2018 SC Worlds: Day 5 Prelims Live Recap


  • Tuesday, December 11th – Sunday, December 16th
  • Hangzhou, China
  • Tennis Centre, Hangzhou Olympic & International Expo Center
  • SCM (25m)
  • Prelims: 9:30 am local, 8:30 pm ET / Finals: 7:00 pm* local, 6:00* am ET
  • *The final night of finals will be one hour earlier, starting at 6:00 pm local and 5:00 am ET
  • Live Results (Omega)

Day 5 prelims is jam packed with nine different events on the docket. Read a full preview of the session here and check out the relay lineups here.

Men’s 4×50 Medley Relay Prelims

  • World Record: 1:30.44, Russia, 2017
  • Championship Record: 1:30.51, Brazil, 2014
  1. Brazil, 1:32.18
  2. Italy, 1:32.20
  3. United States, 1:32.37
  4. Russia, 1:32.40
  5. Germany, 1:32.64
  6. Japan, 1:33.01
  7. Australia, 1:33.06
  8. Turkey, 1:33.11

Brazil and Italy picked up heat wins to take the top-2 seeds in the men’s 4×50 medley relay, though official results have yet to be posted by Omega.

The Turkish team had some issues with the backstroke wedge during their heat, so they got to re-swim the event in a heat on their own. They ended up going 1:33.11, breaking their National Record and bumping Belarus (1:33.25) out of the final with the 8th fastest time.

Women’s 200 IM Prelims

  1. Katinka Hosszu, HUN, 2:05.42
  2. Ye Shiwen, CHN, 2:06.45
  3. Kathleen Baker, USA, 2:06.57
  4. Ilaria Cusinato, ITA, 2:07.11
  5. Melanie Margalis, USA, 2:07.39
  6. Abby Harkin, AUS, 2:07.45
  7. Sakiko Shimizu, JPN, 2:07.75
  8. Emily Seebohm, AUS, 2:07.78

World record holder and two-time defending champion Katinka Hosszu blew by China’s Ye Shiwen in the final heat of the women’s 200 IM to claim the top seed in 2:05.42, with Ye’s 2:06.45 standing up for 2nd overall.

Kathleen Baker won the first circle-seeded heat in a best time of 2:06.57 for 3rd, and Ilaria Cusinato (2:07.11) topped Melanie Margalis (2:07.39) in the penultimate heat as they advance in 4th and 5th. Margalis won silver behind Hosszu earlier in the meet in the 400 IM.

Notably missing the final was Fantine Lesaffre of France, who was 10th in 2:08.27 after winning bronze in the 400 IM (tying the French Record).

Men’s 400 IM Prelims

  • World Record: 3:55.50, Ryan Lochte (USA), 2010
  • Championship Record: 3:55.50, Ryan Lochte (USA), 2010
  1. Daiya Seto, JPN, 4:00.50
  2. Brandonn Almeida, BRA, 4:04.58
  3. Tom Peribonio, ECU / Thomas Fraser-Holmes, AUS, 4:05.08
  4. Tomoya Takeuchi, jPN, 4:05.21
  5. Peter Bernek, HUN, 4:05.49
  6. Gergely Gyurta, HUN, 4:06.13
  7. Joao Vital, POR, 4:06.93

Daiya Seto looked incredible in the final heat of the men’s 400 IM, turning under world record pace at the 300m mark before cruising in on the freestyle for a final time of 4:00.50. He’ll have a real shot at the world record of 3:55.50 in the final.

Expected to be his biggest challenger, #2 seed coming in Wang Shun was a no-show for his heat, as he came in as the only other swimmer who had broken 4:00 in 2018 and won the 200 IM on day 1.

Brandonn Almeida hit a best time to win the heat Wang would’ve been in, qualifying 2nd overall after he missed out in 9th two years ago.

Former South Carolina swimmer Tom Peribonio obliterated his Ecuadorian Record by five seconds from an early heat in 4:05.08, ultimately tying for 3rd overall with Thomas Fraser-Holmes of Australia.

