Leon Marchand 3:31.57 400 IM NCAA Record | REACTION & ANALYSIS


Leon Marchand has broken swimming for me. He went 1:37.8 in the 200 IM on Thursday night, and I barely batted an eyelash. He went 3:31.57, a new NCAA record, tonight and I was relieved because I didn’t want him to have a bad swim. As if 3:32 would be a bad swim. Marchand is completely changing the way swim fans consume short course and he’s been doing it all season. This is a generational talent who has, at one point or another, led the NCAA in 8 different events across all 5 disciplines. And he just made a 3:31 400 IM look casual.

Barring a catastrophe, this man is going 1:36, 3:29, and some other 3rd NCAA record in Minnesota – there is not a doubt in my mind. Marchand has been on another level all year and he will cap it off in historic fashion.

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6 months ago

I love “has broken swimming for me…” so true though! ……I said it before, this guy = two golds in Paris MINIMUM.

6 months ago

With that 1:37 200 IM, I’d be shocked if he doesn’t easily blast 3:29 at NCAA’s.

Great athlete, great coach, great team!

6 months ago

Luv your enthusiasm ColemanH, Is ?? LeonM best of all time in NCAA…many would say CalibD was best college swimmer of all time, or maybe RMurf, or PabloM, or JNaber? Justify why Leon?? Pretty please 😎

Reply to  Coleman Hodges
6 months ago

What was Caeleb’s weak stroke?

Reply to  uwk
6 months ago


K Chilly
Reply to  uwk
6 months ago


Reply to  Coleman Hodges
6 months ago

Nah. Groundbreaking swims are always more impressive. They move the sport forward. Leon is generational but isn’t winning the blue ribbon events any time soon – 50 free, 100 fly, 100 free in eye popping times.

Last edited 6 months ago by turboturtle
6 months ago

ASU sweep sweep sweep >>>

Reply to  Coleman Hodges
6 months ago

I think psych sheets will have an ASU/Cal battle with Texas/FL right behind. Like you said, question is if they can hit their taper right for NCAAs. Last year Bob said they focused on Pac-12s and this year it’s NCAAs.

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