2023 Pro Swim Series – Fort Lauderdale: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap


The final morning session of the Fort Lauderdale stop of the Pro Swim Series takes place today with prelims of the 100 back, 200 breast, 100 fly, 200 IM, and 50 free.

Women’s 100 Back – Prelims

  • World Record: 57.45, Kaylee McKeown (2021)
  • World Junior Record: 57.57, Regan Smith (2019)
  • American Record: 57.57, Regan Smith (2019)
  • U.S. Open Record: 57.76, Regan Smith (2022)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 58.18, Regan Smith (2020)

Top 8:

  1. Regan Smith (SUN) – 1:00.02
  2. Medi Harris (WAL) – 1:00.19
  3. Olivia Smoliga (SUN) – 1:00.71
  4. Lauren Cox (GBR) – 1:00.86
  5. Erika Pelaez (EA) – 1:01.86
  6. Bella Sims (SAND) – 1:02.14
  7. Gabby Deloof (TNAQ) – 1:02.36
  8. Andrew Berrino (ARG) – 1:02.53

American Record holder Regan Smith paced the field this morning, nearly breaking a minute with a time of 1:00.02 in the final heat. Her training partner Olivia Smoliga qualified 4th overall with a 1:00.71.

Great Britain’s Medi Harris (1:00.19) and Lauren Cox (1:00.86) posted the 2nd and 4th-fastest times of the morning.

The top five qualifiers this morning were the exact same as the top five in the 50 back two days ago, with Erika Pelaez rounding out that group at 1:01.86.

Sandpipers’ star Bella Sims qualified 6th with a time of 1:02.14. Her teammate Katie Grimes didn’t qualify for the championship final, but she was within a half second of her lifetime best with a 1:02.89.

Men’s 100 Back – Prelims

  • World Record: 51.60, Thomas Ceccon (2022)
  • World Junior Record: 52.53, Kliment Kolesnikov (2018)
  • American Record: 51.85, Ryan Murphy (2016)
  • U.S. Open Record: 51.94, Aaron Peirsol (2009)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 52.40, David Plummer (2016)

Top 8:

  1. Justin Ress (MVN) – 54.19
  2. Ryan Murphy (CAL) – 54.77
  3. Jonny Marshall (FASTLE) – 54.88
  4. Nick Albiero (CARD) – 54.91
  5. Joao Nogueira Costa (POR) – 55.09
  6. Javier Acevedo (CAN) – 55.66
  7. Hunter Armstrong (CAL) – 55.57
  8. Chris Thames (MAAC) – 56.31

Thursday’s 50 back champ Justin Ress posted the top time of the morning by a solid margin, clocking a 54.19 in the second heat. That sets up a nice battle with yesterday’s 200 back champ, Ryan Murphy, who qualified second overall with a 54.77.

18 year-old Jonny Marshall, fresh off the Ohio high school championships and championship final appearances in the 50 and the 200 back so far this week, qualified 3rd with a 54.88.

Nick Albiero also got under 55 this morning with a 55.09. 50 back runner-up Hunter Armstrong also made tonight’s A-final with a 55.57. Like Ress, Armstrong, and Marshall, Joao Nogueira Costa, Javier Acevedo, and Chris Thames are all 50 back championship finals who will appear in the 100 back championship final tonight.

Women’s 200 Breast – Prelims

  • World Record: 2:18.95, Tatjana Schoenmaker (2021)
  • World Junior Record: 2:19.64, Viktoria Gunes (2015)
  • American Record: 2:19.59, Rebecca Soni (2012)
  • U.S. Open Record: 2:20.38, Rebecca Soni (2009)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 2:20.77, Annie Lazor (2019)

Top 8:

  1. Lilly King (ISC) – 2:27.90
  2. Kelsey Wog (CAN) – 2:28.27
  3. Annie Lazor (ISC) – 2:29.77
  4. Kara Hanlon (GBR) – 2:30.12
  5. Rachel Bernhardt (TEAM) – 2:31.03
  6. Tess Cieplucha (TNAQ) – 2:31.40
  7. Alexis Yager (TNAQ) – 2:31.48
  8. Sophia Angus (CAN) – 2:32.21

The lane 4 swimmer in each of the circle-seeded heats ended up in top 3 overall this morning, led by Lilly King, who posted a 2:27.90 out of the final heat. King went out fast, nearly going under 1:10 on the first 100. She faded a bit on the third 50 with a 40.20 split, but brought it home in 37.39, the best final 50 in the field by over a second.