Women’s 100 Fly Prelims

  • World Record: 54.61, Sarah Sjostrom (SWE), 2014
  • Championship Record: 54.61, Sarah Sjostrom (SWE), 2014
  1. Kelsi Dahlia (USA), 55.46
  2. Ai Soma (JPN), 56.52
  3. Kendyl Stewart (USA), 56.57
  4. Elena Di Liddo (ITA), 56.62
  5. Daiene Dias (BRA), 56.78
  6. Ilaria Bianchi (ITA), 56.85
  7. Haley Black (CAN), 57.10
  8. Wang Yichun (CHN), 57.12
  9. Zhang Yufei (CHN), 57.21
  10. Aliena Schmidtke (GER), 57.23
  11. Svetlana Chimrova (RUS), 57.36
  12. Yukina Hirayama (JPN), 57.59
  13. Anna Ntountounaki (GRE), 57.64
  14. Kim Busch (NED), 57.76
  15. Anastasiya Shkurdai (BLR), 58.10
  16. Park Yerin (KOR), 58.22

The defending world champion Hosszu didn’t show for her heat in the 100 fly, dropping out of the event as it came shortly after the 200 IM.

In her absence, American Kelsi Dahlia, the silver medalist to Hosszu two years ago, easily took the #1 seed by over a second in 55.46. It looks like she may be racing against the clock come the final, and she’ll have a shot at the world record of 54.61 as she’s been as fast as 54.84 this year.

Ai Soma had a surprise win in the penultimate heat in 56.52, giving her the 2nd seed, and Dahlia’s teammate Kendyl Stewart had a solid swim to take 3rd in 56.57.

Men’s 100 Free Prelims

  • World Record: 44.94, Amaury Leveaux (FRA), 2008
  • Championship Record: 45.51, Vlad Morozov (RUS), 2014
  1. Caeleb Dressel, USA, 45.98
  2. Vladimir Morozov, RUS, 46.20
  3. Vladislav Grinev, RUS, 46.38
  4. Blake Pieroni, USA, 46.39
  5. Marcelo Chierighini, BRA, 46.89
  6. Simonas Bilis, LTU, 46.65
  7. Katsumi Nakamura, JPN, 46.70
  8. Alessandro Miressi, ITA, 46.94
  9. Shane Ryan, IRL, 46.97
  10. Mehdy Metella, FRA, 46.99
  11. Cameron McEvoy, AUS, 47.08
  12. Danas Rapsys, LTU, 47.11
  13. Sergii Shvetsov, UKR, 47.15
  14. Lorenzo Zazzeri, ITA, 47.16
  15. Chad Le Clos, RSA, 47.17
  16. Jesse Puts, NED, 47.23

A very fast men’s 100 free prelim saw ten men go under 47 seconds, led by Caeleb Dressel who got under 46 in 45.98. Dressel was swimming in one of the non-circle-seeded heats, so he couldn’t afford to take any chances by simply winning the heat, he had to make sure he went essentially all-out to secure a spot in the final.

Vladimir Morozov (46.20) and Vladislav Grinev (46.38) went 1-2 in the final heat for seeds #2 and #3, and Blake Pieroni (46.39) and Marcelo Chierighini (46.89) won the other two circle-seeded heats for 4th and 5th.

Defending champ Simonas Bilis advanced in 6th in 46.65, just .07 slower than his gold medal winning time in 2016, and 9th place finisher Shane Ryan knocked about nine-tenths off the Irish Record in 46.97. Chad Le Clos squeaked through in 15th.

Cesar Cielo was notably absent from his heat.

