21 Swimmers Add NCAA ‘A’ Cuts During Final Weekend Of Invites

After a week off for Thanksgiving, the last round of mid-season NCAA invite meets took place over the weekend and there were a lot of fast times put up. As the last real opportunity to score an NCAA qualifying swim before the end of 2018, a swimmer locking up a qualifying time now meant they could go into their Conference Championship with less rest and less pressure and thus allowing them to put their primary focus on peaking for NCAAs.

In total, nine women and twelve men hit NCAA ‘A’ cuts for the first time this season over the weekend, bringing the cumulative total to 25 women, 17 men and 42 total swimmers. Check out the full list below (the swimmers in bold are new qualifiers from this weekend):

Women Event(s) Men Event(s)
Mallory Comerford (Louisville) 100/200 FR, 100 FLY Coleman Stewart (NC State) 100 BK
Siobhan Haughey (Michigan) 100/200 FR Ian Finnerty (Indiana) 100 BR
Beata Nelson (Wisconsin) 100/200 BK, 100 FLY, 200 IM Max McHugh (Minnesota) 100 BR
Lilly King (Indiana) 100/200 BR Caio Pumputis (Georgia Tech) 200 BR
Lindsey Kozelsky (Minnesota) 100 BR Mark Nikolaev (Grand Canyon) 100 BK
Maggie MacNeil (Michigan) 100 FLY Tate Jackson (Texas) 50/100 FR
Louise Hansson (USC) 200 FR, 100/200 FLY Andrew Seliskar (Cal) 200 FR, 200 BR, 200 IM
Anna Hopkin (Arkansas) 50/100 FR Ricardo Vargas Jacobo (Michigan) 500/1650 FR
Phoebe Hines (Hawaii) 1650 FR Brooks Fail (Arizona) 500 FR
Asia Seidt (Kentucky) 200 BK Chris Yeager (Texas) 1650 FR
Sophie Hansson (NC State) 100 BR Dean Farris (Harvard) 100 BK
Sydney Pickrem (Texas A&M) 200 BR, 200/400 IM Patrick Mulcare (USC) 200 BK
Anna Belousova (Texas A&M) 200 BR Joey Reilman (Tennessee) 200 BK
Grace Oglesby (Louisville) 100/200 FLY Carsten Vissering (USC) 100 BR
Ella Eastin (Stanford) 200 FLY, 200/400 IM Charles Scheinfeld (Texas) 100/200 BR
Katie Drabot (Stanford) 200 FLY Reece Whitley (Cal) 100/200 BR
Abbey Weitzeil (Cal) 50/100 FR Zheng Quah (Cal) 200 FLY
Erika Brown (Tennessee) 50/100 FR, 100 FLY
Grace Ariola (Texas) 50 FR
Claire Adams (Texas) 100 FR, 100 BK
Joanna Evans (Texas) 500 FR
Courtney Harnish (Georgia) 500 FR
Ally McHugh (Penn St) 1650 FR
Maddie Wright (USC) 200 FLY
Tessa Cieplucha (Tennessee) 400 IM

In addition to all of the new qualifiers, Beata Nelson and Louise Hansson both achieved new cuts, with Nelson adding the 200 back, 100 fly and 200 IM to the 100 back time she already had (she also broke the American Record in that event this weekend), and Hansson added the 200 fly and 200 free after already having the 100 fly. Nelson now leads all swimmers with four ‘A’ cuts, while Hansson, Sydney PickremMallory ComerfordElla EastinErika Brown and Andrew Seliskar all have three.

Seliskar’s three are obviously the most amongst the men, while Texas sprinter Tate Jackson, Michigan distance freestyler Ricardo Vargas Jacobo, and freshman breaststrokers Reece Whitley (Cal) and Charlie Scheinfeld (Texas) are the only others with multiple cuts at two (all doing so this weekend).

The only two events in which no one has hit an ‘A’ cut yet this season are the men’s 100 fly and the men’s 400 IM.

