2022 World Championships: Day 6 Pick’em Contest Scoring Update

by Spencer Penland 14

June 23rd, 2022 International, News


Day 6 Finals Recap

Day 6 Pick’em Contest scores are in! Today, we had finals of the women’s 100 free, women’s 200 breast, men’s 200 back, men’s 200 breast, and men’s 4×200 free relay.

Our contestants did great today overall, considerably better than yesterday. The 4×200 free relay was a really good event for those of you who are competing, shaking out more or less how most of us expected. The men’s 200 back was another good event across the board, as Ryan Murphy was the consensus Gold medal winner. Great Britain’s Luke Greenbank was a popular pick for Silver, while American Shaine Casas was picked frequently for 3rd.

Lilly King was the heavy favorite in the women’s 200 breast, and although her 100 breast was an off performance, she pulled it out in the 200, winning her first World title in the event.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for: the day 6 scores. I genuinely have no idea how this keeps happening, but the Day 6 winner is screen name “Woody” with a score of 69 (let’s all agree to be mature about this).

Holding onto the overall lead with two days to go is “blueabyss1117″, who has a total of 316 points. They sit just ahead of “randriaHaga”, who has 315 points.

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12 days ago

I know I’m jinxing this by saying it but this is the first time I’ve ever been in the top 100 this far in. This meet’s nonstop lineup changes are matching my chaotic picks

12 days ago

Is there a way to see the formula being used to calculate the points? From my own (potentially incorrect) math, my count is off.

Emily Se-Bom Lee
Reply to  swimwild13
12 days ago

it’s in the original article

1st place – 7 points
2nd place – 6 points
3rd place – 5 points
4th place – 4 points

correctly placing someone in the top 4 but putting them in the wrong spot is worth 2 points

Reply to  Emily Se-Bom Lee
12 days ago

Sorry, should have been clearer, I meant the raw spreadsheet formula that compiles the results, sometimes things can get missed.

Reply to  swimwild13
11 days ago

The formula’s were right, the execution was wrong. Correcting now.

The TLDR; since you seem interested: the way the formula is written, if the “winner” cell is left blank, no points are awarded. Spencer saw that nobody correctly picked the 4th place winner in the 200 back and so just didn’t fill in the winner, not realizing it didn’t matter.

Unintended consequence was that people in that column who should’ve gotten 2 points for a “right top 4, wrong place” choice didn’t get their points.

Reply to  Braden Keith
11 days ago

Thanks, Braden. You may want to look at some of the other days as well, my scores here differ from my own nerdy tracking on Days 3 and 5 as well. Thanks for all that all of you do

12 days ago

I wish there was a way for them to have the names of SwimSwam staff who have entries, and/or the entry for the official site picks from the preview articles (if that exists), in a different color so they stand out more when you’re scrolling through trying to find your own name. I want to compare how I’m doing to the “experts” but it’s a pain in the butt to search for their entries so I never do.

Awsi Dooger
12 days ago

I hope nobody picked Sha’Carri Richardson

12 days ago

Omg. How did I move up to 31st overall and 7th on the day. I’m like Jimmy the Greek!

Last edited 12 days ago by Snarky
12 days ago

Love the daily winner lol.
And as much as we’d like to claim Luke Greenbank, he is not from Australia.
Plus on Swimswam watch party Coleman (who is great generally) didn’t know the names of any Australian swimmers so Luke can’t be ours 😂😂.

12 days ago

If you chart my results I believe I’ve made a pentagram.

Steve Nolan
12 days ago

Australia’s Luke Greenbank was a popular pick for Silver, while American Shaine Casas was picked frequently for 3rd.

Greenbank is from GB!