2019 Pro Swim Series- Clovis: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap


Among the races to watch on the final day of PSS competition for the season, Canadian record-holder Sydney Pickrem will contest in her prime event, the 200 IM.

Also competing in the 200 IM is 200 fly 17-18 NAG record-holder Luca Urlando. Urlando comes in the 200 IM with the top seed of 2:00.34. Currently, Urlando stands as the 5th-fastest American time this year and the 11th-fastest 17-18 swimmer in history.

As always this weekend, keep an eye on comeback swimmer Brandon Fischer. With now 2 lifetime bests in the 100/200 breast at 30 years old, Fischer has an opportunity to throw down another age-defying swim in the 50 breast. In the 100 breast final on Thursday, Fischer’s first 50 was a 27.66, unofficially marking another lifetime best and putting up the 6th-fastest American time this year.

Women’s 200 IM- Prelims

  • Pro Swim Series record: Katinka Hosszu, 2015- 2:08.66
  • 2020 Olympic Trials Cut: 2:17.39

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Sydney Pickrem (UN-GU)- 2:10.94
  2. Emily Overholt (HPVC)- 2:14.93
  3. Evie Pfeifer (UT)- 2:15.81
  4. Monika Gonzalez-Hermosillo (MEX)- 2:16.04
  5. Bailey Nero (UN-SE)- 2:18.28
  6. Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson (HPVC)- 2:19.24
  7. Melissa Rodriguez (MEX)- 2:19.75
  8. Claire Tuggle (CLOV)- 2:19.94

In her signature event, Sydney Pickrem led the 200 IM prelims by 4 seconds with a 2:10.94. Pickrem swam just 2 seconds behind her Canadian record time of 2:08.61 at the Indy stop of the FINA Champions Series.

Finishing in second was fellow Canadian Emily Overholt, cruising to a 2:14.93. Later this evening, Overholt will aim for her second runner-up IM finish behind Pickrem.

Rounding out the top 3 is Evie Pfeifer with a 2:15.81. Earlier last month, Pfeifer swam a 2:13.80, which ranks 7th in the nation this year.

Men’s 200 IM- Prelims

  • Pro Swim Series record: Michael Phelps, 2012- 1:56.32
  • 2020 Olympic Trials Cut: 2:04.09

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Angel Martinez (MEX)- 2:05.29
  2. Jarod Arroyo (FORK)- 2:05.54
  3. Daniel Roy (ALTO)- 2:05.58
  4. Luca Urlando (DART)- 2:05.62
  5. Zachary Tan (PSC)- 2:05.85
  6. Erick Gordillo (GUA)- 2:06.82
  7. Lionel Khoo (UN-SC)- 2:08.40
  8. Hector Ruvalcaba Cruz (MEX)- 2:08.65

Only six-tenths separate the top 5 from this morning, with Mexico’s Angel Martinez leading the way with a 2:05.29. Earlier in April, Martinez swam a time of 2:03.91, a little over a second and a half off his lifetime best of 2:02.31.

Taking second was 400 IM champ Jarod Arroyo with his qualifying time of 2:05.54. Arroyo’s season best was swam last week at the Phoenix Summer Invite with a 2:04.20. Taking third was 200 breast champ Daniel Roy, who bettered his 2017-18 season best of 2:06.56 with a 2:05.58.

Also appearing in the A-final is Luca Urlando, smoothly swimming to a 2:05.62.

Women’s 200 Back- Prelims

  • Pro Swim Series record: Taylor Ruck, 2018- 2:06.36
  • 2020 Olympic Trials Cut: 2:14.69

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Isabelle Stadden (AQJT)- 2:13.01
  2. Natalie Mannion (CS)- 2:16.44
  3. Taylor McCoy (COUG)- 2:16.88
  4. Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson (HPVC)- 2:16.93
  5. Sydney Pickrem (UN-GU)- 2:17.08
  6. Skylar Dikeman (FORD)- 2:18.35
  7. Athena Meneses Kovacs (MEX)- 2:18.41
  8. Yulduz Kuchkarova (CLOV)- 2:19.54

After no-showing in the 200 IM, Isabelle Stadden saved up for one of her signatures and dominating the prelims field with a 2:13.01. Her season best from Bloomington stands at 2:09.10, with her personal best remaining at 2:08.24.