Additionally, after the first round of invites we had found that a total of 98 women and 41 men had achieved at least one time that would’ve qualified them for the 2018 NCAA Championships. This past weekend that number grew by over 100, as there are now 141 women and 100 men with a time.

Women (141)

Swimmer School
McMahon, Kensey Alabama
White, Rhyan Alabama
Cox, Hannah Arizona
Jacobsen, Kirsten Arizona
Konopka, Katrina Arizona
Macias, Ayumi Arizona
Nordin, Emma Arizona St
Hopkin, Anna Arkansas
Falconer, Erin Auburn
Fisch, Claire Auburn
Hetzer, Emily Auburn
Bilquist, Amy California
Blovad, Keaton California
Darcel, Sarah California
McLaughlin, Katie California
Neumann, Robin California
Weitzeil, Abbey California
Wilson, Alicia California
Jordan, Kylie Duke
Marsh, Alyssa Duke
Ball, Emma Florida
Braswell, Leah Florida
Fertel, Kelly Florida
Pearl, Vanessa Florida
Zavaros, Mabel Florida
Hulkko, Ida Florida St
Burchill, Veronica Georgia
Carter, Olivia Georgia
Harnish, Courtney Georgia
Luther, Dakota Georgia
Hajkova, Karolina Hawaii
Hines, Phoebe Hawaii
Andison, Bailey Indiana
Jensen, Christie Indiana
Jernberg, Cassy Indiana
King, Lilly Indiana
Kovac, Bailey Indiana
Looze, Mackenzie Indiana
Morley, Laura Indiana
Peplowski, Noelle Indiana
Bonnett, Bailey Kentucky
Freriks, Geena Kentucky
Galyer, Ali Kentucky
Seidt, Asia Kentucky
Astashkina, Mariia Louisville
Cattermole, Sophie Louisville
Comerford, Mallory Louisville
Friesen, Morgan Louisville
Kendzior, Alina Louisville
Kraus, Alena Louisville
Oglesby, Grace Louisville
Knight, Haylee LSU
Bi, Rose Michigan
Deloof, Catie Michigan
Haughey, Siobhan Michigan
Krause, Vanessa Michigan
MacNeil, Maggie Michigan
Schmidt, Sierra Michigan
Tucker, Miranda Michigan
Yeung, Jamie Zhen Michigan
Kozelsky, Lindsey Minnesota
Munson, Rachel Minnesota
Nack, Chantal Minnesota
Padington, Mackenzie Minnesota
Waddell, Tevyn Minnesota
Evensen, Courtney Missouri
Hynes, Haley Missouri
Ochitwa, Ann Missouri
Thompson, Sarah Missouri
Alons, Kylee NC State
Haan, Elise NC State
Hansson, Sophie NC State
Holub, Tamila NC State
Moore, Kate NC State
Muzzy, Emma NC State
Perry, Ky-lee NC State
Rowe, Sirena NC State
Sargent, Makayla NC State
Sheridan, Calypso Northwestern
Smith, Nikki Notre Dame
Stone, Lindsay Notre Dame
Thomas, Luciana Notre Dame
Treuth, Alice Notre Dame
Demler, Kathrin Ohio St
Gresser, Hanna Ohio St
Hart, Maddie Penn St
McHugh, Ally Penn St
Phee, Jinq En Purdue
Koprivova, Vera Rutgers
Vincent, Courtney San Diego St
Podmanikova, Andrea SMU
Barksdale, Emma South Carolina
Aroesty, Margaret Southern Cali
Ciesla, Marta Southern Cali
Hansson, Louise Southern Cali
Sanchez, Catherine Southern Cali
Scott, Riley Southern Cali
Tycz, Caitlin Southern Cali
Wade, Tatum Southern Cali
Wright, Maddie Southern Cali
Bartel, Zoe Stanford
Byrnes, Megan Stanford
Drabot, Katie Stanford
Eastin, Ella Stanford
Forde, Brooke Stanford
Nordmann, Lucie Stanford
Ruck, Taylor Stanford
Stevens, Leah Stanford
Szekely, Allie Stanford
Voss, Erin Stanford
Banic, Madeline Tennessee
Brown, Erika Tennessee
Cieplucha, Tessa Tennessee
Grinter, Bailey Tennessee
Moseley, Constanze Tennessee
Nunan, Amanda Tennessee
Popov, Nikol Tennessee
Small, Meghan Tennessee
Adams, Claire Texas
Ariola, Grace Texas
Carrozza, Quinn Texas
Cook, Julia Texas
Diener, Anelise Texas
Evans, Joanna Texas
Lohman, Kennedy Texas
Pfeifer, Evie Texas
Rule, Remedy Texas
Belousova, Anna Texas A&M
Gonzalez-Hermosillo, Monika Texas A&M
Pickrem, Sydney Texas A&M
Pike, Taylor Texas A&M
Portz, Katie Texas A&M
Quah, Jing Texas A&M
Rasmus, Claire Texas A&M
Yelle, Haley Texas A&M
Barber, Lauren U.S. Navy
Christensen, Kaki Virginia
Hill, Morgan Virginia
Madden, Paige Virginia
Nelson, Beata Wisconsin
Hindley, Bella Yale