Canada’s Kelsey Wog split her race more evenly, going out in 1:11.66, then splitting 38.11/38.50 on the last two laps, to qualify 2nd in 2:28.27.

King’s Indiana Swim Club teammate Annie Lazor was the only other woman under 2:30 this morning, going 2:29.77 in the third heat.

Men’s 200 Breast – Prelims

  • World Record: 2:05.95, Zac Stubblety-Cook (2022)
  • World Junior Record: 2:09.39, Haiyang Qin (2017)
  • American Record: 2:07.17, Josh Prenot (2016)
  • U.S. Open Record: 2:07.17, Josh Prenot (2016)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 2:08.95, Andrew Wilson (2018)

Top 8:

  1. Anton McKee (PRVT) – 2:13.18
  2. Will Licon (TXLA) – 2:14.33
  3. Tommy Cope (CW) – 2:15.67
  4. Chase Kalisz (SUN) – 2:16.20
  5. Nic Fink (MAAC) – 2:16.39
  6. Gregory Butler (GBR) – 2:16.41
  7. Brayden Taivassalo (CAN) – 2:16.53
  8. Maximillian Pilger (ISC) – 2:17.02

Longhorn Aquatics’ Will Licon blasted a 2:14.33 out of the very first heat, touching almost seven seconds ahead of anyone else in the heat, and that time stood as the top time of the morning until the fifth heat.

Ultimately, though, Anton McKee of Iceland, took over the top time with a 2:13.18 out of that final heat.

Club Wolverine’s Tommy Cope rounded out the top three with a 2:15.67 out of heat 4. That heat featured a great race between Cope and his former Michigan teammate Charlie Swanson, who was ultimately disqualified.

USA national team stalwarts Chase Kalisz (2:16.20) and Nic Fink (2:16.39) rounded out the top five.

Women’s 100 Fly – Prelims

  • World Record: 55.48, Sarah Sjostrom (2016)
  • World Junior Record: 56.43, Claire Curzan (2021)
  • American Record: 55.64, Torri Huske (2022)
  • U.S. Open Record: 55.66, Torri Huske (2022)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 56.43, Claire Curzan (2021)

Top 8:

  1. Regan Smith (SUN) – 57.54
  2. Katerine Savard (CAN) – 59.24
  3. Ella Jansen (CAN) – 59.27
  4. Natalie Hinds (GSC-FL) – 59.61
  5. Kamryn Cannings (CAN) – 59.74
  6. Harriet Jones (WAL) – 1:00.18
  7. Leah Gingrich (HURR) – 1:00.41
  8. Kiley Wilhelm (LIFE) – 1:00.55

Regan Smith had a strong double this morning. After taking the top seed in the 100 back to start the morning, she hopped in the pool again about an hour later and led the 100 fly field by nearly two seconds. Her time of 57.54 is only two-tenths shy of personal best from 2020, and it it widens the gap between her and the rest of the nation this season. She already led US swimmers in the event with a 57.65 from the US Open.

Canada had a strong showing in this event, taking three of the top five spot, thanks to Katerine Savard (59.24), Ella Jansen (59.27), and Kamryn Cannings (59.74).

Natalie Hinds of the Gator Swim Club was the only other swimmer to go under a minute this morning, qualifying 4th with a 59.61.