Women’s 50 Free Prelims

  • World Record: 22.93, Ranomi Kromowidjojo (NED), 2017
  • Championship Record: 23.25, Marleen Veldhuis (NED), 2008
  1. Femke Heemskerk, NED, 23.90
  2. Maria Kameneva, RUS, 23.93
  3. Holly Barratt, AUS, 23.94
  4. Etiene Medeiros, BRA, 24.00
  5. Ranomi Kromowidjojo, NED, 24.07
  6. Mallory Comerford, USA / Anika Apostalon, CZE, 24.18
  7. Zhu Menghui, CHN, 24.20
  8. Aya Sato, JPN, 24.23
  9. Madison Kennedy, USA, 24.24
  10. Wu Yue, CHN, 24.25
  11. Melanie Henique, FRA, 24.31
  12. Michelle Coleman, SWE, 24.39
  13. Erin Gallagher, RSA, 24.41
  14. Lidon Munoz del Campo, ESP, 24.60
  15. Rozaliya Nasretdinova, RUS, 24.62

Femke Heemskerk of the Netherlands led a group of three women who broke 24 seconds this morning in the 50 free, clocking 23.90 to win the first of three circle-seeded heats.

Maria Kameneva (23.93) of Russia and Holly Barratt (23.94) of Australia won the other two seeded seeds for 2nd and 3rd overall, while two-time defending champ Ranomi Kromowidjojo qualified 4th overall in 24.07. She holds the world record in 22.93.

Back in 14th, South African Erin Gallagher broke the African Record in 24.41, lowering her previous mark of 24.46.

Men’s 50 Breast Prelims

  • World Record: 25.25, Cameron van der Burgh (RSA), 2009
  • Championship Record: 25.63, Felipe Franca da Silva (BRA), 2014
  1. Ilya Shymanovich, BLR, 25.97
  2. Felipe Lima, BRA, 26.09
  3. Joao Gomes, BRA, 26.11
  4. Johannes Skagius, SWE, 26.17
  5. Huseyin Emre Sakci, TUR, 26.18
  6. Cameron van der Burgh, RSA / Fabio Scozzoli, ITA, 26.20
  7. Kirill Prigoda, RUS, 26.25
  8. Oleg Kostin, RUS, 26.30
  9. Fabian Schwingenschlogl, GER, 26.32
  10. Nicolo Martinenghi, ITA, 26.34
  11. Yan Zibei, CHN / Yasuhiro Koseki, JPN, 26.42
  12. Masaki Niiyama, JPN, 26.45
  13. Ties Elzerman, NED, 26.54
  14. Wang Lizhuo, CHN, 26.57

In a very tight preliminary in the men’s 50 breast, only Belarusian Ilya Shymanovich managed to crack 26 seconds, clocking 25.97 to miss his National Record by just .02.

Brazilians Felipe Lima (26.09) and Joao Gomes (26.11) were 2nd and 3rd fastest from the first circle-seeded heat, just ahead of Johannes Skagius (26.17) who set a new Swedish Record in 4th.

Huseyin Emre Sakci of Turkey was the surprise winner in the final heat in 26.18, just ahead of veterans Cameron van der Burgh and Fabio Scozzoli who tied in 26.20.

Americans Andrew Wilson (26.58) and Michael Andrew (26.62) missed the semis in 17 and 18th overall.

Women’s 4×200 Free Relay Prelims

  • World Record: 7:32.85, Netherlands, 2014
  • Championship Record: 7:32.85, Netherlands, 2014
  1. Australia, 7:40.72
  2. Russia, 7:41.24
  3. United States, 7:44.64
  4. Italy, 7:44.82
  5. China, 7:45.22
  6. Japan, 7:46.63
  7. Germany, 7:47.33
  8. Austria, 7:55.08

Ariarne Titmus put up the fastest split of the morning in 1:53.53 to anchor the Aussies past Russia in heat 2 and give them the top time overall in the women’s 800 free relay, touching in 7:40.72. Russia was 2nd in 7:41.24, with their top leg coming from Daria Mullakaeva (1:54.39), and China was 3rd in their heat in 7:45.22 with a 1:54.14 leg from Zhang Yuhan.

The U.S. won heat 1 in 7:44.64 ovr Italy (7:44.82), with Erika Brown (1:55.32) and Leah Smith (1:55.63) producing their fastest splits swimming 3rd and 4th. For Italy, Federica Pellegrini split 1:54.09 going 3rd.