Stanford leads with the way with ten female swimmers under a 2018 invited time, followed by Texas and NC State with nine, and then Indiana, Michigan, USC, Tennessee and Texas A&M all have eight. Louisville and Cal both have seven. Look at the full numbers by team below:

School # of Swimmers
Alabama 2
Arizona 4
Arizona St 1
Arkansas 1
Auburn 3
California 7
Duke 2
Florida 5
Florida St 1
Georgia 4
Hawaii 2
Indiana 8
Kentucky 4
Louisville 7
Michigan 8
Minnesota 5
Missouri 4
NC State 9
Northwestern 1
Notre Dame 4
Ohio St 2
Penn St 2
Purdue 1
Rutgers 1
San Diego St 1
South Carolina 1
Southern Cali 8
Stanford 10
Tennessee 8
Texas 9
Texas A&M 8
U.S. Navy 1
Virginia 3
Wisconsin 1
Yale 1

Check out the full rankings of all swimmers under the invite time below:

Men (100):

Swimmer School
Howard, Robert Alabama
Waddell, Zane Alabama
Dobbs, Chatham Arizona
Fail, Brooks Arizona
Iga, Jorge Arizona
House, Grant Arizona St
Poti, Zachary Arizona St
Sorenson, Payton Brigham Young
Carr, Daniel California
Grieshop, Sean California
Hoffer, Ryan California
Jensen, Michael California
Julian, Trenton California
Mefford, Bryce California
Norman, Nick California
Quah, Zheng California
Sand, Carson California
Seliskar, Andrew California
Sendyk, Pawel California
Thomas, Mike California
Whitley, Reece California
Auchinachie, Cameron Denver
Baqlah, Khader Florida
Rooney, Maxime Florida
Sanders, Grant Florida
Pisani, Will Florida St
Acevedo, Javier Georgia
Higgins, Walker Georgia
Murphy, Camden Georgia
Reed, Greg Georgia
Correia, Rodrigo Georgia Tech
Ferraro, Christian Georgia Tech
Pumputis, Caio Georgia Tech
Antipov, Daniil Grand Canyon
Nikolaev, Mark Grand Canyon
Farris, Dean Harvard
Kokko, Olli Hawaii
Apple, Zach Indiana
Brinegar, Michael Indiana
Fantoni, Gabriel Indiana
Finnerty, Ian Indiana
Hassan, Mohamed Samy Indiana
Lanza, Vini Indiana
Auboeck, Felix Michigan
Borges, Gus Michigan
Callan, Patrick Michigan
Chan, Will Michigan
Cope, Tommy Michigan
Montague, Jacob Michigan
Smachlo, Miles Michigan
Swanson, Charlie Michigan
Vargas Jacobo, Ricardo Michigan
McHugh, Max Minnesota
Alexander, Nicholas Missouri
Hicks, Caleb Missouri
Lima, Giovanny Missouri
O’Brien, Jordan Missouri
Schreuders, Mikel Missouri
Bish, Blair Missouri St. (M)
Korstanje, Nyls NC State
Molacek, Jacob NC State
Stewart, Coleman NC State
Vazaios, Andreas NC State
Barta, Marci Notre Dame
Yeadon, Zach Notre Dame
Koenigsperger, Mario Southern Cali
Miljenic, Nikola Southern Cali
Mulcare, Patrick Southern Cali
Sancov, Alexei Southern Cali
Vissering, Carsten Southern Cali
Anderson, Matt Stanford
Calloni, Johannes Stanford
DeVine, Abrahm Stanford
Levant, Jack Stanford
Liang, Alex Stanford
Sweetser, True Stanford
Dunphy, Matthew Tennessee
Garcia, Matthew Tennessee
Reilman, Joey Tennessee
Haas, Townley Texas
Harty, Ryan Texas
Jackson, Tate Texas
Katz, Austin Texas
Kibler, Drew Texas
Koustik, Andrew Texas
Newkirk, Jeff Texas
Pomajevich, Sam Texas
Sannem, Jake Texas
Scheinfeld, Charles Texas
Shebat, John Texas
Willenbring, Matthew Texas
Yeager, Chris Texas
Zettle, Alexander Texas
Bobo, Clayton Texas A&M
Casas, Shaine Texas A&M
Martinez, Angel Texas A&M
Walker, Benjamin Texas A&M
Hotchkiss, Logan UCSB
Fong, Zach Virginia
Giller, Robby Virginia

