2019 SEC Championships: Day 4 Finals Live Recap


Day 4 of the SEC Championships will feature many close races and potential records to be broken. In the team standings, the Texas A&M women have a 57-point lead over Florida after day 3 while the Mizzou men lead on the Florida men by only 11 points.

Headlining tonight’s finals are the 200 fly, 100 back, 100 breast, and the 400 medley relay. Maxime Rooney and Camden Murphy will face off  in the men’s 200 fly. Georgia freshmen Dakota Luther and Olivia Carter are tied for the top seed on the women’s side.

Both Sherridon Dressel and Alyssa Tetzloff are roughly four-tenths off the 2009 SEC record in the 100 back and could take it down tonight.


  • SEC Meet: 1:52.19 2/21/2014 Cammile Adams, Texas A&M
  • Pool: 1:52.19 2/21/2014 Cammile Adams, Texas A&M
  • NCAA: 1:49.51 2/24/2018 Ella Eastin, Stanford
  1. Olivia Carter (UGA)- 1:53.23
  2. Jing Quah (Texas A&M)- 1:54.29
  3. Dakota Luther (UGA)- 1:54.32

In the last 100, Olivia Carter pulled away from the field to win her first SEC title. That swim, an NCAA A cut time, ranks her 5th in the NCAA this year. Teammate Dakota Luther took third with a 1:54.32, however has been 1:53.55 this season already.

Taking second for the Texas A&M Aggies was Jing Quah (1:54.29). Teammate Taylor Pike took fourth in a 1:54.43. Those points from Quah and Pike now put Texas A&M 80 points ahead of Florida.


  • SEC Meet: 1:40.59 2/19/2016 Hugo Morris, Auburn
  • Pool: 1:40.38 12/4/2016 Chase Kalisz, UGA
  • NCAA: 1:37.35 3/23/2018 Jack Conger, Texas
  1. Camden Murphy (UGA)- 1:40.62
  2. Maxime Rooney (Florida)- 1:40.87
  3. Flynn Minuth (South Carolina)- 1:41.49

It was down to the finish in the men’s 200 fly. Maxime Rooney took the race out with a blistering lead, splitting 21.84/47.06/1:13.04. However, the rest of the field began to creep up on Rooney. The last 25, Camden Murphy‘s 14-yard underwater rocketed him even with Rooney and gave him the slight edge in the finish.

Murphy won in his home pool with a 1:40.62, just 0.03 off the 2016 SEC record. His win marks the 7th win out of 12 years for the UGA Bulldogs. Rooney took second with a 1:40.87. Both Murphy and Rooney now rank #2 and #3 in the NCAA this year behind Cal’s Zheng Quah.

Rooney’s runner-up efforts now have Florida in the 20-point lead over Mizzou.


  • SEC Meet: 50.53 2/20/2009 Gemma Spofforth, Florida
  • Pool: 50.01 12/5/2014 Courtney Bartholemew, Virginia
  • NCAA: 49.67 11/30/2018 Beata Nelson, Wisconsin
  1. Alyssa Tetzloff (Auburn)- 50.92
  2. Asia Seidt (Kentucky)- 51.16
  3. Sherridon Dressel (Florida)- 51.17

In her senior year, Auburn’s Alyssa Tetzloff kept her quick first 50 momentum moving and won her first-ever SEC title. Her 0.02 drop from this morning now puts her at #3 in the NCAA, in front of Sherridon Dressel. In a finishing effort, Asia Seidt took out Dressel by 0.01 for second place.


  • SEC Meet: 44.73 2/16/2017 Connor Oslin, Alabama
  • Pool: 44.61 12/3/2016 Ryan Murphy, California
  • NCAA: 43.49 3/25/2016 Ryan Murphy California
  1. Zane Waddell (Alabama)- 44.77
  2. Kacper Stokowski (Florida)- 45.31
  3. Joey Rilman (Tennesse)- 45.35

South-African native Zane Waddell split a 21.5/23.27 in his back race to have a great finish to win his first SEC title. His winning time of 44.77 moves him up to #3 in the NCAA and #2 all-time in Alabama school history. After not winning a title from 1985 to 2015, Waddell adds to the 4th win for Alabama in this event in the last 5 years.

Second went to Kacper Stokowski (45.31) and third went to Joey Rilman (45.35), which are #5 and #6 in the NCAA as well. Stokowski’s finish also boosts Florida’s lead on Mizzou to a 72-point lead.


  • SEC Meet: 57.28 2/21/2014 Breeja Larson, Texas A&M
  • Pool: 57.28 2/21/2014 Breeja Larson, Texas A&M
  • NCAA: 56.25 3/16/2018 Lilly King Indiana
  1. Anna Belousova (Texas A&M)- 57.99
  2. Nikol Popov (Tennessee)- 58.24
  3. Sofia Carnevale (UGA)- 59.19

Anna Belousova and Nikol Popov had a tight race in the last 50 of the breast. However, Belousova had the stronger push to take her 2nd-consecutive SEC title in the event with a 57.99. Popov settled for second with a 58.24. Both those A cut times are #3 and #4 in the NCAA.