Men’s 100 Fly – Prelims

  • World Record: 49.45, Caeleb Dressel (2021)
  • World Junior Record: 50.52, Kristof Milk (2017)
  • American Record: 49.45, Caeleb Dressel (2021)
  • U.S. Open Record: 49.76, Caeleb Dressel (2021)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 50.92, Caeleb Dressel (2020)

Top 8:

  1. Shaine Casas (TXLA) – 51.05
  2. Zach Harting (CARD) – 52.41
  3. Michael Andrew (MASA) – 52.43
  4. Ilya Kharun (SAND) – 52.47
  5. Trenton Julian (MVN) – 52.50
  6. Jamie Ingram (GBR) – 52.96
  7. Diogo Matos Ribeiro (PRT) – 52.99
  8. Kaii Winkler (EA) – 53.10

It’d felt like a pretty sleepy morning so far on the men’s side, but that changed in this event.

Shaine Casas blasted a 51.05, rattling the PSS record of 50.92, and taking over the top spot among US swimmers this season.

Zach Harting, who previously led the nation with a 51.99 from the US Open, qualified 2nd with a time of 52.41, followed closely by Michael Andrew (52.43), 18 year-old Ilya Kharun (52.47), and Trenton Julian (52.47).

Great Britain’s Jamie Ingram qualified 6th at 52.96, and Portugal’s Diogo Matos Ribeiro, the world junior record holder in the 50 fly, qualified 7th with a 53.99.

16 year-old Kaii Winkler rounded out the top 8 with a time of 53.10. That moves him past Caeleb Dressel into 8th all-time in the US 15-16 age group.

Women’s 200 IM – Prelims

  • World Record: 2:06.12, Katinka Hosszú (2015)
  • World Junior Record: 2:08.80, Summer McIntosh (2022)
  • American Record: 2:06.15, Ariana Kukors (2009)
  • U.S. Open Record: 2:07.84, Alex Walsh (2022)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 2:08.66, Katinka Hosszú (2015)

Top 8:

  1. Summer McIntosh (SYS-FL) – 2:12.01
  2. Leah Smith (TXLA) – 2:12.90
  3. Mary-Sophie Harvey (CAN) – 2:13.35
  4. Katie Grimes (SAND) – 2:15.82
  5. Izzy Ivey (UN-FL) – 2:15.97
  6. Kelsey Wog (CAN) – 2:16.62
  7. Bailey Andison (CAN) – 2:16.77
  8. Tess Cieplucha (TNAQ) – 2:17.99

World junior record holder Summer McIntosh of Canada led the heats this morning with a 2:12.01, a little over three seconds off of her record time of 2:08.70. McIntosh went out fast, hitting the halfway point at 1:01.46.

Fellow Canadians Mary-Sophie Harvey (2:13.35), Kelsey Wog (2:16.62), Bailey Andison (2:16.77), and Tess Cieplucha (2:17.99) will join her in tonight’s A-final.

USA national team members Leah Smith and Katie Grimes both closed with sub-31 final 50s, qualifying 2nd and 4th overall with time of 2:12.90 and 2:15.82, followed by Izzy Ivey at 2:15.97.

Men’s 200 IM – Prelims

  • World Record: 1:54.00, Ryan Lochte (2010)
  • World Junior Record: 1:56.99, Hubert Kos (2021)
  • American Record: 1:54.00, Ryan Lochte (2010)
  • U.S. Open Record: 1:54.56, Ryan Lochte (2009)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 1:56.32, Michael Phelps (2012)

Top 8:

  1. Finlay Knox (CAN) – 2:02.42
  2. Tom Peribonio (FASTFL) – 2:02.59
  3. Kieran Smith (RAC) – 2:03:08
  4. Will Licon (TXLA) – 2:03.62
  5. Chase Kalisz (SUN) – 2:04.26
  6. Mark Szaranek (GSC-FL) – 2:04.77
  7. Grant Sanders (TBAY) – 2:04.78
  8. Jay Litherland (SUN) – 2:05.41

While the times weren’t eye-popping, there should be plenty of big names in tonight’s A-final.

Canadian Olympian Finlay Knox led the field with a 2:02.42, followed closely by Tom Peribonio of Equador at 2:02.59.