On the men’s side, Texas leads the way with 14 swimmers under, followed by Cal with 13. Michigan is next with nine, and then Indiana and Stanford both have six. Check out the full number of swimmers by team below:

School # of Swimmers
Alabama 2
Arizona 3
Arizona St 2
Brigham Young 1
California 13
Denver 1
Florida 3
Florida St 1
Georgia 4
Georgia Tech 3
Grand Canyon 2
Harvard 1
Hawaii 1
Indiana 6
Michigan 9
Minnesota 1
Missouri 5
Missouri St. (M) 1
NC State 4
Notre Dame 2
Southern Cali 5
Stanford 6
Tennessee 3
Texas 14
Texas A&M 4
Virginia 2

Check out the full men’s rankings below:

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ACC fan
3 years ago

On your list NC STATE women have 9 under last year’s cut. So I guess they’d be tied with Texas for 2nd most?

Reply to  James Sutherland
3 years ago

Would be cool to see a “prediction” of what it will take to obtain an invitation to the 2019 NCAA meet… Given the data we have already, as well as historic information, this “prediction” wouldn’t be too far from actual.

samuel huntington
3 years ago

for me post invite (speaking mostly about men)

Trending up: Texas, USC, Michigan, Missouri
Trending down: Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Louisville
Holding steady: NC State, Cal, Indiana, Texas A&M, Stanford

Reply to  samuel huntington
3 years ago

I dont think USC is trending up. Stanford swam like they were tired. Florida did okay they are steady. Virginia men I agree we didnt see much.

3 years ago

How about this analysis? swimmers likely to A final in two or more events:

Cal: Jensen, Sendyk, Seliskar, Witley, Quah maybe: Hoffer, Norman, Julian, Grieshop, Thomas
Texas: Jackson, Haas, Kibler, Shebat, ,Scheinfeld Katz Maybe: Sam P., , Willenbring, Yeager harty

feel free to correct

Reply to  Taa
3 years ago

Hoffer A finaled in 50 free/100 fly last year, so I would say definitely in

Reply to  swimmerTX
3 years ago

See him in the 100 already. Will he have a third event? 100 Fly?

Reply to  swimmerTX
3 years ago

okay then move him over but I dont think that Jensen, Sendyk AND Hoffer can all A final the 50/100 free. Maybe move Jensen down I only thought he could do it cause his summer swims were very strong but they dont always convert to SCY.

Reply to  Taa
3 years ago

Add to Texas Daniel Krueger.

