to hang on for 3rd though I know it is unlikely. By looking at the result I can kind of guess that they are falling behind but it will still be kind of exciting to see how that play out.

I don’t know about others but often time I root for more than one team for different position in the overall ranking. So even though ENS is clearly ahead, I am still interested in seeing how other teams rank.

1 month ago

Can someone teach them the difference between LC and SC world records??

Reply to  CY~
1 month ago

The first is done on LCM pool, the 2nd in SCM pools..

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