USA National Team members Kieran Smith (2:03.08), Will Licon (2:03.62), and Chase Kalisz (2:04.26) took the next three spots. Licon, once again seeded with a yards time, swam in heat one.

Former Florida Gators Mark Szaranek and Grant Sanders touched with nearly identical times of 2:04.77 and 2:04.77, while Kalisz’s training partner Jay Litherland qualified 8th with a 2:05.41.

Women’s 50 Free – Prelims

  • World Record: 23.67, Sarah Sjostrom (2017)
  • World Junior Record: 24.17, Claire Curzan (2021)
  • American Record: 23.97, Simone Manuel (2017)
  • U.S. Open Record: 24.08, Pernille Blume (2019)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 24.17, Sarah Sjostrom (2016)

Top 8:

  1. Abbey Weitzeil (CAL) – 24.53
  2. Kasia Wasick (TRA) – 24.65
  3. Siobhan Haughey (HKG) – 24.88
  4. Julie Kepp Jensen (DEN) – 25.02
  5. Erika Brown (TNAQ) – 25.33
  6. Erika Pelaez (EA) – 25.38
  7. Simone Manuel (SUN) – 25.40
  8. Olivia Smoliga (SUN) – 25.45

100 free champion Abbey Weitzeil holds the top seed heading into tonight’s A-final after going 24.53 this morning. Polish veteran Kasia Wasick qualified 2nd overall with a 24.65, followed by Siobhan Haughey at 24.88.

American Record holder Simone Manuel made A-final after going 25.40, qualifying 7th.

Men’s 50 Free – Prelims

  • World Record: 20.91, Cesar Cielo (2009)
  • World Junior Record: 21.75, Michael Andrew (2017)
  • American Record: 21.04, Caeleb Dressel (2019/2021)
  • U.S. Open Record: 21.04, Caeleb Dressel (2021)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 21.51, Caeleb Dressel (2020)

Top 8:

  1. Michael Andrew (MASA) – 21.87
  2. Ian Ho (HKG) – 22.05
  3. Alberto Mestre (UN-FL) – 22.13
  4. Dylan Carter (ISC) – 22.20
  5. Ryan Held (MYAC) – 22.22
  6. Miguel Duarte Nascimento (POR) – 22.24
  7. Victor Guimares Alcara (BRA) / Matthew Richards (WAL) – 22.41

Michael Andrew has been laying low for a while, but he’s in solid form this week, at least in the 50s. This morning he was the only man under 22, and his time of 21.87 moves him past David Curtiss’s 21.92 to the top of the US’s rankings for this season. Ryan Held was the only other American swimmer to finish in the top 8, and his time of 22.22 moves him up to #4 this season among US men, behind only Andrew, Curtiss, and Matt King (22.13).

Ian Ho of Hong Kong qualified 2nd with a 22.05. That’s a new lifetime best, improving on his pervious mark of 22.11 from last year. Alberto Mestre rounded out the top 3 with a 22.13.

Kaii Winkler clocked a 22.72, moving him into a tie for 7th in the US 15-16 age group.

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Hi guys
19 days ago

Kristof Milk with the 100 fly wjr

Former Big10
19 days ago

MA is having a really strong meet

Reply to  Former Big10
19 days ago

Just wait until he starts training seriously

Reply to  Former Big10
19 days ago

If you only count 50s

Sherry Smit
19 days ago

Way to go Abbey! 💪

19 days ago

Is it too much to think we could see a 2:07 tonight from McIntosh?

Reply to  John26
19 days ago

Yes it is

Reply to  Bud
19 days ago

And what makes you think she can’t? Has she looked bad this weekend? Swam poorly? Didn’t think so. She backed off in the second half in prelims and very will around her record or under

Sam Falman
Reply to  John26
19 days ago

I think she will go under 2:08 for sure.
2:07.7 a my prediction.

Reply to  John26
19 days ago

It’s a realistic possibility. Likely ?? Not sure I’d put money on it. New PB ?? Certainly very much “in play”.