Three seconds behind Stadden is Natalie Mannion (2:16.44) and Taylor McCoy (2:16.88). Mannion’s in-season best hails from the Atlanta Classic with a 2:12.87. For McCoy, her morning swim is tenths off her 2:16.26 from the Speedo Grand Challenge and a second off her 2017 lifetime best of 2:15.54.

Men’s 200 Back- Prelims

  • Pro Swim Series record: Xu Jiayu, 2017- 1:55.04
  • 2020 Olympic Trials Cut: 2:02.99

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Markus Thormeyer (HPVC)- 1:59.63
  2. Andy Song (MEX)- 2:03.59
  3. Harrison Lierz (EA)- 2:04.27
  4. Josiah Binnema (HPVC)- 2:05.89
  5. Alex Borrato (UN-PC)- 2:06.38
  6. Robby Moseley (RA)- 2:06.58
  7. Nicolas Duke (CHEN)- 2:07.05
  8. Patrick Conaton (BAD)- 2:07.28

Leading the men’s 200 back in the only sub-2 minute swim of the morning was Markus Thormeyer and his #1 time of 1:59.63. At the Canadian Trials in April, Thormeyer took the title with a 1:57.42 for #16 in the world this year.

Taking second was Mexican-native Andy Song with his qualifying time of 2:03.59. The Cal Bear’s lifetime best currently stands at 1:59.95. Finishing in third with a 2:04.27 was Harrison Lierz. In Knoxville, Kierz swam a 2:02.92, just tenths off his lifetime best of 2:02.32 from the 2018 Columbus PSS.

Women’s 50 Breast- Prelims

  • Pro Swim Series record: Lilly King, 2018- 29.62

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Alia Atkinson (SOFL)- 31.17
  2. Danielle Herrmann (CLOV)- 31.48
  3. Olivia Anderson (UT)- 32.51
  4. Ali Harrison (BUEN)- 32.66
  5. Melissa Rodriguez (MEX)- 32.67
  6. Hillary Metcalfe (LOSC)- 33.09
  7. Jordyn Wentzel (AQJT)- 33.23
  8. Larisa Tam (BAC)- 33.45

Jamaiacan Alia Atkinson led the women’s sprint breaststroke prelims with a 31.17. In Richmond, Atkinson swam a season best of 30.58, the 7th-fastest time in the world. Right on her tail was Clovis’ Danielle Herrmann, touching in a new lifetime best at 31 years of age with a 31.48. Herrmann’s previous mark was all the way from the 2015 Santa Clara PSS with a 31.72.

Texas Longhorn’s Olivia Anderson rounded out the top 3 with a 32.51. Her lifetime best stands at 31.38 from last summer’s US Nationals.

Men’s 50 Breast- Prelims

  • Pro Swim Series record: Felipe Lima, 2019- 26.97

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Pavel Romanov (ALPH)- 27.77
  2. Brandon Fischer (LAC)- 27.82
  3. Youssef Elkamash (PSC)- 27.90
  4. Lionel Khoo (UN-SC)- 28.49
  5. Richard Funk (HPVC)- 28.56
  6. Miguel de Lara Ojeda (MEX)- 28.60
  7. Jimmy Deiparine (UN-PN)- 28.66
  8. Mauro Castillo Luna (MEX)- 28.70

Both Pavel Romanov and Brandon Fischer flirted with their lifetime bests to come in as the top 2 seeds in the men’s sprint breaststroke. Romanov’s time of 27.77 just missed his LTB of 27.69 from the Knoxville PSS. For Fischer, he was just 0.01s off his official LTB of 27.81. During the 100 breast final on Thursday, Fischer took his race out in an unofficial LTB of 27.66.

