2021 World Swimming Championships: Final Results


The 2021 SCM World Championships in Abu Dhabi have concluded. The meet was delayed one year from its original 2020 schedule, and even with a shortened field, there were still four World Records broken.

This is a reference guide for quick access to all of the important information from the meet. Below are links to the records broken and medal count at the end of the meet as well as the complete results. The table displays all of the medalists in each event.

List of Records Broken Here

Full Medal Count by Country Here

Complete Results Below


Men’s Events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
50 m Freestyle Benjamin Proud (GBR), 20.46 Ryan Held (USA), 20.70 Joshua Liendo (CAN), 20.76
100 m Freestyle Alessandro Miressi (ITA), 45.57 Ryan Held (USA), 45.63 Joshua Liendo (CAN), 45.82
200 m Freestyle Hwang Sun-woo (KOR), 1:41.60 Aleksandr Shchegolev (RSF), 1:41.63 Danas Rapsys (LTU), 1:41.73
400 m Freestyle Felix Aubock (AUT), 3:35.90 Danas Rapsys (LTU), 3:36.23 Antonio Djakovic (SWI), 3:36.83
1500 m Freestyle Florian Wellbrock (GER), 14:06.88 Ahmed Hafnaoui (TUN), 14:10.94 Mykhailo Romanchuk (UKR), 14:11.47
50 m Backstroke Kliment Kolesnikov (RSF), 22.66 Christian Diener (GER), 22.90; Lorenzo Mora (ITA), 22.90 N/A
100 m Backstroke Shaine Casas (USA), 49.23 Kliment Kolesnikov (RSF), 49.46 Robert Glinta (ROM), 49.60
200 m Backstroke Radoslaw Kawecki (POL), 1:48.68 Shaine Casas (USA), 1:48.81 Christian Diener (GER), 1:48.97
50 m Breaststroke Nic Fink (USA), 25.53 Nicolo Martinenghi (ITA), 25.55 Joao Gomes Junior (BRA), 25.80
100 m Breaststroke Ilya Shymanovich (BEL), 55.70 Nicolo Martinenghi (ITA), 55.80 Nic Fink (USA), 55.87
200 m Breaststroke Nic Fink (USA), 2:02.28 Arno Kamminga (NED), 2:02.42 Will Licon (USA), 2:02.84
50 m Butterfly Nicholas Santos (BRA), 21,93 Dylan Carter (TTO), 21.98 Matteo Rivolta (ITA), 22.02
100 m Butterfly Matteo Rivolta (ITA), 48.87 Chad le Clos (RSA), 49.04 Andrey Minakov (RSF), 49.21
200 m Butterfly Alberto Razzetti (ITA), 1:49.06 Noe Ponti (SWI), 1:49.81 Chad le Clos (RSA), 1:49.84
100 m IM Kliment Kolesnikov (RSF), 51.09 Tomoe Hvas (NOR), 51.35 Thomas Ceccon (ITA), 51.40
200 m IM Daiya Seto (Japan), 1:51.15 Carson Foster (USA), 1:51.35 Alberto Razzetti (ITA), 1:51.54
400 m IM Daiya Seto (Japan), 3:56.26 Ilya Borodin (RSF), 3:56.47 Carson Foster (USA), 3:57.99
4×50 m freestyle relay Italy (Leonardo Deplano, Lorenzo Zazzeri, Manuel Frigo, Alessandro Miressi) 1:23.61 Russian Swimming Federation (Andrey Minakov, Vladimir Morozov, Vladislav Grinev, Aleksandr Shchegolev), 1:23.75 Netherlands (Jesse Puts, Stan Pijnenburg, Kenzo Simons, Thom de Boer), 1:23.78
4×100 m freestyle relay Russian Swimming Federation (Kliment Kolesnikov, Andrey Minakov, Vladislav Grinev, Aleksandr Shchegolev), 3:03.45 Italy (Alessandro Miressi, Thomas Ceccon, Leonardo Deplano, Lorenzo Zazzeri), 3:03.61 United States (Ryan Held, Hunter Tapp, Shaine Casas, Zach Apple) 3:05.42
4×200 m freestyle relay United States (Kieran Smith, Trenton Julian, Carson Foster, Ryan Held) 6:47.00 Russian Swimming Federation (Vladislav Grinev, Aleksandr Shchegolev, Mikhail Vekovishchev, Ivan Girev) 6:49.12 Brazil (Fernando Scheffer, Murilo Sartori, Kaique Alves, Breno Correia) 6:49.60
4×50 m medley relay Russian Swimming Federation (Kliment Kolesnikov, Kirill Strelnikov, Andrey Minakov, Vladimir Morozov); United States (Shaine Casas, Nic Fink, Tom Shields, Ryan Held) 1:30,51 N/A Italy (Lorenzo Mora, Nicolo Martinenghi, Matteo Rivolta, Lorenzo Zazzeri) 1:30.78
4×100 m medley relay Italy (Lorenzo Mora, Nicolo Martinenghi, Matteo Rivolta, Alessandro Miressi) 3:19.76 United States (Shaine Casas, Nic Fink, Trenton Julian, Ryan Held) 3:20.50 Russian Swimming Federation (Kliment Kolesnikov, Danil Semianinov, Andrey Minakov, Aleksandr Shchegolev) 3:20.65