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  John26
19 days ago

I’m just glad she’s swimming this race. At this age she needs to be incredibly greedy. Don’t concede anything to Alex Walsh when you’ve got more natural ability than she does.

Terrorize the field and remain nonchalant after doing so. I love the way she’s not overly impressed after touching the wall, while everyone else is engaging in the typical giggle mode.

I noticed that Hosszu’s pro swim series record is not far below McIntosh’s personal best. So it’s a very good chance to take down both tonight. Maybe McIntosh will begin to elevate this event once she sees herself taking down Hosszu marks.

19 days ago

Tess Cieplucha is also a fellow Canadian in the 200 IM. 5/8 in the final are Canadians!

Reply to  ScovaNotiaSwimmer
19 days ago

Well, since this meet is comprised mainly of Americans and Canadians and the top two Americans in the event are two weeks out from NCAAs… It’s not too surprising or impressive

Reply to  Bud
19 days ago

Thank you for this valuable insight.

Reply to  ScovaNotiaSwimmer
19 days ago

Regan Smith is too busy swimming the W 100 BK and W 100 FL tonight.

Reply to  Bud
19 days ago

Why does everyone take every comment here as a personal attack. ScovaNotiaSwimmer was just stating a fact why are you so offended

Reply to  emma
19 days ago

Canadians must be reminded of their place in the hierarchy, apparently.

We are getting too big for our britches.
We must remember that we are America’s Hat and nothing more.

Last edited 19 days ago by ScovaNotiaSwimmer
Outside Smoke
Reply to  ScovaNotiaSwimmer
19 days ago

I’ve noticed a clear shift in Summer’s rise to stardom on this site. It used to be “oh cute she’s doing so well for a young Canadian” and now that she’s encroaching on Ledecky’s territory and even beating her from time to time, there’s definitely some negativity coming out.

Reply to  Outside Smoke
19 days ago

who’s been negative?

Reply to  Outside Smoke
19 days ago

We can be enthusiastic about these two marvelous swimmers at the same time, it’s a current happiness, let’s take advantage of it!

Reply to  Outside Smoke
19 days ago

It doesn’t matter what sport or which athlete, there is always some negativity towards the winners.I hate the New York Yankees..why?..because they’re so good all the time..so it goes.

Reply to  Outside Smoke
19 days ago

Katie Ledecky opted out of the W 200 FR at the 2022 World Aquatics Championships after failing to medal in the W 200 FR at the 2020 Summer Olympics (Tokyo 2021). Anthony Nesty is in year two (2) of the Katie Ledecky rehabilitation after the damage done by Greg Meehan.

Reply to  emma
19 days ago

No one is offended, I just think pointing out that Canada has 5 in the final of a PSS is like pointing out that your team took 5 of the top 8 spots in an event at a dual meet
I mean, if there are 8 spots and practically two countries, someone has to have at least 5… Simple math

Last edited 19 days ago by Bud
Reply to  Bud
19 days ago

Plus I’m not American and I even favour McIntosh and Titmus over Ledecky

"We've got a boilover"
Reply to  Bud
19 days ago

We’re just proud of the Canadian IM depth at the moment, that’s all. It is impressive to have 5/8 at an American meet. Us is 10x population!

Reply to  Bud
19 days ago

go for a swim, you’ll feel better there grouchy mcgrouchystein

Reply to  Bud
19 days ago

Leah Hayes did not make the trip to Fort Lauderdale.

"We've got a boilover"
Reply to  Bud
19 days ago

Actually since US is 10x the population, it kinda is. Canada right now has very good depth in the IM events as shown in events like this, and the Toronto world cup where 7/8? were canucks? ISL and world short course past couple years further indicators of that depth.

Reply to  ScovaNotiaSwimmer
19 days ago

Katie Ledecky is too busy swimming the W 800 FR tonight.

19 days ago

Sun yang 😂

19 days ago

Shaine Casas is boring for not doing the 2 IM

19 days ago

That’s a fast prelim 100 fly from Regan. Will we see a 56 tonight?

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