Following the same pattern, #3 qualifier Youssef Elkamash touched in just 0.16s off his 2016 LTB best of 27.74 with a 27.90.

National team member and 2018 US National runner-up Devon Nowicki was disqualified during his race. Although not official, his finishing time of 28.27 would have qualified fourth into tonight’s final.

Women’s 100 Free- Prelims

  • Pro Swim Series record: Sarah Sjostrom, 2016- 53.12
  • 2020 Olympic Trials Cut: 56.29

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Mallory Comerford (UOFL)- 54.37
  2. Kelsi Dahlia (CARD)- 54.81
  3. Catie DeLoof (UN-NC)- 54.91
  4. Louise Hansson (TROJ)- 55.33
  5. Julie Meynen (FLNS)- 55.44
  6. Kendyl Stewart (TE)- 55.93
  7. Linnea Mack (OAQ)- 56.22
  8. Anelise Diener (UT)- 56.30

Taking the top spot in the women’s 100 free prelims was Mallory Comerford, touching in at 54.37. Earlier this season, Comerford swam a 53.33 to rank #2 in the nation behind Simone Manuel. Finishing half a second behind was 200 fly champ Kelsi Dahlia, swimming in a new season best of 54.81. In Knoxville, Dahlia swam a time of 55.33. She now is the 9th-fastest American this year.

Finishing third behind Comerford and Dahlia is Catie DeLoof, touching in a season best of 54.91. DeLoof’s lifetime best from the 2018 US Nationals is currently a 54.61. Behind #5 qualifier Julie Meynen (55.44) is 50 fly champ Kendyl Stewart (55.93).

Men’s 100 Free- Prelims

  • Pro Swim Series record: Nathan Adrian, 2016- 48.00
  • 2020 Olympic Trials Cut: 50.49

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Michael Chadwick (TE)- 49.36
  2. Tate Jackson (UN-ST)- 49.46
  3. Peter Holoda (PSC)- 49.54
  4. Cristian Quintero (TROJ)- 49.64
  5. Dylan Carter (UN-NC)- 50.08
  6. Federico Grabich (ARG)- 50.11
  7. Townley Haas (NOVA)- 50.15
  8. Gabe Castano (MEX)- 50.22

Separated by a tenth, national teamers Michael Chadwick (49.36) and Tate Jackson (49.46) lead the final prelims event of the morning. Both swimmers have swum under 49 seconds this season.

Touching in third is Peter Holoda‘s 49.54, breaking his Des Moines time of 50.13 for a new season best. Making the A-final and swimming in the outside lane tonight is 200 free runner-up Townley Haas, touching in at 50.15. His only other swim this season was at the FINA Champions Series Indy stop, where he swam a 49.80. Exactly a year ago at this PSS stop (in Santa Clara), Haas swam a pair of 50s in this race.

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5 years ago

WR in the alert…Ragan swam 58.55 in the preliminary.

Caeleb Fan
Reply to  Shibly
5 years ago

Any drop from that time would incredible tonight. Wouldn’t expect a WR tonight

5 years ago

Those 200 IM times…

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  Pvdh
5 years ago

I did a triple take

5 years ago

Luca urlando a lock in 200 butterfly at the Tokyo Olympic…

Reply to  Shibly
5 years ago

thats an understatement..it’s between him and milak.

Reply to  Swimming4silver
5 years ago

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. YET. There’s Kenderesi, Seto, and Le Clos. Let’s see what STUPID time Urlando drops at Jrs this summer first

Reply to  DEAN IS GOD
5 years ago

Juniors & Nationals ….even better

Captain Ahab
Reply to  Shibly
5 years ago

A lot of things can happen in 373 days.

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