2019 Pro Swim Series- Clovis: Day 4 Finals Live Recap


In the final stop of the Pro Swim Swim Series for the season, Sydney Pickrem and Isabelle Stadden will aim for another victory under their belts in the 200 IM and 200 back, respectively.

Also, Brandon Fischer has yet another opportunity to swim an age-defying breaststroke race and continue his personal best streak. Fischer is the second seed behind Pavel Romanov.

Then, Luca Urlando will contest in the 200 IM, where his personal best of 2:00.34 could be taken down tonight and shake up the rankings again.

Women’s 1500 Free- Timed Finals

  • Pro Swim Series record: Katie Ledecky, 2018- 15:20.48
  • 2020 Olympic Trials Cut: 16:49.19

Top 3:

  1. Erica Sullivan (SAND)- 15:55.25
  2. Mackenzie Padington (HPVC)- 16:56.58
  3. Ayumi Macias (MEX)- 16:56.76

In a slim field of 6 for the first swim of the evening, 18-year-old Erica Sullivan did not let that stop her from stealing the show. In a victory by over a minute, Sullivan smashed her lifetime best of 16:02.88 with a 15:55.25. Sullivan has now entered the top 5 times in the world this year, behind Delfina Pignatiello‘s 15:51 from earlier today.

2018-2019 LCM WOMEN 1500 FREE

USA 15.45.5901/12
View Top 26»

Sullivan is also the second-fastest American time this year, just 10 seconds behind Katie Ledecky (15:45.59). Sullivan now moves to the 4th-fastest US performer and 16th-fastest world performer all-time. In the all-time 17-18 age group rankings, Sullivan is now third behind Kate Ziegler and Katie Ledecky.

In a tight race for second, Canadian Mackenzie Padington held off Mexico’s Ayumi Macias by 0.18s with a 16:56.58.

Men’s 1500 Free- Timed Finals

  • Pro Swim Series record: Jordan Wilimovsky, 2016- 14:53.12
  • 2020 Olympic Trials Cut: 15:44.89

Top 3:

  1. Akaram Mahmoud (EGY)- 15:26.12
  2. Chris Wieser (DART)- 15:29.67
  3. Sawyer Grimes (SAND)- 15:38.28

After pacing off each other throughout the 15-minute race, Akaram Mahmoud pulled away from Chris Wieser in the remaining 100 of the race to take the win. Mahmoud won with a 15:26.12, taking down his season best of 15:31.28 from Des Moines. Chris Wieser took second in a 15:29.67, smashing his own season best from Mel Zajac of 15:55.25. Wieser’s time has just entered the top 10 American times this year.

Rounding out the top three was teenager Sawyer Grimes with a 15:38.28, dominating his lifetime best of 15:46.48 by 8 seconds.

Women’s 200 IM- Finals

  • Pro Swim Series record: Katinka Hosszu, 2015- 2:08.66
  • 2020 Olympic Trials Cut: 2:17.39

Top 3:

  1. Sydney Pickrem (UN-GU)- 2:11.78
  2. Emily Overholt (HPVC)- 2:13.45
  3. Monika Gonzalez-Hermosillo (MEX)- 2:14.54

Picking up her fourth victory of the weekend was Sydney Pickrem, winning her signature event with a 2:11.78. Pickrem was faster this morning with her prelims leading-time of 2:10.94. Taking her second runner-up IM performance of the meet was Emily Overholt, swimming a 2:13.45

Mexico’s Monika Gonzalez-Hermosillo took third in the race with a 2:14.54.

Men’s 200 IM- Finals

  • Pro Swim Series record: Michael Phelps, 2012- 1:56.32
  • 2020 Olympic Trials Cut: 2:04.09

Top 3:

  1. Luca Urlando (DART)- 2:00.12
  2. Jarod Arroyo (FORK)- 2:03.29
  3. Erick Gordillo (GUA)- 2:05.22

Dropping 5 seconds from this morning, Luca Urlando popped another lifetime best with a 2:00.12. Urlando is now the 3rd-fastest American this year, just 0.01s ahead of Carson Foster. Urlando also took over the top of the world junior rankings as well. Urlando’s time also moved to #9 in the all-time rankings for the 17-18 age group.

Taking second in the event was fellow teenager Jarod Arroyo, touching in at 2:03.29. Arroyo himself is just outside the top 10 world junior times this year. Erick Gordillo rounded out the top three with a 2:05.22, dropping a second and a half from this morning.

Women’s 200 Back- Finals

  • Pro Swim Series record: Taylor Ruck, 2018- 2:06.36
  • 2020 Olympic Trials Cut: 2:14.69

Top 3:

  1. Isabelle Stadden (AQJT)- 2:08.67
  2. Sydney Pickrem (UN-GU)- 2:13.17
  3. Taylor McCoy (COUG)- 2:14.46

Picking up her second backstroke victory of the meet was 16-year-old Isabelle Stadden, touching in at 2:08.67. Stadden was just four-tenths off her lifetime best of 2:08.24 and remains the 4th-fastest American and 14th-fastest world time this year.

Coming off her 200 IM win, Sydney Pickrem touched in second with a 2:13.17, dropping 4 seconds from this morning. Rounding out the top 3 was Taylor McCoy, swimming a new lifetime best of 2:14.46 by a second.