Men’s 1500 Free Prelims

  • World Record: 14:08.06, Gregorio Paltrinieri (ITA), 2015
  • Championship Record: 14:15.51, Park Tae Hwan (KOR), 2016
  1. Mykhailo Romanchuk, UKR, 14:21.50
  2. Damien Joly, FRA, 14:28.25
  3. Henrik Christiansen, NOR, 14:28.90
  4. Gregorio Paltrinieri, ITA, 14:28.97
  5. Zane Grothe, USA, 14:29.03
  6. David Aubry, FRA, 14:30.72
  7. Akos Kalmar, HUN, 14:31.94
  8. Jan Micka, CZE, 14:33.15

Mykhailo Romanchuk looked very in control as he cruised to the heat 3 win in the men’s 1500 in a time of 14:21.50, qualifying 1st for the final by nearly seven seconds. He looks like he can take a run at the 14:08.06 world record tomorrow night.

Damien Joly of France edged Gregorio Paltrinieri for 2nd in the heat, breaking the French National Record in a time of 14:28.25. Norwegian Henrik Christiansen won the other circle-seeded heat for the 3rd seed in 14:28.90, and Jan Micka, who came into the competition as the fastest man in the world this year, barely squeaked into the final in 8th.

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3 years ago

Multiple issues with the backstroke wedges now…

Reply to  gymswim
3 years ago

To follow up to this, Turkey had a valid complaint about the wedges, but during yesterday’s heats there were very long waits in the early heats for some events while officials fixed something. Plus we saw Medeiros have a problem as well. Not saying conspiracy but there is something not going quite right.

Reply to  gymswim
3 years ago

They should just bin the wedges. No one should get a reswim. If your cap rips or goggles leak presumably you also deserve a reswim? It wasn’t your fault afterall

Swimmer Brent
3 years ago

Was there a protest in the 4×50 medley? They’ve posted the results from the 200 IM, but not the relay.

Reply to  Swimmer Brent
3 years ago

Maybe Turkey? Their lead off slipped on the start

Swimmer Brent
Reply to  gymswim
3 years ago

You were right! Turkey swimming again now.

Reply to  gymswim
3 years ago

There you go, Turkey’s doing a time trial, I was on the money

3 years ago

Can someone post a link of where we can watch prelims? I’ll love you forever

Reply to  SwimmerForever
3 years ago

Love you

3 years ago

I think the whole world, instead of being happy for her, accusing her of doping and cheating and making rude remarks towards the 16 year old really got to the psyche of Yeshiwen.

Reply to  Hiiii
3 years ago

Seriously. It’s a real shame. Can you imagine working your tail off for years, expecting glory, only to find that achieving your goal brings only vitriol from strangers? That’d be tough for anyone, but for a teenager that’s straight up traumatizing.

Reply to  Hiiii
3 years ago

Yes, and then used her drop off in form as a further “evidence” she was doping.

But no one has made the same accusation of another 2012 breakout star, Missy, since her drop off in form. To be clear I don’t believe either of them doped, breaking out suddenly as teenagers is something female swimmers have long done, but it exposed some hypocrisy.

3 years ago

Seto looking good. Comfortably under world record pace up to the freestyle leg. Can’t wait to see the final.

Swimmer Brent
3 years ago

Absolutely horrific finish by Michael Andrew in the 50 breast…

3 years ago

And Andrew flops again.

Reply to  ANT
3 years ago

Michael Andrew or Andrew Wilson, or both?

Reply to  dmswim
3 years ago

Both didnt do too well, but it’s one of MA’s best event.

Reply to  Zanna
3 years ago

He completely missed the finish and that is all it takes on 50 breast to be out of contention. But he did 25.75 on mixed medley relay and he can do it again

Reply to  dmswim
3 years ago


Reply to  ANT
3 years ago

SwimSwam prediction picked him to win the 50 breast. Is this their worst pick ever?

3 years ago

BTW, Alex Muni’s videos got claimed by NBC, here’s Spanish race videos


Reply to  IM FAN
3 years ago

there is an Australian channel also putting the videos on yutube as well . Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk5kkkThvTk&t=348s

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  IM FAN
3 years ago

I didn’t realize swimming had claimers like horse racing

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