2018 Speedo Winter Juniors- West: Day 4 Live Recap

2018 Speedo Winter Junior Championships- West

The final day of the Speedo Winter Junior Championships- West will feature the finals of the 1650 free followed by the A, B, and C finals of the 200 back, 100 free, 200 breast, 200 fly, and the finals of the 4×100 free relay.

Gianluca Urlando looks to once again put a NAG under his name, this time in the 200 fly. Regan Smith is also looking to take another non-discipline meet record under her name in the 200 fly.

Katharine Berkoff is top seed tonight in the 200 back and the 100 free, looking to make a back-to-back double. Despite #3 seed in the 200 breast, Zoie Hartman is aiming for an IM/breaststroke sweep tonight. Also looking for double wins the boys’ side is Forrest Frazier (200 breast top seed) and Jack Armstrong (50 free top seed).

More top seeds for the evening include Ashley Strouse (1650 free), Luke Thornbrue (1650 free), Peter Larson (200 back), and Charity Pittard (200 Breast). In the 4×100 free relay, the girls of Brea Aquatics and boys of Tualatin Hills take the top seeds for the evening.

Girls 1650 Free

  • Meet Record: 15:56.39  12/13/2014 Gabrielle Kopenski, Texas Ford Aquatics
  1. Kaitlynn Sims, Magnolia Aquatic Club, 15:57.34
  2. Ashley Strouse, Scottsdale Aquatic Club, 16:01.20
  3. Sarah DiMeco, Bellevue Club Swim Team, 16:09.74

Throughout the first 500, top seed Ashley Strouse and Kaitlynn Sims were swimming equidistant with each other, far from the rest of the field. Yet Sims started to slowly break away from Strouse going into the 1000 mark. Sims would go on to win the event with a 15:57.34, the only swimmer under 16 minutes. Her winning time is now #24 on the 17-18 all-time rankings.

Strouse placed second in a 16:01.20, which is now #12 on the 15-16 all-time rankings. Taking third place overall was Sarah DiMeco with a 16:09.74, good enough for #71 on the 17-18 rankings.

Boys 1650 Free

  • Meet Record: 14:37.71  12/9/2017 Michael Brinegar, Mission Viejo Nadadores
  1. Noah Brune, Mission Viejo Nadadores, 15:07.52
  2. Tyler Kopp, Katy Aquatic Team, 15:08.72
  3. Jude Williams, Riverside Aquatics, 15:11.84

In the boys’ 1650 race, Tyler Kopp and Noah Brune were swimming an even race for the majority of the distance event just 3 lanes apart. Yet it was Brune who maintained his lead for first place was a 15:07.52. Kopp took second place by less than a second with a 15:08.72. Kopp’s time is now #25 on the all-time 15-16 rankings.

Taking third overall was Jude Williams with a 15:11.84, which is #31 on the 15-16 rankings as well.

Girls 200 Back- Finals

  • Meet Record: 1:50.59  12/14/2013 Clara Smiddy, AquaKids Sharks
  1. Katharine Berkoff, Missoula Aquatic Club, 1:50.16
  2. Isabelle Stadden, Aquajets, 1:50.37
  3. Alexandra Crisera, Beach Cities Swim Club, 1:54.84

It was a splashy battle between Katharine Berkoff and Isabelle Stadden. Both Berkoff and Stadden would finish under their personal bests and the 2013 meet record. Yet it was Berkoff who won the event and took another meet record under her name with a 1:50.16. That time is now #5 on the 17-18 all-time rankings.

Stadden took second right behind Berkoff in a 1:50.37, which is #2 on the 15-16 all-time rankings behind Regan Smith. Taking third place was 50 free champion Alexandra Crisera in a 1:54.84.

Boys 200 Back- Finals

  • Meet Record: 1:40.79  12/10/2011 Jacob Pebley, Corvallis Aquatics
  1. Peter Larson, Edina Swim Club, 1:41.60
  2. Ethan Harder, Billings Aquatic Club, 1:41.94
  3. Harrison Lierz, Unattached, 1:43.70

With a 50 left in the race,  Peter Larson had already established a body length lead. Yet creeping up on Larson in the final stretch was Ethan Harder. Larson maintained his top spot to win with a 1:41.60, which is #18 on the 17-18 all-time rankings. Harder, the Texas commit, took a close second place in a 1:41.94, which is #22 on the 17-18 rankings as well.

Taking third place was Harrison Lierz with a 1:43.70, which ties for #12 on the 15-16 all-time rankings.

Girls 100 Free- Finals

  • Meet Record: 46.29  12/13/2014 Abbey Weitzeil, Canyons Aquatic Club
  1. Katharine Berkoff, Missoula Aquatic Club, 49.21
  2. Gracie Felner, Bellevue Club Swim Team, 49.35
  3. Quinn Schaedler, Longhorn Aquatics, 49.49

Less than half a second separated the top three in this race. Shortly after her 200 back title, Katharine Berkoff went 3 for 3, taking the title in a 49.21. Finishing off the top three was Gracie Felner (49.35) and Quinn Schaedler (49.49).

Schaedler’s time just made the top 100 15-16 all-time rankings, tying for #92.

Boys 100 Free- Finals

  • Meet Record: 41.23  12/12/2015 Ryan Hoffer, Scottsdale Aquatic Club
  1. Jack Armstrong, Houston Bridge Bats, 43.35
  2. Coby Carrozza, Longhorn Aquatics, 43.57
  3. Matt King, Bellevue Club Swim Team, 43.62

Taking the sprint double was Jack Armstrong, winning with a 43.35. Taking second place was Coby Carrozza, 200/500 free champion, with a 43.57. Those times are now #36 and #62 on the 17-18 all-time rankings, respectively.