Reply to  Longhorn
3 years ago

Did he make a sanctioned time? He had some fast swims at inter squad meet a few months back but those don’t count. He can definately score in the 200 and has potential in the 50 and 100.

Like Sam Stewart, he’s gotta make the cut AND perform and NCAA’s. Both those guys may have to taper for Big 12’s and then hope to hold it. Krueger was apparently sick last week

JP input is too short
Reply to  Longhorn
3 years ago

A Final in 2? No, I think that’s a bit aggressive. Which of these guys do you think he’s going to beat out in the 100 – Ress, Molacek, Haas, Jackson, Apple, Howard, Becker, Jensen, Hoffer, Rooney, Samy, Blaskovic? He’s very good but it is *hard* to A final in the sprints as a freshman.

3 years ago

Lots more good swimmers still to qualify from all teams and be in the mix, btw, not trying to say that Texas and Cal are all that matters nor that the numbers in the table are guarantees for the meet.

Reply to  horninco
3 years ago

It was a good first crack at it but we need diving and relays added in. There are too many holes in the times posted to really be meaningful. Some guys are likely to just repeat their swims in March but there will be 5 to 10 other guys swimming faster then so they will be lucky to score. We can’t even be sure who will swim faster and who will just be about the same. So in my opinion Texas still wins because of diving I think thats the likely outcome. Does anyone think Texas will win the swim portion outright? I guess its really close.

Reply to  Taa
3 years ago

I respect the heck out of the divers from all teams but yes, I do believe that this year Texas will be top scoring team in swimming alone. Very special team this year.

samuel huntington
Reply to  Longhorn
3 years ago

the results from this past weekend showed me that Texas is now the favorite. Scheinfeld was huge, can’t be understated. Also a huge swim from Yeager. And solid swims from the other freshmen and Harty. And Krueger didn’t swim. Where was he?

Reply to  samuel huntington
3 years ago

Apparently he was sick. I don’t have inside info, just the rumor

Reply to  Horninco
3 years ago

His latest Instagram post indicates that there’s something going on with his health. We don’t have any more info either.

Reply to  samuel huntington
3 years ago

Krueger went a 48 high this summer. It looks like he will be a mystery swimmer until conference. He could score in the 100 but I dont see him being a big contributor. Koustik can definitely score in the 200 fly, I dont think he can score in anything else. Scheinfeld was like finding a pot of gold.

Swimming Fan
Reply to  samuel huntington
3 years ago

Texas had 5 freshman below an invite time from last season and the group doesn’t include Krueger.

JP input is too short
Reply to  samuel huntington
3 years ago

Yeah, and I’m not sure Texas put their best relay together for anything but the 400 FR – and even that one is subject to change based on where Krueger is healthwise. Katz was 46.5 back and 1:35 free splits which are sub-Texas standard, I would think Bowman would not be on their best 200 FR and 200 MR, Shebat was slower in the 50 back split than he was out to the feet in his also sub-par 46.0 individual 100 back. And we of course know that Townley will not put out the stinker he did in anything longer than a 100…

Reply to  Taa
3 years ago

Totally agree. Texas will be much improved on the 400 medley relay and that alone could make the relays a dead heat. Texas probably finishes above Cal in 800, I would give Texas the slightest of edges in the free relays and cal the edge in the medleys although Texas has closed that gap.

Texas was 4/2 last year on diving.

3 years ago

Using those results as a rough guide, subject to much change, I count Texas at 14/10 (Up/Down) without Haas in the 500, Katz in the 100 Back, and Shebat in the 200 Back. So that’s roughly 16/11 based on past results.

Counted Cal at 16/8 but Seliskar was up four times, so really 15/8. Who esle from Cal is reasonably expected to qualify and score ?

Doesn’t count diving, of course.

Indiana will also be there in the mix.

Going to be a fantastic meet.

Reply to  horninco
3 years ago

From Cal, there are lots of key players: Mefford, Jensen, Sendyk, Carr, Whitley, Julian, Mike Thomas, you get the point

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