Men’s 200 Back- Finals

  • Pro Swim Series record: Xu Jiayu, 2017- 1:55.04
  • 2020 Olympic Trials Cut: 2:02.99

Top 3:

  1. Markus Thormeyer (HPVC)- 1:59.24
  2. Andy Song (MEX)- 2:02.73
  3. Harrison Lierz (EA)- 2:02.95

The prelims top 3 remained in tact with Canadian Trials champ Markus Thormeyer remaining under 2 minutes with a 1:59.24. Thormeyer was still faster at Canadian Trials with his world #16 time of 1:57.42.

Mexican-native Andy Song finished in second with new season best time at 2:02.73. Harrison Lierz took third also with a season best of 2:02.95.

Women’s 50 Breast- Finals

  • Pro Swim Series record: Lilly King, 2018- 29.62

Top 3:

  1. Alia Atkinson (SOFL)- 30.69
  2. Danielle Herrmann (CLOV)- 31.55
  3. Melissa Rodriguez (MEX)- 31.86

Taking her first victory of the meet was World champ Alia Atkinson, dropping the winning time of 30.69. Atkinson was just 0.11s off her #7 world time of 30.58.

Taking second in the event was Clovis’ Danielle Herrmann, just a tenth off her lifetime best of 31.48 set this morning. Mexico’s Melissa Rodriguez took third with a 31.86, just three-tenths from her season best of 31.58 from Knoxville.

Men’s 50 Breast- Finals

  • Pro Swim Series record: Felipe Lima, 2019- 26.97

Top 3:

  1. Brandon Fischer (LAC)- 27.26
  2. Pavel Romanov (ALPH)- 27.71
  3. Youssef Elkamash (PSC)- 27.89

Brandon Fischer does it again, swimming his third breaststroke lifetime best with a 27.26. Fischer is now the second-fastest American this year behind Michael Andrew and the 17th-fastest time in the world this year. Fischer is now the 11th-fastest US performer in history, tying with Kevin Steele.

Taking second was prelims leader Pavel Romanov, touching in at 27.71. Also staying under 28 seconds was Youssef Elkamash, touching in third at 27.89.

Women’s 100 Free- Finals

  • Pro Swim Series record: Sarah Sjostrom, 2016- 53.12
  • 2020 Olympic Trials Cut: 56.29

Top 3:

  1. Mallory Comerford (UOFL)- 53.90
  2. Kelsi Dahlia (CARD)- 54.56
  3. Julie Meynen (FLNS)- 54.63

Closing out the women’s PSS swims of the season was Mallory Comerford‘s 100 free win with a 53.90. Comerford is just six-tenths off her season best time of 53.33, which is #2 in the nation this year.

Taking second place was 200 fly champ Kelsi Dahlia, touching in at a new season best of 54.56. Dahlia now ranks #8 in the nation this year.

Rounding out the top three was Julie Meynen, setting her second Luxembourgish record with a 54.63. Earlier in the meet, Meynen set her home nation’s record in the 50 free.

Men’s 100 Free- Finals

  • Pro Swim Series record: Nathan Adrian, 2016- 48.00
  • 2020 Olympic Trials Cut: 50.49

Top 3:

  1. Michael Chadwick (TE)- 48.70
  2. Cristian Quintero (TROJ)- 49.43
  3. Peter Holoda (PSC)- 49.46

In the last A-final of the Pro Swim Series, Michael Chadwick won the 100 free with a 48.70. Chadwick came in just 0.13s behind his 2018 Winter Nationals time of 48.57, the third-fastest time in the nation and #23 world time this year.

Touching in second was Cristian Quintero with a new season best at 49.43. Also setting a new season best was third-place finisher Peter Holoda with a 49.46.

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4 years ago

Big swim from Chadwick

4 years ago

I’m amazed to keep seeing Danielle Herrmann. I remember her as a young teen in Illinois. I assume she is the same swimmer. Amazing

4 years ago

Urlando… so close

4 years ago

A 1:53.8 200 Flyer goes out in 57.7 in the 200 IM but then splits 33.7 on the breast leg. Wow.

Reply to  Seans
4 years ago

The IM is a funny old thing. I remember SMOC being outsplit by Hosszu on the breast leg a month after swimming 1.06.3 for the individual 100br, then closing her down on the freestyle leg.

4 years ago

World champs should be based on world rankings a month prior to competition, or a trials a month out. Smith can’t do the 100 back, Lazor can’t do anything, Urlando can’t do the 200 fly, and now Sullivan can’t do the 1500 free.

Reply to  Nswim
4 years ago

And Cody Miller in the breaststrokes

Reply to  Nswim
4 years ago

The result Sullivan showed today is just a few tenth of a second better than the time showed by Twichell last year at Nationals. This season, in January to be precise, Ashley swam already 16:13 . So there is a good reason to believe that she will be under 16 min at WC among contenders for the place on the podium. I don’t see why Erica is a better selection choice.

NM Coach
4 years ago

What’s the point of these TYR Pro Series when there are only 7 entrants in the Women’s 1500?

Reply to  NM Coach
4 years ago

Because people can go top 5 times in the world… 🙂

NM Coach
Reply to  FLSwimmer
4 years ago

I love the 15:55 by Erica…but she won the event by OVER A MINUTE! That’s my point. My understanding was that these meets were supposed to attract top level/competitive fields.

Happy for Ron & Erica! Great job.

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