Women’s Events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
50 m Freestyle Sarah Sjostrom (SWE), 23.08 Ranomi Kromowidjojo (NED), 23.31 Katarzyna Wasick (POL), 23.40
100 m Freestyle Siobhan Haughey (HKG), 50.98 Sarah Sjostrom (SWE), 51.31 Abbey Weitzeil (USA), 51.64
200 m Freestyle Siobhan Haughey (HKG), 1:50.31 Rebecca Smith (CAN), 1:52.24 Paige Madden (USA), 1:53.01
400 m Freestyle Li Bingjie (CHN), 3:55.83 Summer McIntosh (CAN), 3:57.87 Siobhan Haughey (HKG), 3:58.12
1500 m Freestyle Li Bingjie (CHN), 8:02.90 Anastasiya Kirpichnikova (RSF), 8:06.44 Simona Quadarella (ITA), 8:07.99
50 m Backstroke Maggie MacNeil (CAN), 25.27 Kylie Masse (CAN), 25.62 Louise Hansson (SWE), 25.86
100 m Backstroke Louise Hansson (SWE), 55.20 Kylie Masse (CAN), 55.22 Katharine Berkoff (USA), 55.40
200 m Backstroke Rhyan White (USA), 2:01.58 Kylie Masse (CAN), 2:02.07 Isabelle Stadden (USA), 2:02.20
50 m Breaststroke Anastasia Gorbenko (ISR), 29.34 Benedetta Pilato (ITA), 29.50 Sophie Hansson (SWE), 29.55
100 m Breaststroke Tang Qianting (CHN), 1:03.47 Sophie Hansson (SWE), 1:03.50 Mona McSharry (IRE), 1:03.92
200 m Breaststroke Emily Escobedo (USA), 2:17.85 Evgeniia Chikunova (RSF), 2:17.88 Molly Renshaw (GBR), 2:17.98
50 m Butterfly Ranomi Kromowidjojo (NED), 24.44 Sarah Sjostrom (SWE), 24.51 Claire Curzan (USA), 24.55
100 m Butterfly Maggie MacNeil (CAN), 55.04 Louise Hansson (SWE), 55.10 Claire Curzan (USA), 55.39
200 m Butterfly Zhang Yufei (CHN), 2:03.01 Charlotte Hook (USA), 2:04.35 Lana Pudar (BIH), 2:04.88
100 m IM Anastasia Gorbenko (ISR), 57.80 Beryl Gastaldello (FRA), 57.96 Maria Kameneva (RSF), 58.15
200 m IM Sydney Pickrem (CAN), 2:04.29 Yu Yiting (CHN), 2:04.48 Kate Douglass (USA), 2:04.68
400 m IM Tessa Cieplucha (CAN), 4:25.55 Ellen Walshe (IRE), 4:26.52 Melanie Margalis (USA), 4:26.63
4×50 m freestyle relay United States (Abbey Weitzeil, Claire Curzan, Katharine Berkoff, Kate Douglass) 1:34.22 Sweden (Sarah Sjostrom, Michelle Coleman, Sara Junevik, Louise Hansson) 1:34.54 Netherlands (Kim Busch, Maaike de Waard, Kira Toussaint, Ranomi Kromowidjojo)
4×100 m freestyle relay United States (Kate Douglass, Claire Curzan, Katharine Berkoff, Abbey Weitzeil); Canada (Kayla Sanchez, Maggie MacNeil, Rebecca Smith, Katerine Savard) 3:28.52 N/A Sweden (Sarah Sjostrom, Michelle Coleman, Sophie Hansson, Louise Hansson)
4×200 m freestyle relay Canada (Summer McIntosh, Kayla Sanchez, Katerine Savard, Rebecca Smith) 7:32.96 United States (Torri Huske, Abbey Weitzeil, Melanie Margalis, Paige Madden) 7:36.53 China (Li Bingjie, Cheng Yujie, Zhu Menghui, Liu Yaxin) 7:39.92
4×50 m medley relay Sweden (Louise Hansson, Sophie Hansson, Sarah Sjostrom, Michelle Coleman) 1:42.38 United States (Rhyan White, Lydia Jacoby, Claire Curzan, Abbey Weitzeil) 1:43.61 Netherlands (Kira Toussaint, Kim Busch, Maaike de Waard, Ranomi Kromowidjojo) 1:44.03
4×100 m medley relay Sweden (Louise Hansson, Sophie Hansson, Sarah Sjostrom, Michelle Coleman) 3:46.20 Canada (Kylie Masse, Sydney Pickrem, Maggie MacNeil, Kayla Sanchez) 3:47.36 China (Peng Xuwei, Tang Qianting, Zhang Yufei, Cheng Yujie) 3:47.41