Taking third place was Matt King in a 43.62, which ranks #6 on the 15-16 all-time rankings.

Girls 200 Breast- Finals

  • Meet Record: 2:07.44  12/9/2017 Zoe Bartel, Fort Collins Area Swim Team
  1. Zoie Hartman, Crow Canyon Country Club, 2:07.52
  2. Gillian Davey, Central Iowa Aquatics, 2:10.52
  3. Coleen Gillian, Fort Collins Area Swim Team, 2:11.03

After a cruised morning swim, Zoie Hartman also put up a dominant lead at the first 100, taking it out in a 1:00.64. Hartman would continue that lead to win in a 2:07.52, dropping 5 seconds off her prelims time. Hartman now successfully swept both IM and both breaststroke events. Her time now ranks #9 on the 17-18 all-time rankings.

Taking second place was Gillian Davey with a 2:10.52 and third was Coleen Gillian in a 2:11.03. Those times are #45 and #63 on the 17-18 rankings as well.

Boys 200 Breast- Finals

  • Meet Record: 1:55.08  12/9/2017 Zane Backes, Team Rebel Aquatics
  1. AJ Pouch, Team Rebel Aquatics, 1:55.04
  2. Forrest Frazier, Eastern Iowa Aquatics, 1:55.33
  3. Ethan Dang, King Aquatic Club, 1:55.88

AJ Pouch lead the field off the first 100, with Forrest Frazier and Ethan Dang bunched up behind Pouch. Yet it was Pouch who held off Frazier and Dang with a 1:55.04. Pouch’s winning time established a new meet record by four one-hundredths and ranks #15 on the 17-18 all-time rankings.

Forrest Frazier took second place with a 1:55.33, which ranks #4 on the 15-16 all-time rankings. Taking third place was Ethan Dang in a 1:55.88. Dang’s PR still ranks in the top 10 for the 15-16 rankings as well.

Girls 200 Fly- Finals

  • Meet Record: 1:54.37  12/13/2014 Ella Eastin, SOCAL Aquatics
  1. Regan Smith, Riptide, 1:51.24
  2. Lillie Nordmann, Magnolia Aquatic Club, 1:54.42
  3. Lindsay Looney, Metroplex Aquatics, 1:56.20

Regan Smith dominated yet another race with her fabulous underwaters and immense versatility. Smith is now 3 for 3 for her individuals at this meet, taking the win in a 1:51.24. This established a new meet record by 3 seconds and broke the 37-year-old 15-16 NAG.

Taking second place was Lillie Nordmann in a 1:54.42, which is #6 on the 15-16 rankings. Taking third place was Lindsay Looney in a 1:56.20.

Boys 200 Fly- Finals

  • Meet Record: 1:43.64  12/14/2013 Robert McHugh, Baylor Swim Club
  1. Gianluca Urlando, DART Swimming, 1:40.91
  2. Bence Szabados, Chicago Wolfpack, 1:44.84
  3. Coby Carrozza, Longhorn Aquatics, 1:45.11

Gianluca Urlando returned to the pool to re-write the history books once again. Urlando took out the first 100 in a 48.50, and held on to take his fourth victory in Austin. His winning time of 1:40.91 broke Michael Phelps’ 2002 15-16 NAG by nearly two seconds and obliterated the 2013 meet record.

Taking second place was Bence Szabados with a 1:44.84, third went to 200/500 free champion Coby Carrozza (1:45.34).

In the B-Final, Ethan Hu put up a 1:45.11, which would have placed third overall. His time also ranks #6 in the 15-16 all-time rankings.

Girls 4×100 Free Relay

  • Meet Record: 3:16.62  12/12/2015 SwimMAC Carolina (A Marsh, E Brown, C Lappin, J Merritt)
  1. Bellevue Club Swim Team, 3:18.53
  2. Irvine Novaquatics, 3:18.77
  3. Crow Canyon Country Club, 3:20.35

In the final girls’ event, it was a showdown between Bellevue and Irvine Novaquatics in the fastest seeded heat. However, the Bellevue squad of Christina Bradley (49.65), Jazlynn Pak (50.07), Gabby Dang (49.68), and Gracie Felner (49.13) took the top time with a 3:18.53. Just getting out-touched and placing second was the Irvine Novaquatics relay of Ella Ristic (49.92), Ayla Spitz (48.53), Amanda Hsieh (51.19), and Mackenzie Degn (49.13) with 3:18.77.

The Crow Canyon Country Club relay took third with a 3:20.35.

Boys 4×100 Free Relay

  • Meet Record: 2:55.89  12/8/2012 Bolles School Sharks (J Booth, C Dressel, S Condorelli, J Schooling)

In the final event of the meet, the Rose Bowl Aquatics relay of Will Blake (44.89), Ronald Dalmacio (45.23), Mark McCrary (45.10), and Danny Syrkin (44.20) took the top time with a 2:59.42. Their were the only relay to break 3 minutes.

Taking second overall was the Sierra Marlins relay (3:00.49) and taking third was the Irvine Novaquatics relay (3:00.79).

Top Five Girls Team Scores

  1.  Crow Canyon Country Club- 286 points
  2. Bellevue Club Swim Team- 263 points
  3. Brea Aquatics- 233.5 points
  4. Magnolia Aquatic Club- 222 points
  5. Irvine Novaquatics- 214 points

Top Five Boys Team Scores

  1. Sierra Marlins Swim Team- 256 points
  2. Rose Bowl Aquatics- 208 points
  3. Irvine Novaquatics- 190 points
  4. Scottsdale Aquatic Club- 172 points
  5. Nitro Swimming- 159 points

Top Three Combined Team Scores

  1. Irvine Novaquatics- 404 points
  2. Bellevue Club Swim Team- 319 points
  3. Scottsdale Aquatic Club- 310 points


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