UGA’s Sofia Carnevale had a great finals swim to go from 1:00.06 to a 59.19 for third place. Her finals time also had her NCAA ranking jump from #28 to #9.


  • SEC Meet: 50.03 2/18/2018 Caeleb Dressel, Florida
  • Pool: 51.25 2/21/2014 Nic Fink, UGA
  • NCAA: 49.69 3/23/2018 Ian Finnerty, Indiana
  1. Itay Goldfaden (South Carolina)- 51.72
  2. Caleb Hicks (Mizzou)- 51.80
  3. Marco Guarente (Florida)- 52.12

Only 0.08 seconds separated Itay Goldfaden and Caleb Hicks throughout the entire 51-second race. Goldfaden had the 0.07 advantage off the start and into the first 50, with him and Hicks splitting 23.93/24.01. The duo both came home in a 27.77/27.78, with Goldfaden taking the win with an A cut of 51.72.

Both Goldfaden and Hicks’ times are now #5 and #7 in the NCAA this year. Marco Guarente took third with a 52.12, also cracking the top 10 for #9.

Hicks and Mizzou teammate Jordan O’Brien’s 2nd and 4th place finishes closed the score gap between them and Florida, putting them 19.5 points behind the Gators.


  • SEC Meet: 3:28.93 2/22/2013 Texas A&M
  • Pool: 3:27.84 12/5/2014 Virginia
  • NCAA: 3:25.15 2/24/2018 Stanford
  1. Tennesse (Brown, Popov, Banic, Grinter)- 3:28.43
  2. Auburn (Falconer, Cummings, Tetzloff, Fisch)- 3:29.06
  3. Kentucky (Galyer, Bonnett, Seidt, Freriks)- 3:31.27

Leading off the Tennessee relay was Erika Brown (50.88), which puts her at #2 in the NCAA for the 100 back. Nikol Popov kept the lead going with a 58.05 breast split, likewise with teammate Madeline Banic (51.32).

Auburn’s Claire Fisch then pushed the Tennessee relay from the outside lanes with a 46.74 100 FR split. However, Tennessee’s Bailey Grinter (48.18) held off Fisch and Auburn to take the win. The winning time of 3:28.43 took out the 2013 SEC meet record of 3:28.93. Auburn took a close second with a 3:29.06.


  • SEC Meet: 3:03.86 2/19/2016 Florida
  • Pool: 3:03.82 12/2/2016 California
  • NCAA: 2:59.22 3/23/2017 Texas
  1. Mizzou (Hein, Hicks, Kovac, Schreuders)- 3:03.37
  2. Alabama (Waddell, Bams, Auerbach, Howard)- 3:04.17
  3. Texas A&M (Casas, Walker, Martinez, Koster)- 3:04.86

The Mizzou men had a great 400 medley relay, breaking both the SEC meet record and the UGA pool record with a 3:03.37. The Alabama men were held off in the process and settled for second with a 3:04.17. Texas A&M finished out the top 3 with a 3:04.86.


The Texas A&M women look prospective to win their 4th-consecutive SEC title, with nearly a 100-point lead over Florida. On the men’s side, Mizzou is on track to making program history and aiming for their first-ever SEC team title. After trailing by 11 points at the beginning of the session, the Mizzou men went from a 72-point deficit after the backstroke up to a 7.5 point deficit after the breaststroke and medley relay behind Florida.


1. Texas A&M University            871.5   
2. University of Florida           788.5
3. Tennessee, University of, Knox  709.5   
4. The University of Georgia       677.5
5. Kentucky, University of         657.5   
6. Auburn University               643
7. Missouri                        503.5   
8. University of Arkansas          420
9. Louisiana State University      416.5  
10. South Carolina, University of, 392
11. University of Alabama          312.5  
12. Vanderbilt University          122


1. University of Florida            868   
2. Missouri                         860.5
3. Texas A&M University             673   
4. The University of Georgia        614.5
5. Tennessee, University of, Knox   603   
6. University of Alabama            559.5
7. Kentucky, University of          485   
8. Auburn University                473
9. South Carolina, University of,   443  
10. Louisiana State University      353.5

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I wish espn would use the scoreboard on the video as SEC stream had on their broadcast. Much better and informative! I don’t see why they refuse to use the entire scoreboard??


Exactly why I decided to post as well! Previous nights’ coverage they posted times and finish position for all heats on the screen. Now you have to go to the live results OR Meet Mobile to find those. All these student athletes have busted their butts all season and can’t even get their names on screen or times posted so their families can see. Coverage sucks!


No podium coverage either!


“In the last 100, Olivia Carter pulled away from the field to win her first SEC title. Her time of 1:53.23 chipped the 2005 UGA record of 1:52.51, held by 4-time 200 FL NCAA Champion Mary Descenza”

A little bit off it…
Still great swim by the freshman

Swim fan

Did Popov do pullouts on all of her walls?

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