Mixed Relays

Event Gold Silver Bronze
4×50 m freestyle relay Canada (Joshua Liendo, Yuri Kisil, Kayla Sanchez, Maggie MacNeil) 1:28.55 Netherlands (Jesse Puts, Thom de Boer, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Kira Toussaint) 1:28.61 Russian Swimming Federation (Vladimir Morozov, Andrey Minakov, Maria Kameneva, Arina Surkova) 1:28.97
4×50 m medley relay Netherlands (Kira Toussaint, Arno Kamminga, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Thom de Boer) 1:36.20 United States (Shaine Casas, Nic Fink, Claire Curzan, Abbey Weitzeil) 1:37.04 Italy (Lorenzo Mora, Nicolo Martinenghi, Elena Di Liddo, Silvia Di Pietro) 1:37.29

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2 years ago

Don’t know if this is been pointed out before, but it is kinda insane that we didn’t see a men’s 800 or women’s mile. Feels like Fina pushed the sport 5 years backwards

Reply to  Underwearer
2 years ago

I just don’t know where they would have put it. It was already a pretty grueling meet. Stretching to 7 days, especially during COVID, would’ve been brutal. With all the relays…I dunno how to jam in another two very long races.

I think if they’re going to add those extra events, they need to really stiffen-up the qualifying times for the distance races. Basically push the Universality-type swimmers to shorter events and say that the 800s and 1500s are for contenders only.

2 years ago

what kind of weird world do we live in where the only mens relay won by the US is the 4x 200?

Reply to  Khachaturian
2 years ago

A world where the Us sent it’s like G team. And then had half that g team bail

The condors were robbed
2 years ago

Shout out to Licon and Margalis!

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